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As Washington continues to debate U.S. Mexico border policy, roughly 10,000 unaccompanied migrant children remain in U.S. custody, languishing in facilities around the country. The number of children being held in each
immigrant shelter has soared over the past few years. Many of the children come into federal custody
having suffered a great deal of trauma to begin with. And so, they’re essentially fragile. They’re children who are ill equipped to
endure yet more trauma. Carlos Holguín and other lawyers say the
Trump administration isn’t meeting some of the basic standards that are required of
them when detaining minors. There’s been concern about how long many
of these children have been kept at these facilities. Standards that Holguín himself helped establish
years ago, when he began investigating the detention of children in the 1980s. Every year thousands of children on their
way to join families in the U.S. are apprehended by the Immigration Service. A detention center for illegal aliens. Children are mixed in with adults. The conditions here are prison like. And security is tight. We went in and started looking into some of
the facilities in which the I.N.S. was keeping the children. And, and we were appalled. These were makeshift detention facilities. This one is a converted roadside motel. And they put up some chain-link and some concertina
wire so that people couldn’t get out. The minors had no education. There was no recreation for them. And they were, they were not permitted any
visitation. “I want to get out of here,” this six
year old is saying, “I don’t like it here.” Our feeling was that the children were being
used as bait to capture their parents. The Immigration Service district director
here has decided he will release undocumented children only to the custody of their parents. The problem is that the parents themselves
are often illegal aliens, afraid to claim their children. We saw that population as swelling. And it would have gotten much larger if something
weren’t done to try to secure their release. Holguín and a group of attorneys sued the
government, objecting to the conditions of detention, and the policies surrounding the
children’s release. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court
before the two sides agreed in 1997 to what’s known as the Flores Settlement, named for
one of the plaintiffs, Jenny Flores. The government needs to place the children
in a licensed facility. Normally it’s within 72 hours to five days. And it needs to release children to available
custodians without unnecessary delay. It formalized the way the federal government
was going to treat the population and the settlement continues to be in effect. But seventeen years later, Holguín watched
as the Obama administration began detaining children who arrived with their families for
long periods of time. Behind the chainlink fence and just beyond
the dusty dirt field sits the largest immigration family detention center in the United States. But since the surge of immigrants, most children
have been spending days, weeks or months in these detention centers. The policy of the administration at that point
was detention without possibility of release. None of these family detention centers were
licensed to care for dependent children. They were essentially prisons. So Holguín and his team challenged the government
again – and won. A federal judge found that children who arrived
with their families were also protected by Flores, and could not be held indefinitely. But the court did allow for some flexibility
in how long kids could be held. The court basically said, you have far
more minors than the settlement contemplated. And so probably 20 days is going to be okay. And up until very recently, they were essentially
releasing most of these families within that period. So, it wasn’t a perfect world, but it wasn’t
anything like what the, what the administration is proposing now. The crisis on our border right now as we speak
is the sole result of democrat laws and…. Throughout his presidency, Trump has railed
against what he says are the loopholes that allow migrants to be released from detention. It’s called catch and release. And the administration has tried time and
again to expand its powers of detention. They said they had to separate children because
they couldn’t hold them with their parents in detention longer than 20 days. From separating families, to challenging the
Flores settlement in court, the Trump administration’s efforts have repeatedly been stymied. So in the fall, they proposed new regulations
that would essentially replace Flores all together. The Trump administration announced a new rule
today that would allow immigrant children to be held in detention with their parents
indefinitely. The new regulations are still under review. Meanwhile, with a large population of unaccompanied
children in government custody, Holguín says the potential for mistreatment is high. The average child who is in immigration related
custody is treated much better than they were in the eighties. That being said, there certainly is a move
to undo some of the gains that we’ve seen for this population over the years. It’s an expansion of the population. It’s the lengthening of the detention. This continuum of trauma where, where children
will breakdown over time. And then you have some real atrocities that
seem to be happening, where that would never have occurred in the past. Very disturbing allegations against some facilities
housing detained migrant children, including drugging and abuse. I don’t remember any child ever reporting
that, you know what? I was wrestled to the ground and injected. For Holguín and his team, along with other
lawyers around the country, the fight against the government’s detention practices continues. Some facilities housing unaccompanied migrant
children are doing so without a license. The government is going to decide what they’re
going to do with these children. Not in the in the best interest of the children,
but simply what’s in the best interest of the administration’s current approach to
immigration and border control.


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  1. B Humphries says:

    Thank you for helping to get the truth out! I'm ashamed of what our nation has allowed itself to become!

