Mind-Blowing Presidential Security Features

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– [Narrator] The leader of the free world has a pretty important job. You have to look after the
United States interests at home and abroad, while looking dignified and statesmanlike in the process. It is a job that comes with great power and a heck of a lot of responsibility. Who is this; the President or Spider-Man? So, it should come as no
surprise that it comes with a few perks, too. One of these are the
remarkably high-tech forms of protection the President enjoys. Here are the 10 most mind- blowing Presidential Security features. (upbeat tone) – [Male Voice] Amazing. (upbeat tone) – [Narrator] Number 10: eight
inch thick armored doors. The President's car is generally referred to as "The Beast." This could be an obscure reference to a popular member of the X-Men, but it probably has a
lot more to do with its remarkable security features;
it's basically impregnable. The vehicle comes with eight
inch thick armored doors and glass that can stop
a .44 Magnum bullet. (gunshot) Its body is made up of five
inches of military-grade armor and The Beast also features
armored floor plates to protect the President
from any pesky bombs placed or thrown underneath it. The car also has an armored
gas tank with a special phone that will seal itself if punctured. An additional safety
measure sees The Beast fly in advance of Air Force
One when the President is on the move. Meaning, wherever the President goes, The Beast goes with him. Number nine: the Dillon M134D Gatling Gun. It's all well and good having
a load of armor to protect the President if he was
to come under attack, but it would also be a good
idea if the Secret Service could fight back, rather than just cower behind the bulletproof glass. This is why the Presidential motorcade comes packed with a six-barreled Dillon M134D Gatling gun that can fire thousands of rounds per minute. It has been described as the finest small caliber defense suppression weapon in the world, and can hit around
3,000 rounds per minute. It is fed from either a
3,000 or 4,400 round magazine and when the gun is fired, the driver has to start
the car's windshield wipers to be able to see the road ahead. It is not housed in The Beast itself, but in one of the other
cars in the motorcade, and pops out of the vehicle's roof in the event of an emergency. Of course, the Secret Service are all packing considerable firepower, too. Number eight: concealed oxygen. Of course, there is one
potential way of puncturing The Beast's armor and that
is in the form of poison. If the air inside the car
was ever to become toxic to the Commander in Chief, then the oxygen supply concealed in the vehicle's trunk would be called into action. The car also boasts night vision cameras and tear gas cannons if things
ever really get out of hand. Number seven: bulletproof glass. The President's Inauguration
is a rare moment when he has to set foot in
front of hundreds of thousands of people, which means potentially hundreds of thousands of threats. This requires some
fancy bulletproof glass. The glass at a President's Inauguration is made up of around three
inches of pretty special stuff. It is a combination of a
range of space age material, which includes glass, ceramic,
crystal, and even polymers, and is designed to resist
bullets and bomb blasts. (explosion) Number six: hidden flares. Okay, so The Beast's security features are pretty impressive. But if you really want to
delve into the high-tech world of James Bond badassery, then counterintuitively we
have to take to the skies. Air Force One, otherwise known as AF1, although, confusingly,
there are two of them, is one of the most
pimped out planes around. For instance, its wings
are no ordinary wings. They come with hidden flares to distract, discourage, or disrupt enemy missiles and
heatseeking projectiles. The plane is also equipped
with electronic countermeasures that can jam enemy radar
and disarm their missiles. Number five: extra heavy shielding. So it can dodge missiles, but what if Air Force One is facing something
a touch more pernicious? Say, a nuclear blast. Well, it can survive that, too. This is down to its extra
protective shielding which protects its electronics from the electromagnetic pulse
generated by a nuclear blast. Number four: the retractable stairs. You might not think that stairs can do a whole lot of damage, unless of course you
carelessly slip on one. But, actually, what if
some insidious individual was to get their hands on
the airport steps in advance? They could do all sorts of
things to it to ensure its the last stairs the President
will ever set foot on. This is why Air Force One comes with its own handy
retractable stairs. Meaning it remains
entirely untampered with. These are located at both
the rear and front entrances, so there should be no hanging
around waiting for the local airport to get this act together. Air Force One also stands about as high as a six story building, so jumping really isn't an option. Number three: refueling in the air. One of the most remarkable
security features of Air Force One is its ability
to refuel while in flight. When the plane is in need of a top-up, a second plane magically
arrives to do the job for it, so Air Force One, if required, never actually has to land. This would only ever
happen in an emergency and its not as if it necessarily
needs frequent refueling. Air Force One can hold
203,000 liters of fuel, which means it can safely
fly halfway around the world without needing a top-up. When fully-loaded, it also weighs a hefty 377,000 kilograms. Number two: Air Force
One is almost supersonic. One of the biggest perks of
flying like the President is that when you really
have to get somewhere, you can get there very quickly. The plane can fly over 600 miles per hour or about 92% the speed of sound. It's so fast, the F-16 fighter planes, that escorted the President's plane after the September
11th terrorist attacks, requested that the pilots
slow the plane down a touch so they could keep up. The idea is that should
no ground positions feel completely secure, the plane can function as an in-air bunker for the President and their team. As was the case for a
while on September 11th. Should the President
ever get stuck in the air for long periods of time, he will definitely be looked after as the plane not only includes an office and conference room, but
also his own bedroom, a gym, and a kitchen. The plane also reaches
heights of 45,100 feet. Commercial flights usually
hover at around 30,000 feet. Number one: the in-flight operating room. You might already be aware that a doctor accompanies the
President everywhere he goes. However, what if there
is an emergency in-flight and the President absolutely
has to be operated on? Well, that's why Air Force One has its very own operating room. The area includes a
heavily stocked pharmacy, medical tools, an operating table, and equipment as well as a store of the President's blood
type chilling in the fridge. So there you go. While the President of the United States might be a particularly
high-profile individual, they are also a highly-protected one, too. So what are your favorite
security features? Or can you suggest ways to
make the President even safer? Are there any gadgets
from the world of 007 the Secret Service should be looking into? As always, let us know
in the comments below. (upbeat tone)


