Metal Gear Rising – Stains of Time (Sly Shinobi Mix)

July 12, 2019 posted by


25 Replies to “Metal Gear Rising – Stains of Time (Sly Shinobi Mix)”

  1. Tyler Fuller says:

    And here I thought you were gone for good.

  2. Snake: how long had it been.
    Ocelot: 9 years boss.

  3. Kept us waiting, huh.

  4. MURo 1639 says:


  5. Holy shit i love this remix.
    Pls keep making things like this whit Metal Gear Rising

  6. Lockheed says:

    Your memes end here.

  7. Mechaxk says:

    It's time for Sly to let 'er rip!

  8. Looks like someone came bacc

  9. Hakuru15 says:

    You're pretty good

  10. Vergil Sama says:

    Kill or be killed jack!

  11. Ufff un remix de uno de los mejores boss themes de todos los tiempos

  12. Project-6 says:

    How good of you to greet us with this mix, Shinobi.

  13. You kept us waiting on this one. Welcome back!

  14. Neiroe says:


  15. Blazey! says:

    This is great, good job 👏

  16. NOOB isHERE says:

    Soundtracks are still immortal

  17. UriZielek says:

    HOLY… You are actually alive! Please keep on doing those awesome mixes!

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