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I’m Joe Quinn, and this is The Sott Report Today I’d like to talk about cults. When anyone today, at least, anyone in the Western world, hears the word ‘cult’, images of mind programmed devotees
estranged from their families being bilked for all their money
often immediately come to mind. If we were to play a word association game, it’s also very likely that if I said the word ‘cult’ you’d probably say ‘suicide’ as in ‘suicide cult’. Like so many other instantly accessible associations, it is no accident that these
images and words comes to mind, because they have been
deliberately implanted in the public mind. The thing is, the word cult didn’t have
any negative connotations 50 years ago. The idea of a ‘dangerous cult’
has its roots in the 1960s and ’70s and the efforts by Western ‘intelligence agencies’ and elements within Western governments to co-opt and discredit what was
known as the ‘Human Potential Movement’ and the subsequent ‘New Age’ movement and enforce a conformity of thought and belief on hundreds of millions of people that would keep them essentially
dumbed down and ignorant. It was, in effect, an effort,
which has proved largely successful, to suppress true human evolution, which is dependent on access to the truth of all areas of the human experience. The discrediting of the human potential movement involved the manufacturing of
a series of high profile ‘cult suicides’ over the past 30 years, most notably the Jonestown massacre
in Guyana in 1978, the attack on the Branch Davidians
in Waco Texas in 1993, the Order of the Solar Temple suicides
in 1994 and 1995 and the 2000 Heaven’s Gate suicides, where devotees supposedly killed themselves in order to rendez-vous with a space ship
that was travelling behind Comet Hale Bopp. After Jonestown, 5,000 organisations that had previously been just ‘new age’
or new spirituality type organisations were now seen as cults and therefore ‘dangerous’. Jonestown was manifestly a CIA experiment that ended with the mass murder of 900 people
on the orders of the CIA. When the bodies were discovered, it became clear that the people at Jonestown
had been making preparations for several birthday parties. Is that the kind of thing people who are
planning to kill themselves do? What are you exactly alledging? I’m alledging that the media picture
that was printed that was painted, rather and then brought out in print and so on was that you don’t have to worry
about these people because they’re crazy,
they’ll do anything. They’re not like us. It’s my impression at this time that they were conducting
some sort of mind control experiments. For example, they had a very modern
hospital there that they bragged about. So modern that in that population they had medical checkups for everyone, every day. There’s no need for that
unless you are conducting experiements where you have control groups,
and you are giving people… …their given their “vitamins” every day. And it is my guess that they were
just using them as guinea pigs to see what they could do
under isolated circumstances they take them off into a jungle someplace,
far away from everybody they get them there somehow they they were able to see
how these various drugs work on different groups. More than any other country in the world, France has consistently led the field
in the area of ‘cult hunting’. With less than 1% of the world’s population, France has 42% of the world’s
‘anti-cult’ organisations, and every one of them have been funded by a few right-wing elements within the French government. Chief among them is the government organisation called MIVILUDES. In 1995, under pressure from various human rights groups for it’s oppressive policies towards alternative religious and health groups, France manufactured its own ‘cult-suicide’ in an effort to justify its desire
to control the expression of spiritual and alternative beliefs
in secular France, where rather than the individual being
more important than society, society is held to be more
important than the individual. It is more, even, than a religion. It is the will to create mankind anew. The Order of the Solar Temple
was a quasi-masonic organisation originally based in Switzerland. Evidence has since come out that it was in fact a front used by politicians and businessmen to launder money from
international arms trafficking. In 1994, 54 supposed members
of the Order of the Solar Temple, including children and infants, were killed in Switzerland
and Quebec, Canada, and their bodies burned. Strangely, the windows and doors in the houses
in which the bodies were found had been sealed shut from the outside. Yet this was still deemed to be a ‘cult mass suicide’ Then, a year later,
during the night of 23 December 1995, 16 people were shot and their corpses burned in what was called a ‘mass-suicide’ in
