Mail Secure 5.1

August 13, 2019 posted by

email our global network for online communication is overrun with cyber attacks with these threats constantly evolving we face the continued challenge of protecting everyone’s most vital information and that’s why we are proud to release the upgraded mail secure not only have we strengthened our spam and antivirus protection to defend you from nearly any potential threat but mail secure now also offers easily deployable solution modules which empower your employees with increased functionality and security you can encrypt outgoing emails so only intended recipients can read them archive old messages to easily find them later protect your critical data and keep your organization and compliance securely transfer large files with our Big Data solution an automatically brand your outbound emails plus you can add our solution modules at the user group domain and system level for complete customization to your business’s needs you’ll also experience a cleaner more streamlined interface and have access to in-depth graphical reporting tools all with greater browser flexibility and a mobile responsive design we know how critical email is for everything you and your organization do that’s why mail secure five-point-one includes all-around protection increased functionality and improved user experience and the best value in the market so contact us today to speak to your committed partner in cyber security

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