100 Replies to “Make your own GPS SMS Security Tracking System”

  1. Jadi says:

    The SMTP won't work as it has to be SSL secured on Google's SMTP server.

  2. Chesty McStudmuffin says:

    I think you spent more money on this project that on the bike itself.

  3. Joey Plessis says:

    have you set anything up so your phone does not get spammed when you ride it?

  4. 于海洋 says:


  5. Satnam Singh says:

    Wow… I would like to build for me too and will get back to you for help.. Thanks for the filming this project.

  6. 邱某 says:


  7. RBTech says:

    How hard is the hard this to convert to a dial in for location?

  8. lien chen says:

    We need diy

  9. Gerome Fernandez says:

    How about the simcard's load?, I mean, how is it going to text you? so u gonna load it every 2 days?

  10. yxhankun says:

    #define FONA_RST 4

    Adafruit_FONA_3G fona = Adafruit_FONA_3G(FONA_RST);

    How to connect pin 4 to the "RST" of Arduino Pro Mini MCU board?
    Just connect a wire to the "RST" with pin 4. am I right?

    When I manually reset button, the voltage drop from "RST" at 3.3 V to 0 volts. I specified the receiver mobile no. No message is received yet. For British Hong Kong I used "+852xxxxxxx".

  11. go1og2le3su4xxx says:

    Wouldn't it be better to use a buck converter as a voltage regulator to increase power efficiency ?

  12. Nick Wallander says:

    To fix the server error for sending an email you must enable “less secure apps” access to the sending gmail account in the security setting of your google profile.

  13. Anderson Tavares de Andrade says:

    incredible congrats from Brazil

  14. Eric Liss says:

    Two things:
    1 put more air in your tires
    2 after the device is tripped the code should compare GPS values to see if the bike has been moved to avoid false alarms. A large trash truck, fast car whizzing by or someone bumping the bike would all be issues.
    Nice video nonetheless.

  15. tuloski says:

    If you can produce one smaller for a bike to be put into the frame you have my money. I was planning to build it myself but I wasn't able to find the correct size components (especially the GPS antenna).

  16. Prem Kumar says:

    hlo give where code and circuit design is get

  17. FlipFuL Beatbox says:

    1:01 may i ask about why we have to do this? what are the models of old phone can do this? thanks

  18. Bernd Sandner says:

    You Lover Your Simson
    You must safe the Simson
    Great Project

  19. GEORGE HILTON says:

    can you please build a offline (no Internet needed)GPS system.

  20. GEORGE HILTON says:

    is this project offline or needs Internet

  21. NO5X says:

    I understand this design except the part of using an old cell phone's SIM card. That old SIM card is programmed to an old number that no longer is activated by the old cell carrier. Can anyone explain how this works?

  22. nathan mead says:

    Could you try making one of these for a regular bicycle that uses a app like google's find my device app to find the bike?

  23. Nelly Nell says:

    For the server error. Did you setup outmail and inmail address? Just a thought

  24. Wu Zi Mu says:

    3:57 this server error is causer by a gmail setting which blocks insecure smtp requests. You can search it and disable it.

  25. delqyrus says:

    I would really love to see how you create a gsm or gps connector from scratch. Maybe you can do a whole series about that.

  26. Theseus says:

    or you can buy one for 30-40usd..

  27. Michael Geraghty says:

    Good for catching small earthquakes too 🙂

  28. pikway79 says:

    simson elektronik! Ohh my youth!

  29. jiggyjazzhop says:

    Hi GreatScott! Not sure if you are still keen but I managed to do a HTTP Post to dashboard using 3G for the SIM5320E module. So 3G should be fine.

  30. Remi Lang says:

    Wow i remember i drove green simson as young boy…

  31. Richard Hoch says:


  32. Hanish gopi says:

    How to learn Arduino programming

  33. David Johnwade Maghanoy says:

    Can you tell me how you program this device with ardruino

  34. DakLak Digital says:

    HOW COME no battery (back-up). They are essential in these days of sophisticated thieves. ALSO a shiny, new case is a give away – my tracker is in a welded metal box, that gets covered with dirt. And the cables are identical to the machine cables so they look like original equipment.