the Vercors region of South-eastern France that was linked to the Order of the Solar Temple. Authorities would ultimately claim
that two people shot the others then committed suicide
“by firearm and immolation”. Overseas now, the charred bodies of 16 people
and 3 children were found today in a remote region of the French Alps. They’re all believed to be members
of the Solar Temple cult. It’s the second time in 14 months that
members of the cult have perished. 53 members died in apparent murder/suicides in Switzerland and Quebec in October of last year. Among the victims were the wife and son
of former French ski champion Jean Vuarnet. Vuarnet has repeatedly called
for a new official inquiry and, in 2003, the bodies of his wife and son
were exhumed twice at the request of the family in order that further tests
be conducted to determine the nature of the combustible material used
to burn the bodies after they were shot. Contrary to the findings of the official report, experts determined the presence
of large quantities of military-grade phosphorous
at the site of the burning of the bodies which would explain why parts of 9 of the 16 bodies
were completely incinerated. Both the Vuarnet family
and other interested parties have claimed that the
volatile and toxic nature of phosphorus strongly suggests the involvement
of a third party in the killings and that all 16 were in fact
assassinated or ‘suicided’. In addition, two French policemen, who had originally been tasked
with infiltrating the group, were among the dead. In short, the Order of the Solar Temple suicides
was clearly an inside job designed to further promote the belief
that any group of individuals engaged in any form of ‘alternative’ lifestyle
is a dangerous cult. Cult leaders driven to manipulate fueled by egomania charismatic Sometimes he exuded all this love from his face But beneath the allure can lurk danger. And he looked at me with ‘shark eyes’ just devoid of life. How do cult leaders control the minds of others? And which of them is most evil? Immediately after these
so-called ‘cult suicides’, and I mean within a few days, the French government drew up a ‘black list’
of 172 supposed cults in France. The government offered no justification
for why it had included any of the groups, other than referring to the Jonestown massacre
and the Solar Temple “suicides”, which were clearly covert
government sponsored operations. The list was more or less a who’s who
of innocuous alternative religious groups and groups advocating organic farming methods, and included: Reiki and Tai Chi Practitioners, kinestherapists who sold pharmacy products, an evangelical community, practitioners of the Hamer method, practitioners of Qi-Qong, Steiner Schools, health professionals using Bach Flower remedies and those using
neuro-linguistic programming methods. Since then, the list has been used
to justify several dawn raids by French police on organic farming and alternative health groups and has created an atmosphere in France where just mentioning the word ‘meditation’,
for example, will provoke concerned looks
from average French citizens. So the question is, why is the French government
sponsoring such draconian groups that are tasked with suppressing
all things alternative in France? The second president of France’s
pre-eminent anti-cult organisation, MIVILUDES, is Jean-Michel Roulet. Roulet is a career ‘spook’,
or intelligence operative and has held many high-level positions within the
French intelligence and Defense departments. While he has been heavily involved in France’s
investigation and suppression of ‘cults’ for several years, the reason for his appointment as
the head of MIVILUDES becomes clear when we realise that Roulet was the
Secretary for Security and Internal Affairs at the time of the ‘group suicide’
associated with the Order of the Solar Temple, and heavily involved in the investigation –or rather, the cover up– that resulted in the
‘dangerous cult’ hysteria in France. In 2008, George Fenech took over from Roulet and has been the President of MIVILUDES ever since. MIVILUDES includes in its list of ‘cult identifiers’ the practice of alternative medicine
and growing natural, chemical-free food. The reason for the inclusion of such benign
and often beneficial practices becomes obvious when we realise
that George Fenech is also a founding member of Momagri, a ‘think tank’ established in France in 2005 as a “movement for a world agricultural organisation” which advocates for a
global agricultural governance system. Basically, Momagri is a
Big Agri-business lobbying outfit, petitioning governments
on behalf of multinational corporations to dissolve any remaining
restrictions on GMO crops. And who are the biggest thorn
in the side of GMO crop producers? Organic farmers and the increasing numbers
of people who buy organic produce of course! Just to give you an idea of the type of
