Making Safety A Habit

September 13, 2019 posted by

(cheerful music) – Culture is tough, but culture really means what we do here, which is looking for the good behaviors of every employee in your organization and say yes, that’s what we do here. That’s a positive safety culture. – People shouldn’t have to think about, I’m going to do this, oh I
gotta think about safety, or I need to get the
safety resource to help me. It should be built into
everything that they do. – Individuals can form
those habits through following those procedures,
following those protocols, and having mentors and supervisors that help ensure that they
are doing the work correctly. That’s what creates a safe
work habit and safe culture to ensure that the organization
meets their mission. – Take safety very seriously within our organization as well. We start off every all employee meeting with a safety moment and different people
throughout the organization take turns in creating
what that safety moment is and we do orientations
that do include safety and emergency procedures as well. – Basic fundamentals of a positive culture are throughout any industry. Looking for those positive things, looking at the behavior
that you don’t wanna see, concentrating on training
different ways to do that, making it easier, or by
default, to do the safer thing throughout the organization
can work in any industry.

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