  35. therockinchriscomp says:

    You needed to turn on access for less secure apps on your Google account

  36. Mohd Ayaan says:

    He has a flat tire

  37. Bobitza aka NoobulPlictisit says:

    You covered the GPS results but you showed your coordinates…

  38. karol lupa says:

    GreatScott I got gps tracker for my motorcycle only problem is that it connects to the motorcycle battery so the thieve can simply disconnect the battery and that’s it… how could I build some battery for gps that charges when engine is running and when is off and battery is disconnected gps can still work with it’s hidden battery. I was thinking Of connecting it to jump starter and jump starter to usb charger but I don’t think that’s the right way, help please

  39. BinaryInf says:

    No actually I want to put this on someone and find out where they live, then burn their house down while they sleep

  40. ReadySetShoot says:

    Love your videos bro, However your Instructions arent too clear on every step. I have purchased every thing needed to replicate this build however you are skipping over a few things (probably for time) think you can help me out by breaking down each step? We can email if you would like! Thanks!

  41. O. some says:

    Scott! You are always GREAT 🙂

  42. Jimmi Sitepu says:

    Why my sim5320 easy restarting? Especially when posting data to server, ?
    I supply sim5320 with lm2596 +5v, I think no problem with power supply

  43. Raniel Parco says:

    AT command is not responding for me

  44. Chris Morgan says:


  45. Chris Morgan says:


  46. Hubert Laczak says:

    Have you got any idea why I receive: "+CGPSINFO:,,,,,,,,
    "? I have GPS antenna.. I didn't find any guide. Now, I use microUSB to programm wwith ATcommands.

  47. World Wide Facts WWF says:

    R u god of electronics ?????🤔😨😨😨

  48. Antonio del Vecchio says:

    Did you use it for 3g connection too?

  49. Glucose Sugar says:

    Great Scott, are you a great fan of Dr. Brown from Back To The Future??

  50. Fifury161 says:

    This is a great project and the battery life is good. What disturbs me though is the cost – I can buy a "smart" phone for £10 – granted it won't have the 60 day life or the shock sensor (well there is one built in, but I don't know enough to code a something to take advantage of that), but I could wire it up and have all the same features – plus the ability to make emergency calls if required…

  51. mouiz imran says:

    Hi Bro,
    Thanks for making so many knowledgeable videos.
    Especially you share a lot of technical lessons.

    Kindly make video about
    What to choose GPS or GPRS module for IoT project,
    Also make video implementing MQTT using GPS or GPRS.


  52. Chris Winslow says:

    Oh wow, I can’t believe I’ve only just seen this video. Thanks for this.

  53. Adrien Mlk says:

    Ohhh man you have a simson s51

  54. Tony Ackrill says:

    Is it possible to make a GPS to go from point a to point b? I live 10 miles away from my cousin and want to send him my drone but it would be awesome if I could program it to land in his garden then for him to send it back. Just curiouse if its possible

  55. MODDED BOI says:

    Your back wheel is flat :/

  56. Peter Brown says:

    I built one of those in 1995, long before anyone else had done it! I used a PIC 16F877. It had various modes & could handle secondary tracking by a control room & also allow immobilization of the vehicle being tracked by the chase team. There were quite a number of additional features. I tried to sell it but nobody understood what I had designed! Secondly, the cost of the components was high back then! Much simpler to do now with arduino & cheap gps units. Whole thing can be built cheaply now!

  57. GOOGA KRATOS says:

    Same phone

  58. metamud says:

    And then you installed it in a Faraday cage on your bike?

  59. Geard D says:

    I’m a bit late, but why don’t you get one of those DigiKey IOT phone plans. They are dirt cheap (like $3/month) and 5 cents/sms?

  60. fredlink9 says:

    What is the cost of doing this

  61. IT Laguna says:

    the smtp of google or hotmail always are a trouble for me. try using a third party smtp server, i usually use the corporate email server for those scenarios, its a basic smtp server with the option to chose if you want to work with ssl or not, other reference point its test that with the outlook app of microsoft office and set the account as a pop3 email.
    Very good youtube videos, i always stay creative… jeje

  62. Bartosz Starczewski says:

    Simson s51 ????

  63. Julien CARLIER says:

    Hi Scott !
    For improve the rapidity for get GPS location you can use QuecLocator or similar… the localisation will be get with phone RF network.
    In this system, you don't have an AT command for enter the module into sleep mode ?

