Master Lock Padlock Security Level 4 – 10 Picking & Cutting Test ✅

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Welcome back to Silver Eagle Locksmith Las
Vegas YouTube channel. In today’s video, we’re going to talk
about the different Master Lock Padlocks, all the way from level 4 to, the most secure
one, level 10, those padlocks you can find in most hardware store. And in today’s special, I’m going to try
to pick each one of them. And I’m going to try another tool just for
today’s video, this little buddy. So let’s wait and see who’s going to stay
and who’s not. Stay tuned! ♪ [music] ♪ Okay, Master Lock Padlocks, what’s the difference
between all of those locks? They have the level 4 all the way to level
10. Now, level 4, 5 and 6, from what I see, those
ones really fit to small door applications such as side gates or some indoor applications. Those ones can work really good. Of course, the price is very, very reasonable
for those locks. Now, all the way from level 7 to level 10,
those ones are the heavier duty. Those ones are the best cut-resistant and
better and best weather-resistance as well. Now, what are we going to do? I’m going to try to pick each and every
one of those locks, see which one is easy to pick and which are not. And I’m going to try to use my bolt-cutter
and see which locks we can defeat and which not. So stay tuned! Ok , Master Lock Padlock Level 4 does come
with two keys. And here it is, open! Now, I’m going to use my pick tools. See, it’s real pick tools. Let’s see how that works. Just so you know, guys, I’m not really going
to show you how I’m doing it. Sorry in advance. Here it is! Opened like nothing. Master Lock Padlock Level 4, not really pick-resistant. Okay! Master Lock Padlock Level 5, you probably
see this padlock more than a couple of times. Alright! It’s got only two keys as well. Open. Then I’ll leave here the keys. Then I’ll lock it. And I’ll try to pick it. I’m still working on it. There it is! Defeated. Master Lock Padlock Level 5, they say it’s
supposed to be cut-resistant, so we’re going to test that as well. But it’s not pick-resistant. Okay, Master Lock Padlock [Word] Combination
Level 6 and Master Lock Padlock Dial Combination and Key Overwrite Level 7. Now, this lock, of course, I can’t pick
because it doesn’t have key overwrite. This one does have. But before I actually put this scene, I try
to use the key, and it didn’t work. I tried to pick it as well. It didn’t work. It’s probably some manufacturer defect. So I apologize in advance, guys. I can’t try to pick it and show you because
it’s just not working. Therefore, I really don’t recommend it because
I think that the cylinder is too small. And it did fail to work. So, I don’t know about these locks so much. But we will try and defeat those locks with
our bolt-cutter as well. Okay! So, the Master Lock Level 8, basically, this
lock, I respect it because it did take me about 10 minutes—10 to 15 minutes—to pick
it open. And I have to use different kinds of picking
tools just to pick that lock. So yes, it is a better and it’s pick-resistant. Of course, because I’m experienced in this,
I could do it. But it was not easy. And this is as a proof for you guys that I
did open it with my pick tools. And I lock it again. You can see the cylinder. It’s open again. Now, it’s locked. So, level 8 was not that easy to open. It took me about 15 minutes. And as they say, it’s the best cut-resistance,
better weather-resistance. And it’s stainless steel, so it has rust-protection
as well. I do recommend this lock as far as lock-picking. So yes, it is a good lock so far. It’s not impossible to pick. But it just takes longer. That’s all! Okay, the Master Padlock Level 9, this one
actually is funny. It took me like less than five minutes to
pick it open. Of course, I didn’t want to keep you guys
waiting for five minutes until I pick it, so I’m just going to show you the results. There’s no key in here. And the lock is locked obviously. And there it is! You can see I actually picked it. Level 9 is not pick-resistant. What do you think? Okay! The Master Padlock Level 10. Well, I’m not going to try to pick it because
I already tried. About 20 minutes, and I just gave up. It probably uses some mushroom pins inside. I tried, it just didn’t work. It’s just something you should know—not
all the locks can be picked. Sometimes, the combination is a big factor. So yeah, I just couldn’t pick it. After 20 minutes, I just gave up. This is the Level 10. This is the best padlock they have and the
best security level. So I recommend this one. Okay! The Master Padlock all the way from level
4 to level 10. The level 6 and 7, those ones, I didn’t
pick because they’re a combination. And I don’t know if you remember, but the
level 7 have a problem with the key. So we didn’t open it anyway. But yeah, I was able to pick four of the six
locks. And the last one, number 10, I gave up, I
couldn’t pick that one. That’s the level 10. Okay! So now, after picking those locks, we’re
going to move to the fun thing. We’re going to use our bolt-cutter. And we’re going to see which one is going
to stay and which one is not. Okay, guys, before we’re going to start,
I just want to make sure you’re all aware that what I’m going to do right now is only
for testing purposes. And please don’t try it at home. Don’t try it anywhere else. And stay legal. Okay, let’s start. Let’s start with the level 4 padlock. Let’s see. Alright! Okay! Cut it like a butter, level 4. There it is! Level 5, let’s see. That’s it! That one was even easier. Alright! That one is level 6. Let’s see. That fast, level 6. Cut it like nothing. Now, we’re moving to the heavy duty ones. Level 7, alright! Let’s fix that, alright. This one is hard. Okay, definitely harder. Alright! Level 7, you see that? It was definitely harder. Level 8, it’s kind of tough. Alright! Level 8, that’s it? Seriously? Well, cut it. Level 9, phew! Good luck with that. Let’s see. Alright! Okay, level 9 broke. Okay, the very last one, level 10. I know for sure it’s going to be the hardest,
but let’s see if it will cut it. Yeah, it’s definitely the hardest. The thicker the shackle is, the hardest to
cut it. I think we’re making progress here. There it is! Okay. Phew! That was hard. Phew! Alright! Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. Phew! It was hard. But now you guys know which one is the best
padlock so far which is the level 10. It was the hardest to cut and the hardest
to pick—actually, we didn’t pick it. But most of those padlocks, I was able to
pick and to cut them easily. But I’m not a good example because I’m
a locksmith and that’s what I do. And a disclaimer, please, anyone watching
this video, it was only for test purposes. Please don’t try it anywhere else. There are many states that actually consider
possession of any of those tools that I used in this video as burglary tools. Please, please, please just avoid to use any
of those tools at all. So, thank you so much for watching. My name is Koby. And I’m with Silver Eagle Locksmith Las
Vegas YouTube channel. If you’re looking to get your house, business
or your bike more secure, this is the channel for you. So don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
in this button below. And right after, tick the bell icon, so you’ll
get notified whenever I’m releasing a new video when I release them. And please thumbs up! And we’ll see you next time. Thank you so much for watching.


