Milwaukee Tools Anti-Fogging Safety Glasses

June 13, 2019 posted by

in most automotive shops it's required for us to wear safety glasses all day long and to help us out Milwaukee tools has come out with six new glasses that are tinted and clear that are lightweight and super durable durable and one of the cool features that they came out with as the ability to have anti fog so at the beginning of this event they gave us a pair of these and they made us wear them around because we're in a construction zone and stuff so we had the safety glasses on and all day long they were comfortable I didn't have any fogging issues and most of the time I could barely tell that I was even wearing safety glasses because they're wearing them all day long and if they're comfortable they look good so we're listening you're gonna see us launch six new safety glasses this year this is three different styles of glasses each available and clear and tinted versions now I'm gonna walk you through the flagship of our line our high performance glasses with the removable gasket you'll notice yep these are the same ones that we gave you guys this morning the ones in my hand are the polarized Lincoln model you all have the clear version now this gasket let's talk about this first this is removable so the user can install it if they want it take it out if they don't how many of you have ever had something get behind your safety glasses good yeah right users tell us it happens a lot they wear glasses they think they're safe and then something gets around it well this gasket will help prevent against debris now if they want to light in a mop or chest improve ventilation if they don't need that at a given time it simply snaps out snaps back in fast and simple now if we didn't stop there users also told us that you know they're really pushing their equipment to limits and when we look at glasses of course we want to meet all the ANSI and CSA requirements with our our bridge our perpetuates that's antique leads to the game but just like the user we didn't stop there we're gonna take it to the next level and we're doing that with higher grade lenses we're actually testing these with a ballistics test that the military uses on their lenses and just to show you as an example what is to the user we're gonna hit some lenses with a high velocity impact you guys want to come over 600 feet per second yep okay y'all ready I will pass these around but I'll show all of you on the front row lenses dented it it's not cracked it it's not broken let me pass that around to you guys in the back and see it as well then the user has a choice they can either take them off and wipe their glasses exposing their eyes or deal with foggy glasses either way it's not ideal for the users so we are using a fantastic high performance anti fog and to show you how this performs we can simply hit a bunch of glasses with a steamer as you can see competitors all steamed up Milwaukee stays fog free both inside and out now this is going above and beyond the requirements on the industry this is really looking to give users a better solution by giving them everything they're asking for and then going above and beyond now users are super excited we're excited about this category I'm gonna turn you over to Zack to talk about the neck


14 Replies to “Milwaukee Tools Anti-Fogging Safety Glasses”

  1. Alucard says:

    Awesome. On top of being an automotive tech, I also work at a carwash at night. Safety glasses fog up very easily especially in muggy Chicago summer weather.

  2. Orian Sinkler says:

    Any word if they come with a case

  3. Chris Conrad says:

    Do they have bifocals ones ?

  4. JAE MARPLE says:

    When will this be releasing? What's the price on the clear lenses?

  5. Keith Smith says:

    The better come with a 3-5 yrs warranty in cluding scratching and fogging

  6. Walter Frederick says:

    Can't wait for those,fogging is a pet peeve I hate with safety glasses.

  7. Grant Deisig says:

    No fog!? I'll be buying a couple. One tinted for my motorcycle and one clear (required) for work. Let's hope that the anti fog is permanent and not something that wears off over-time.

  8. chris jones says:

    Price em in line with 3m and well get somewhere. Also most companies provide them for free. 30/50$ is absurd

  9. Luis Alonso says:

    Milwaukee need to make welding helmet too!!!

  10. creep life says:

    When do they go on sale???

  11. gregroy rizzuto says:

    I can't wait for them

  12. Ozzstar says:

    Nice glasses. Bet you I would look extra sexy in those glasses if Milwaukee sent me a pair. 😎

  13. hddm3 says:

    That’s Awsome for people who sweat a lot too like me. Yep I’m getting a pair for sure. Thanks Milwaukee

  14. EOSJOE says:

    Too bad they don't have anything to fit over prescription eye glasses.

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