Mitch McConnell Won’t Secure Elections Because Voting Machine Makers Fund Him

June 12, 2019 posted by

So far, Republicans and Democrats in the US
Senate have been trying to put forth bills this year to basically increase cybersecurity
for our elections. They want to put new regulations on voting
machines. You know, the entire industry that currently
really has no actual regulations on it. They want to make sure that we can audit our
elections to make sure nobody's gone in there hacked. It changed results that voting machines aren't
changing people's votes after they leave because they're not giving them a paper receipt. Yeah. Democrats and Republicans agree, Hey, we need
to do this. Especially because Robert Mueller told us
that our election systems were hacked. They did get into these. We don't think they changed any vote totals,
but they took a hell of a lot of information or at least had access to it. Not to mention the fact that about a year
ago we found out that even 11 year old children were capable of hacking into these systems. So for the love of God, could we please do
something about it? We've got all these pieces of legislation,
Democrats and Republicans support it. So what's the hold up? The hold up is one man, one man by the name
of Mitch Mcconnell, the Senate majority leader for the Republican Party. Mitch Mcconnell is refusing to allow any of
these bipartisan pieces of legislation to even come to a vote on the Senate floor. And for a very long time I had assumed obviously
that it was because every time there seems to be something screwy with a voting system,
it always seems to help the Republican Party. And Mitch Mcconnell doesn't want to make any
waves. He doesn't want to screw things up for his
Republican brethren. So why would he bring, uh, bring these things
to a vote when he knows it's ultimately going to cost them votes? Well, it turns out the good folks over at
sludge, specifically Donald Shaw, did a little more digging into this more than just my speculation
and Donald Shaw found out another very good reason why Mitch Mcconnell is blocking these
votes to put tighter regulations on voting machine companies. As it turns out, voting machine companies,
specifically esns and dominion voting systems who provide 80% of the voting machines in
this country, they've actually ramped up their lobbying efforts as industries that are in
trouble, typically do. And in addition to hiring all these extra
lobbyists to go out there and just wine and dine and Schmooze with these politicians,
they're same. Lobbyists have also started donating money
to Mitch Mcconnell's reelection campaign. You know, we're not talking about hundreds
of thousands of dollars. It's, you know, on the smaller side is Shaul
points out in the piece a thousand here, a thousand there, 2000 over here, maybe another
two, one, two, whatever it is. But for a guy like Mitch Mcconnell, that's
all it takes. He's a pretty cheap date, right? You don't have to pay $100,000 to buy off
his vote, especially when it's for something that you know is going to benefit the Republican
party anyway. A few thousand dollars should be enough to
seal the deal. And apparently it has been. Mitch Mcconnell is corrupt to the core, quite
possibly one of the most corrupt people in that Senate today. He is the reason we do not have better security
for our election systems heading into 2020 every single intelligence agency in this country. He's told us we've got problems. Every single independent study in this country
has told us our voting system has some problems. People like Brad Friedman at Brad's blog have
been telling us that for what? Over 15 years now, and we didn't listen back
then. And for some reason, our politicians still
aren't listening today. Or at the very least, the one politician who
could bring these bills to a vote refuses to listen. One, because any kind of vote tampering always
tends to help Republicans. And two, they're putting a few thousand dollars
here and there into his campaign. So of course he's not going to vote to put
new regulations on his new found campaign donors.


41 Replies to “Mitch McConnell Won’t Secure Elections Because Voting Machine Makers Fund Him”

  1. osborne007 says:

    I'd like to sit on mitch's face and take a shit this fucker belongs in jail bigly!

  2. Vulpeculae says:

    Keep hammering away at McConnell, the most destructive human in U.S. history and in the top 30 most dangerous of all human history.

  3. Ed Holm says:

    🖕Mitch the Bitch! Right were his sorry ass Breaths.

  4. Leostar says:

    why do corrupt people never get taken out but good people like jfk and Martian Luther king are killed?

  5. steve jessemey says:

    We all should come to accept that certain people enter Politics for one simple reason, that is power and greed. Year after year, time after time it is always the same folks. Scandals, crimes, and corruption.

  6. george pope says:


  7. Liz Forss says:

    Looks like his wife is in a lot of trouble. Get them both out of there.