76 Replies to “Master Lock Padlock Security Level 4 – 10 Picking & Cutting Test ✅”

  1. Gunkdaddy says:

    Great video kobi congratulations on almost reaching 1,000! subscribers

  2. Lock Noob says:

    Nice video 🙂 sadly ALL these padlocks have roughly the same pick resistance and all standard driver pins, they also are really susceptible to a pipe wrench twist attack. Master Lock really do make pretty terrible locks

  3. LSD Locks says:

    Silver Eagle Locksmith & Lock Noob … You raised some good points in your arguments / comments about Master Lock vs some Chinese products – pipe wrench attack, pick resistance etc.. below. No video can be perfect, no analysis 100% But let me suggest some points that could make videos of this nature more interesting for the consumer. 1) Lock companies responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities or lack thereof – selling a false feeling of security.. 2) Lock companies failure to address known security flaws after having been responsibly informed 3) Cost benefit analysis based on realistic scenarios. Examples: A cheap Master or Chinese lock can be perfect if all you want o do is keeping opportunistic passers by from stealing 5 dollars worth of flower pots. If you have a 1,000 dollar bicycle in your shed you may want to spend a little more… and if we are speaking of a place that needs high security, those companies that false advertise with pick resistance, etc should be called out — other may be recommended. Would also be a way to promote a good image for both the lock smith profession and for lock sport communities in the general public. Sorry for that lengthy comment. Both of you would be most welcome to contact me to discuss the issue. Cheers and thanks for this video. I wish I could produce videos of even remotely the quality you two guys produce. Chris at Life Security Defense – Locks.

  4. WeTheTech says:

    Masterlock is a joke in the field of high security locks.

  5. Tyrone Calder says:

    Hi can you tell me what the bolt cutters are called In this video?

  6. Muggy plays says:

    Why didn't you show us

  7. FuzzyDad1 says:

    Locknoob is right. The product line demonstrated all have the same pick resistance. Master Lock does have other lines, which offer security pins, but these haven't any. As far as the combo lock, I think it was a Master 175 that was shown, it is bypassable, unless the design has changed recently. As a personal opinion, having worked in the security industry and being a locksport enthusiast, I tend to lead folk to brands other than Master. Their body's can be hard but they have a soft core.

    Thank you for making the video and trying to educate people about locks.

  8. PrestonPlayzRoblox 117 says:

    Struggle noises Xd

  9. Jonnie Bangkok says:

    It's no big secret how to pick a lock dickhead…just have to watch Bosnian Bill's channel!

  10. Chris Root says:

    Imagine the lock 3 feet off the ground and something through the middle of it. You wouldn’t be able to use the ground as a lever. Make a more realistic video in that situation.

  11. S Craigs says:

    Realistically during cutting in real world you wouldn't have the ground to leverage and use your entire body weight to cut. So you'd be limited to upper body arm strength with manual clippers. I'm sure there are hydrolic piston cutters out there.

  12. Thomas Leerriem says:

    Unfortunately it only takes 12 seconds to pick them open ^^

  13. Lightning Mc wopper ' says:

    You know your a bad lock smith if it takes 10 minutes to pick a master lock

  14. BlackDolphin90 says:

    Those are easy to pick. You were raking the locks i presume.
    You could bypass the combo locks.
    Master have physical strength but no good pick resistance. You could pick it with a hook pick instead of a rake.
    Nice video

  15. Brian Moore says:

    Many many videos on YouTube show in Great detail, how every lock imaginable are picked. Curious why you hide from camera.