  2. mojotheaverage says:

    I feel terrible for the parents. It's a lose lose situation for them: don't go to claim their children and they lose them, go to claim and they go to prison or get deported and lose their children

  3. Ashlee Jordan says:

    thank you retro report! πŸ’›

  4. christine mckinney says:

    Place the Blame where it belongs,,,The Parents !!! They bought them here !!!

  5. Zara Samuels says:

    Ahh this is so sad, my heart breaks for these little ones

  6. David Marchese says:

    Looking at you from Europe it seems that you are on the way to become a dictatorship. What you don't realize is that it is easier than what you think.

  7. Troll Patrol says:

    What a disgusting world we are living in.

  8. Kaden Love says:

    Holyspit ……😟
    Sometimes it's better to just not know the truth πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ’”

  9. lqwert1 says:

    You should have much more views and subscribers!

  10. Mr. Peanutbutter says:

    American kids are separated from their parents all the time from bullshit laws too. Illegal immigration is what we don't want. Come here legally.

  11. Marie skywalker says:

    Hey America
    You're a third world country

  12. Voices To Be Heard says:

    Lol okay Jewtube, I get it. But your brainwashing isn't gonna change my mind

  13. Candy Bergauer says:

    Why would the parents do this in the first place and a lot of them haven't even come with their real parents has lots of child trafficking there's been huge cases of this up in Canada. Why is nobody talking about that. Something's not right here

  14. Vaughn Taylor says:

    If these parents did live in the US they would be arrested for child endangerment or child abuse they need to come the legal way or don't come kthe people paying the tax's that pay for these criminals don't want them

  15. PZ -3 says:

    It’s not wrong they are illegal immigrants

  16. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    They are breaking our laws and violating our sovereignty deport them. The United States should not reward lawbreakers. What’s going on in their country is not our problem, plus we’ve given them billions of dollars in aid it is their own personal failings and corrupt culture that has destroyed their country. Also I don’t support trump and I’m not a republican, I am a democrat Bernie 2020! But we have to have borders and should be able to let in who we want and be able to turn down who we want. We must deport them as fast and humanely as possible!

  17. 69696 thousand subscribers with a lot of videos? says:

    what a cruel world

  18. William K says:

    This propaganda video makes it seem like they're in Auschwitz.
    If that were true all these illegal immigrants would be nothing but skin and bone.
    Who produced this CNN πŸ‡»πŸ‡³

  19. Virginia Woods says:

    The parents ? DNA don't give a s*** they're using these kids to get to America a free pass and free life to sit home and just collect all the free benefits they can receive don't take care of them they let them wander the street send the kids back especially ones that are bringing kids I have no sympathy for parents or adults that would do something like that to kids teenagers must have a DNA test may have kidnapped kids give you free privileges in America.

  20. Intellident Solutions says:

    Hunger Games. Using children eventually for trafficking and pedophilia.

  21. Lou 3000 says:

    Here is a solution.. dont come to America illegally. Problem solved

  22. Mufin io says:

    Good protect the kids from sex trafficking

  23. Vrusilov says:

    2:00 hey it's the guy from "wwyd?"

  24. Dwit Beathead says:

    You purposefully use emotion to manipulate your viewers, which in turn clouds their judgement. What's really going on is that many children from Mexico are brought here because of sex trafficking. So when a guy threatens children to say that he's their uncle because if they don't he'll kill their parents what the hell do you think those scared kids will say. Although for sure, there are some actual families that are separated, do you really want to take the chance of putting children next to someone who's threatening to kill them. On a separate note, when you're coming into a country, illegally, what do you expect to happen? Of course your family might get seperated, YOU'RE CROSSING THE BORDER OF A COUNTRY ILLEGALLY.

  25. phil hutchings says:

    If these children have no parents of family to claim them, on a humanitarian basis could they be made available for adoption to families in America that may wish to help these kids? I am not for illegal boarder crossings but I think all parties would agree that these children are innocent victims of the drug and human traffic trade between countries.

  26. Edner Castaneda says:

    That border patrol agent in the thumbnail dummy thicc 😩😩

  27. Ryan Duff says:

    If you dont want to ne seoerated then dont cross illegally its that simple

  28. TheDragonboy2001 says:

    Mannn… throwback to when people were protesting this back in 2014 when Obama first initiated the family separation process.

  29. Jon MacDonald says:

    Keep family's together!

    Deport them All!

  30. Thomas George says:

    Wouldn't have to worry about it if they didn't break the law an come across illegally. They do it the right way an stay together. Do it the wrong way an should be charged with a crime and if you have kids in your care as you come across be charged with human trafficking and child endangerment

  31. Danny newedge02GT says:

    Keep fams together……in mexico

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