Marquise Blair and Seahawks are pleased with rookie safety’s aggressive debut in preseason opener

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Okay.>>What else could you do on that? Let him catch it I guess?>>Yeah, I’m guessing just move. I don’t know, move over, wherever. But I’ve been working on it,
practice so [INAUDIBLE].>>Did you feel like you did that
on the next one, on the sideline, down the left sideline?>>I feel like they both was good to me. I felt good, you know what I’m saying? I didn’t throw no helmet to helmet. I’ve been working on it
ever since I left Utah. I’ve been working on moving my shoulder. But it’s going full speed out there,
you know what I’m saying? So it’s whatever they see, guess.>>Do you think you might
kinda have that reputation? Maybe that’s in the back
of the officials’ minds?>>I might, I don’t have no idea. I just go out there and play.>>How was it for you, first time out?>>First game? It was exciting. I like playing football, I like competing. So just going out there the same thing.>>It looked like you were moving
around with DeShawn Shead, alternating a little bit, pretty strong. Were you doing a little bit of that? Yeah, some places he go down, play strong. Some plays I play.>>How comfortable are you
switching almost play to play?>>I’m comfortable, I did it in Utah. Me and Cory both went to strong free.>>On the one with the first half,
quarterback was holding to the right, you blitzed. They ended up getting a petty good
completion into the red zone. Were you supposed to say home there or
is that on your decision?>>Yeah, yeah, yeah, that was on me,
that was on me, that was on me. I went down too fast I felt like. And then I just felt I was
in the wrong spot, yeah.>>How do you go about
making that decision? Are you supposed to sit with that guy and
then if he shows that he’s gonna run->>Nah, it’s just football, it’s football, it’s football. I just go out there and play. If I mess up, I mess up,
move on to the next play.>>How’s the last week and change been
getting back to practice, getting back in the flow of things after having to sit for
the start of things here?>>It’s been good. I feel like our players they all cool,
the best, good, good vets. And they just want you to learn and
compete with everybody, that’s all.>>What have the coaches expressed to you
in terns of your opportunity this month?>>Just compete, go out there and compete. That’s it.

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  1. Михаил джакоби says:

    Marquees Blair dropping that shoulder tackle precisely at exact moment of contact made me think of cam chancellor aka the Enforcer who was a Devastating defensive player in the backfield

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