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hey guys it's Andre the Andre lifestyle there's a lifestyle channel where I document and educate my audience or what have experience in the military to health and fitness rules I live by the self-improvement books that I've read and the travel destinations that I recommend subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with new great content every week hey guys is Andre with the Andre lifestyle welcome back to my channel today I'm making another video this is a series I do on this channel where I do the research on each Coast Guard job so that you don't have to alright and today I'll be talking about the maritime enforcement specialist job okay now this is straight off a related civilian jobs our local state or federal law enforcement physical and personal security positions protecting America's ports waterways and interests at home and abroad maritime enforcement specialists are trained in maritime law enforcement anti-terrorism force protection and physical security types of duty maritime enforcement specialists are a cadre of professionals well grounded in knowledge and skills pertained to law enforcement security duties as such members of this rating can be expected to be assigned challenging duties including traditional maritime law enforcement anti-terrorism force protection poor security and safety as well as providing unit level training in these fields training available you'll begin your career with ten weeks of intensive specialized training and MBA school in Charleston South Carolina which provides an introduction into the MP rating force while at MBA school you will learn how to provide security and law enforcement support for Coast Guard missions to include leadership physical fitness communications safety rate training and administration security maritime law enforcement tactical operations port readiness weapons familiarization and qualifications ports waterways and coastal security anti-terrorism and force protection that was a mouthful required qualifications must be eligible for a secret clearance must have normal color vision have no domestic violence convictions or restraining orders we're hitting them from legally carrying a firearm must be in compliance with the Coast Guard weight and body fat standards must pass either the boarding officer and boat crew physical fitness test for the deployable specialized forces tier two physical fitness test desirable two characteristics be physically fit have strong leadership and instructional abilities have a strong interest in law enforcement and security alright that's just a rundown of what the MP job is now I'm gonna talk about the maritime enforcement specialist a school so after boot camp once you graduate from what I know the maritime enforcement specialists a school the waiting list for that a school is long I think it's about two years and yeah so if you're willing to wait that long and be an on rate for that long then go for it okay now I found this article this is from Coast Guard EOD live dot mil and the article is called protecting America a day in the life of an MEA school student thought this would be interesting so here it is maritime enforcement specialist a school is a challenging in rigorous course of instruction provided at the maritime law Enforcement Academy in Charleston South Carolina during the fast-paced training program a major emphasis is placed on leadership military bearing and the Coast Guard core values students undergo uniform inspection to emphasize the importance of a professional appearance additionally students are expected to utilize proper military formations while transiting around the campus students receive training on physical techniques handcuffing and defensive tactics they are evaluated on their ability to perform all techniques with precision and are graded by an instructor who uses a checklist to ensure accuracy a student can expect to spend forty hours practicing the basic techniques before practical evaluation in week five if the federal law enforcement training center at al etc' provides a state-of-the-art indoor firing range that the students utilize during training a class will spend ninety hours on weapons familiarization and conducting live fire exercises a student will fire approximately three thousand rounds of ammunition throughout the duration of the course those students who score the highest combined scores in pistol rifle and shotgun will be awarded the top shot during the graduation ceremony in front of their peers family and guests the anti-terrorism and force protection courses teach students how to conduct vehicle inspections prevent terrorism and respond to terrorist attack nearly 24 hours of training are dedicated to this phase of the training program physical fitness is a major aspect of the training program students will train three to four days a week and the instructor staff ensures each student pushes themselves to achieve exceptional fitness levels students will also participate in water confidence drills and swim efficiency training the goal of the rigorous fitness program is to teach students the importance of operational fitness and how to maintain after graduating from the course tactical procedures training is provided to teach the students how to effectively work as a team in a use-of-force situation scenarios are presented to the students that includes sim rounds which are similar to paint ball ammunition tactical procedures require students to think quickly and make the appropriate use of force decision in order to pass the course self aid buddy a teaches the students how to identify and treat life-threatening injuries that occur during use of force scenarios si ba is approximately 16 hours of training in advanced first aid techniques that include combat tourniquets students that meet all of the course objectives and pass their final evaluations are formally graduated by the commanding officer of the maritime law enforcement a school each member will receive orders take a multitude of units including Coast Guard cutters Coast Guard Police Department's sector enforcement teams tactical law enforcement detachments tackle it maritime safety and security teams Asst maritime security Response Teams am SRT marine safety units MSU Coast Guard stations and port security units PS use I think this sums up a lot of what the maritime enforcement specialist does in the Coast Guard you will be on the waiting list for a long time if you want this position if this is what you want to do don't let anyone stop you alright this is what's gonna make you happy you daddy be patient that was always my problem I hope you guys like this video if you did give this video a like comment of this video share this video and of course subscribe to this channel for more great content every week guys I do have a PayPal money pool in the description I will leave a link if you find any of the information on this YouTube channel beneficial to you please 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  1. DarthAssassin24 7 says:

    Your channel is awesome. Before I head out to boot camp I’m going to buy a watch from your link to help your channel. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Ryan Lloyd says:

    Could you do a video on PA? Thanks!

  3. Judith Reyes says:

    Andre how come you only do 1 year with USCG?

  4. Ahmad Assahouri says:

    How long is deployment for the ME RATE? Can anyone give answer?

  5. Joel Telvi says:

    I got a 51 on the Asvab with a Gst of 107!! Wohoo ME im coming

  6. Hunter Hall says:

    Do you still have to wait as a non rate until A school if you are in the reserves?

  7. Gino Romano says:

    I know this question has a lot of variables but my question is regarding pay. What is the salary if you don't mind me asking.

  8. Cody ALLCAPS says:

    Interested in going to the coast guard for this job, but not too crazy on the idea of losing rank.

  9. Emilio Lisi III says:

    I knew a few people from this video, a lot actually.

  10. telecaster305 says:

    I waited from 2010-2013 for orders to MEA. But way worth it.

  11. telecaster305 says:

    The BEST RATE in the Coast Guard. Coming from a former ME3!!

  12. Simba Lion says:

    I’m an ME, and can vouche the wait list is ridiculous. You will most likely work as a Boatsmate until your turn. I had to do it for 6months. But it was well worth it

  13. Landon Hicks says:

    Andre I love your channel I'm leaving for boot camp 4/24. Please do PA, which I am interested in

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