  8. RabbitsBlack Entertainment says:

    We need to grab him by the tuff of his turtle shell and throw him out of the Senate.

  9. b mel says:

    so it is now legal to rig elections. How much more corruption can be tied to the turtle.
    Seriously what the FUCK is going on! LOCK HIM UP! there is evidence to do it.

  10. flower power says:

    Paper ballots! Karma Mitch

  11. Eric Swanson says:

    It's more shocking and speechless on why there aren't ethics rules for this crazy corrupt man ?

  12. Katie says:

    McConnell and his wife needs to be jailed!

  13. Jcewazhere says:

    How is McTurtle that powerful?

  14. Barbara Bellin says:

    This should be illegal and Turtle man Mitch McConnell needs to be thrown out of office and thrown in jail.

  15. hela6208 says:

    The one who controls the voting machines wins the elections. Look what happened in India.. It was clearly demonstrated in Parliament how easily the EVM could be hacked.

  16. Clive Lawrance says:


  17. Eric Swanson says:

    McConnell prefer Lobbyist Money over Voting Security, He prefer saving his money over national security! and He prefer securing his personal re-election over national election security!

  18. maxx1mus1041 says:

    Pathetic and sad Disgusting and coruption at its finest, embarrassing were thee. Most corrupted government on this planet that's disgraceful

  19. Lynda Dale says:

    This man and his wife are
    steeped in Greed and Corruption.

  20. Deacon Verter says:

    Mitch has a smile like I've never seen, it
    practically screams "perfidious!"
    Past his avuncular Palpatine, there
    lurks a malefic Darth Sidious!


    Mitch MconArtist

  22. Tom Peters says:

    Mitch the Grim Reaper!

    Elaine the Grim Reaperess!

  23. Harry Denny says:

    McConnell is a fraud and a seriously corrupt piece of vermin that needs to be dragged out of office by the scruff of his neck and put before a jury of his peers and then hanged. (after being found guilty about 2 minutes later)

  24. Vance Graybill says:

    Appears America's MOST DANGEROUS !! Run The Country… AMERICA !

  25. NEAL GOODWIN says:

    Mitch McConnell will be spending his eternal life in HELL for his lies and sins he
    has done to the American people.. REPENT NOW before its too late….

  26. chucky says:

    mitch = low life douchbag who should be out in 2020… how in the hell does a scumbag like this get all this power???

  27. yarg nad says:

    I hate Mitch McTurtle but in all honesty most politicians in DC are beholden to one lobby/interest group or another. It's nearly impossible to be elected at the federal level without doing so.

  28. 1Tomrider says:

    Just make sure to vote Blue in 2020. Even if the Turtle does manage somehow to get reelected, once Dems take over the majority in the Senate (and extend majority in the House) he can be assigned to clean toilets at the Capitol.

  29. T Slap says:

    Look at those soulless black beady eyes

  30. LittleAl016 says:

    Where's Mario when you need him?

  31. Wayne Jeez says:

    Mitch McConnell brazenly has admitted that he's like the grim reaper to bills and blocking votes. He and his wife are raking in cash like crazy. What does he care about us? He only cares about getting conservative judges in. This administration has to go.

  32. Wade Haden says:

    I will say it again….time to investigate Mitch McConnell and jail the criminal bastard and his criminal wife. Why is our dirty senators not even interested in justice?

  33. فشس شطقظ says:


  34. Computer User says:

    Im so glad putin will make sure Trump willl win in 2020 AND BEYOND.

  35. Don Graham says:

    Cheap date Mitch McConnell is going to burn in Hell 🔥

  36. macrossMX says:

    Looks like Senator Palpatine's hold on power is now complete.

  37. Toochie Toochie says:

    Nutsack neck needs to go fuck himself

  38. dans h says:

    mitch the turtle looks evil and acts like one.

  39. Candy two says:

    president mcConnell is a problem

  40. vince baldwin says:

    Ol Mitch and his asian wife are probably pretty busy trying to explain their scandal!! Impeach both of them or let them resign. Move forward from there…

  41. EUGENE KUPKA says:

    If the Republican senators replaced the voting machines they would lose the election for sure, cheating is their way of Life !

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