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SICK has over 20 years of experience
with safety laser scanners. Each product marks a milestone.
Allow us to introduce microScan3, the new generation of safety laser
scanners from SICK. microScan3 monitors an angular range of up to 275 degrees and
features a protective field range of up to 9 meters,allowing it
to protect a large area of up to 194 square meters. microScan3 sets new safety standards:
Thanks to the latest safeHDDM™ scan technology, microScan3 is even more reliable in the
face of interferences such as weld sparks, ambient light, or dust.
And all of this is encased in a reliably rugged and compact metal housing for
ultra-easy machine integration. Thanks to the new mounting system,
you can have microScan3 installed, adjusted, and ready for use
in next to no time. M12 standard connectors allow
scanners to be connected quickly. Adjusting protective fields has never
been easier: Using a tool in the Safety Designer software, you draw the area you want
the microScan3 to monitor in your machine layout. After that, the configuration data
is transferred to the scanner via USB with just a click of the mouse, and then
the microScan3 monitors that defined area. When a person enters the protected area,
microScan3 sends a signal to the control system and hazardous machine movements
are stopped immediately. microScan3 features a color display that
provides information about the current status of the sensor.
Additional messages are displayed in cleartext at the touch of a button. Faults occurring during operation are thus
quickly resolved, and productivity remains unaffected.
And if microScan3 ever needs to be replaced, the new device imports the previous
configuration,because the parameter data is stored in the system plug and automatically
transferred to the new device. microScan3: The little scanner with the
large viewing area.Even more powerful thanks to innovative safeHDDM™ scan
technology. The rugged housing design allows it to be
used in challenging ambient conditions. A smart connection concept for cost-efficient
machine integration. Intuitive operation for quick
commissioning and maintenance. microScan3: The new generation of
safety laser scanners from SICK.

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