  16. avo says:

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    Hahaha, this is a joke right? A locksmith that cant pick a master lock. Then again you were raking, not picking.

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    This guy knows there are tutorial videos on how to pick locks right?

  19. paul solfelt says:

    Every master lock they made is crap, I can bump them all with a Bic lighter, that is how bad they are, and forget bump stop pins—- they don't work against shear point keys!

  20. paul solfelt says:

    Don't bump them too many times, one I have won't open anymore because a steel ring that opens the locking dogs shattered inside the lock, the Bic lighter won't hurt it at all though!

  21. RMoribayashi says:

    There are actually several good quality affordable Master padlocks sold in Europe. including several dimple locks. The problem is finding them buried in with the rest of Master's standard "marshmallow core" junk. They're EU exclusive too. I guess they don't want Americans to know just how bad the stuff they sell here is.

  22. vde says:

    Thank you for the laugh 🙂
    Greet your master lock rep from us (the lockpickers)
    p.s. I've picked the level 10 master a few years ago and there were no spools, only standards. I would be surprised if they have changed.

  23. I'm The Square Root says:

    Ah dude just use a rack it's the same crap four pin core.

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  33. Mykhalable says:

    For anyone wanting to buy a lock, DO NOT buy MasterLock. I've opened fewer than 100 locks in my life but I can pick each of these locks in the video in fewer than 30 seconds. Hell, I've seen a video where a guy picks open a MasterLock with a chicken bone. The only thing MasterLock has going for it is strength from brute force attacks. However, their locks can be raked open which requires 5 minutes of practice to become proficient enough for any of their locks.

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    The dual one actually worked you just do not know how to read.

  39. Swordfightingto12 says:

    The key is not override for the dual one, you need both the combination to be correct and the key to be inserted and twisted for it to open.

  40. Ashish Kurosaki says:

    you areone hot guy. lucky wife

  41. naptownfireman says:

    What if the lock hung in a position where you were not able to get full leverage on those bolt cutters. I think it may have been more difficult. Like hanging from a fence.

  42. Mark Chicketano says:

    Hello Silver Eagle….I enjoyed your video…However….while I hate being critical, I have to say that I feel the bolt cutter attacks are a bit unrealistic….not that many people don't use bolt cutters, but when you place one arm of the bolt cutter on a hard immovable surface, your mechanical leverage is increased geometrically. I too wanted security, so I tested some locks I bought too with a similar sized bolt cutter….With a lock on it's actual application, a boat trailer, I tried to cut it (Was a level 7 boron carbide shackle Master Lock) using similar bolt cutters and just the advantage and power I could muster using my arms and chest as opposing leverages and was unable to do so. The same lock placed on a hard surface along with one arm of the bolt cutters similarly placed and I was able to cut thru it fairly easily (As you were). I think it's important, if we want to paint an accurate picture of true security or lack thereof that these locks be tested in the actual environment and placements they are to be employed. And, although I've never picked a lock, I'd bet some of your 10 or 15 minute efforts might actually become impossible efforts under the stress of knowing you were committing a crime and under the scenario of a lock being in an odd posture or angle to the "ideal" lock picking hold. An average person watching your video might get the impression that it's useless to lock anything up! Thanks…

  43. James P says:

    padlock is better if it's high off the ground and shrouded shackle. I own this level 10 in brass plating. It's fine around town for a bike chain, but there's no such thing as theft-proof anything, if they want, they get, then you need to think secondary methods like tracking device for the goods.

    most lock articles now recommend 16mm and above hardened steel, heavy diameter but impossible to crop by hand and will just bust the jaws of bolt croppers or pull them out of alignment instead of doing damage to the chain

  44. Evan Clinton says:

    Master locks are a joke.

  45. LiveFreeOrRIP says:

    ok thats an OVER sized set of bolt cutters and you are putting ALL of your weight on the lock witch is also False. Most locks are a couple of feet off the ground and you wont have that weight on the cutters.

  46. Agus Santoso says:

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  47. Just4Fun says:

    You are using leverage. Do it with just 2 hands. Like you have no floor to lean the handle

  48. cannonball666 says:

    Your cutting demo was impractical bullshit. You had to bounce your full body weight on the higher level locks. It doesn't reflect reality as most locks are fastened well above ground where all you can do is squeeze your arms together which isn't even close to the force of jumping up and down on super long bolt cutter handles.

  49. Bob says:

    How many people are going to be walking around with those large bolt cutters? This video only gives encouragement to criminals. Picking lock videos are all generally stupid and shouldn't be allowed on YouTube. Also, many commercial establishments have Hi-Def security cameras and the criminals will eventually get caught and then they can try their bolt cutters on Prison bars.

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  59. Snak3Rak3 says:

    Interesting testing, but these can all be picked/raked/rocked open in a flash. The "Magnum" version does have a tough boron shackle, but it does no good since it can be picked so easily.

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