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  1. Yaadein Photo Video Cinematography says:

    2:55 that’s pretty rude putting that

  2. Crack The Sky Fan says:

    They wont confirm this of course security protocol
    AF ! is capable of speeds over Mach 1.0….
    Think about it …F-16 fighter pilots asking
    Air Force Colonel Mark Tillman (Ret.) to
    slow down a 747 so they could keep up???

  3. Robert Byrd says:

    "Air Force One" is the name given to the vehicle the president is currently flying in.

  4. Alwin Thomas Stepic says:

    u are one low life sorry loser !

  5. Josip Ozimec says:

    unbreikable car? Its time for nukes.

  6. Pharrell de Livio says:

    4:09 that’s not Air Force one. It’s a Boeing E4-B

  7. Kyle Hill says:

    An evaluatiion (a real one) should be made if we really need all that or just want all that on some non existent possibility? Is this up there with an asteroid coming in undetected and exploding on/over the WH?

  8. Beechpilot says:

    Bullshit video. SeriouslyF16s asking the plane to slow down!!!! Commercial flights all regularly operate up to 42 000 feet.and most can easily operate at 45000 feet. So no big deal airforce one operating up to 45100 feet.

  9. Arjune Doodnauth says:

    I there I have been subscribed for a few years now and I have seen most of your video but this one is the best.
    Keep up the good work😊😊

  10. prince charming says:


  11. syntax error says:

    He’s NOT the leader of the free world ffs

  12. OddBallDaddy O says:

    Trump deserves all this protection for all the shit he gets, best president in our history in my opinion.

  13. Nigel Whitehead says:

    What about Bomb turrets on government vehicles

  14. Samuel kim says:

    Is the air force plane wheels bulletproof?

  15. Dylan Hardy says:

    This video is racist

  16. Crazy Funny Cats says:


    F16 can do about mach 2-2.4
    Airfarce 1 cant even hit mach 1.

  17. ruben says:

    So a doctor gets paid to do nothing full time all these years? To travel onboard

  18. A GiantGummyLizard says:

    you're damn right Trump is spiderman. He's a Superhero.

  19. Keep Smiling says:

    2:54 Lmao sabbage, but there have been a few attacks on US politicians and ironically non of them were Muslim.

  20. The wierd side of YouTube channels says:

    the only thing that can beat air force 1.

    A bird

  21. Ken Khan says:

    Who is this the president or spider man 😂😂

  22. Tony Moreno says:

    Worst TERRORIST on earth is te US gov. 💩😒🖕

  23. Faheem kh says:

    Everytime USA president was shot injured or dead, the guy was American and a Christian for sure , stop racial profiling of Muslims. Racial profiling at 2:55.

  24. Shane Lindie says:

    I love ALL of the safety features!

  25. Bijan Zanjani says:

    So full of shit

  26. Neal Miller says:

    Trump 2020

  27. Earl Letterboom says:

    The most dangerous siuation for a president is still the unpredictable lone gunman.

  28. Days of my Life Podcast says:

    i could take trump in a fight

  29. Bulcha Wossenu says:

    Good job on having the best of everything for your "PRESIDENTS"..ohh and a stupid racial profiling somewhere in the middle.

  30. korokok kok says:

    The leader that has no balls hiding in armoured materials and you called it a leader of a free world? Haahaha

  31. Jeannie Billiejean says:

    this is fascinating💗

  32. Banana Sauce says:

    Number 7 is racist

  33. dirrell2 says:

    Fuck Donald Trump

  34. Lonely Noodle says:

    That's a lot of money spent on just one man…

  35. Noah Stirrat says:

    The Windows can stop a .50 bmg

  36. Chrome24 says:

    It would save a lot of money just to have the president stay inside a hidden nuclear bunker at a classified location for his entire term with no one allowed in or out… matter of fact we could all go into a bunker… there we go… now we’re “Kim Jong Un proof”

  37. Piano ťõķõďõd says:

    Wow im really shock people will always refer to arabs(muslims) when theres treat

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