  64. Norbert Kot says:

    8:21 text on motorbike " elektronik 51" you are from Poland? Or this motorbike are from Poland

  65. Hitesh m says:

    is there any chance i could use this like a kid tracker to contact the kid with a beep or something

  66. hooperwille says:

    As this system doesn't have arm/disarm switch, it means you get SMS every time turning ignition on and riding bike yourself (false positive)?

  67. mouiz imran says:

    Hi, Scott…
    Thank for this video, it was really helpful.
    I like your explanation simple and complete.
    Kindly make video on GSM and GPRS modules, which module is more suitable for IoT (MQTT)
    projects. This is really confusing which module are available and which is good for IoT

  68. Clay C says:

    What’s a good phone plan for one of these gps devices?

  69. Muhammad Aditya Saputra says:

    Please… Make Indonesia Subtitel in The Video

  70. koyyala saipreetham says:

    Can you make a video of ttgo-t-call gprs tracker

  71. Nick M says:

    man you are so awesome!

  72. WizardNumberNext says:

    Gmail is strictly SMTPS (actually SMTP over TLS on standard port 25)
    Some time ago it would not accept connections
    Before it was main SMTP, but still used some form of encryption and as far as I know it never accepted plain text as such (I am aware how to use unsecured SMTP server to send email from arbitrary (even non existing) address

  73. vashtalelq says:

    omg you drive a Simson in 2017, you should not worry, nobody is stealing these..

  74. Fanavaran IT says:

    i'm trying to build a mini gps tracker. would you please tell me what's the least required pieces ?

  75. Gallardo6669 says:

    Geiles project!

  76. Doug Dickerson says:

    Wish I was 1/8 as smart as you are. Lol great job.

  77. Asaf Hagbi says:

    Love you work!!!!

  78. Colin Size says:

    I know this video came out a while ago, but does anyone know if you have to get a data plan with monthly charges to operate a device like this? I’m in The US if that matters.

  79. Tech At Creative says:

    What is the total budget he spent?

  80. Phil Chandler says:

    I can follow your logic, but it would take me a week to build and troubleshoot.

  81. Tow b says:

    Geile simme auf jedenfall!

  82. Nicolae says:

    Hello GreatScott, where are you located? in Europe?

  83. wait what says:

    Hey there,
    I am using the same SIM5320 but I try to send the coordinates when I send a certain SMS Text to the SIM modul. But when I send a text to the modul it doesnt show up. Could somebody pls help me. My problem is explained in detail at the arduino forum: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=649974.0

  84. chris kaprys says:

    Your handwriting gives me goosebumps.

  85. Joe Duke says:

    Does it include an accelerator solenoid to speed the bike up to terminal velocity, then a hydraulic solenoid to slam on the brakes?

  86. yesca jasta says:

    great project sad thing is most bad people will have your tracker off there with in 5 or 10 minuets of steeling it

  87. Rahul Naidu says:

    Hi bro

  88. Rahul Naidu says:

    Can you pls share your number I need to make a device soo need Ur help can you pls help me in dz

  89. Costa, H.T. says:

    I think you should try port 587 instead of 25 and enable authentication.

  90. Jake Baldwin says:

    Instant subscribe

  91. Dominic says:

    I'm disappointed that the spark thing wasn't an actual module you put onto the moped seat so that when the thief got a certain distance from your house he (or she) got a few hundred watt shock to the ass.

  92. NutMonkey says:

    I would like to get one

  93. Razor Mureithi says:

    google email , use less secure apps password and works

  94. Sheeple Slayer says:

    Earned my sub… only took, 4 videos.

  95. Alexandre Cugnot says:

    you will consume a lot of battery ….

  96. Kyle Arney says:

    I think this why my email is blowing up XP

  97. 3DDoc says:

    there is only one problem, most providers don't allow such use of the SIM card in their terms and conditions
    btw your videos are very interesting, please keep it up

  98. Coding says:

    How about making own hidden camera?

  99. Brandon Smith says:

    Now rig it to ignite the gas tank. Turn it into an IED for filthy thieves.

  100. maraderchik xD says:

    В России лучше такого не делать, могут просто посадить.
    If you think doing something like that in Russia, better reconsider or you find yourself in jail.

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