government officials that support these organisations; at the first MIVILUDES seminar in Lyon in 2009 the then Minister for Justice,
Jean-Marie Bockel, compared ‘cultic abuses’ to
– and this is a direct quote – “mutant viruses which spread like insidious poison, manipulating human behaviour
and minds against the dignity of people and fundamental freedoms.” Bockel cited “new risks, including the use of the Internet
behind the growth of this “mutant virus” which he said was
“to be construed as pathology of belief on the basis of singularity
and irregularity of belief” and called for a “strengthening of
European judicial cooperation because large organized cults know no borders.” The bodies of 48 members of the doomsday cult were found in burned-down buildings
in a small town in Switzerland. 5 more bodies were found
in a burned house in Quebec. Investigators say the cult
was obsessed with death and considered it an illusion. MIVILUDES President, Georges Fenech
also has a history of involvement in taking kick backs from individuals
involved in arms trafficking, which establishes an interesting link to the real story behind the
Order of the Solar Temple ‘suicides’ which was a cover for
money laundering from arms trafficking. Today, and especially in the West,
when people hear the world ‘cult’ they will often think of Scientology. Based on all of the available evidence, Scientology does indeed seem to be a real ‘cult’ in the sense that it manipulates
and abuses the trust of its members. Although so far, there haven’t been many
‘mass suicides’ associated with Scientology. The problem is that
Scientology seems to be a ‘protected’ cult and appears to be a
part of the original attempts to discredit the human potential movement that began several decades ago in the USA. You see, there are two main ways to discredit
alternative health and religious movements. You can create the reality of ‘suicide’ cults to destroy the reputation of other
genuine organisations that you cannot control, and you can also set up
your own cult that you control and, as an added bonus, you can use as a cover
for all sorts of illegal activities. Scientology seems to fit that profile. Scientology seems to have beenborn out of
the CIA’s obsession with ‘psychic abilities’. This research is best known as a result
of disclosures about the CIA’s MKULTRA Program, where hundreds of millions of dollars
were used to fund experiments on hundreds of unwitting people using substances like LSD which
alter personality structure in such a way that the recipient becomes
abnormally dependent on another person. Using unknowing Candian citizens as test subjects Cameron had developed a new proceedure
which caught the eye of the MKULTRA researchers as well as the Candian intelligence community. He was hired by the CIA
and the Canadian government to futher explore the treatment
that he called Psychic Driving. First, Cameron proposed that
they would use intensive electroshock and LSD, and other disorienting drugs to, in his terms, de-pattern individuals. Basically, to wipe the slate clean. Take for example the fact that
key researchers in the CIA’s mind control research, such as Harold Puthoff,
Ingo Swann and Pat Price were all high level Scientologists
in the early days. Consider also that one core feature of the CIA’s psychic research programs was ‘remote viewing’ which was also one of the advanced abilities promised by Scientology. In another link between
CIA activities, Scientology and the activities of the Order of the Solar Temple
and certain French politicians, L Ron Hubbard’s son has
claimed that Scientology was used as a cover to run large amounts of drugs
into the USA from Mexico and Columbia. Basically those allegations
I made were true because throughout, up to 1959
I was deeply involved in all of it. What did you see, specifically? Give me an example.
When you say “criminal means” like, for example, what did you see? Fraud and deception. The involvement with…
in the early days in Phoenix, Arizona… …for example, in 1952 the involvement with organized crime. Organized crime, in what capacity? The use of Scientology money,
his own money to finance drug importations into the country from Mexico and Columbia. You saw these things? Yes, I was involved with several of the incidents. The problem here is that, in France, Scientology appears to enjoy the protection
of high level members of the French government. While major government-sponsored
cult hunting organisations like MIVIULDES go around attacking and destroying
alternative health and lifestyle groups, when it comes to Scientology, while publicly denounced by MIVILUDES
as a dangerous cult, French laws have been
conveniently amended to allow Scientology to continue practicing freely in France. So what’s the take home message here? Well, it seems that the
modern day definition of a ‘cult’, has been deliberately created
by Western intelligence agencies by way of staged cult suicides and used by Western governments
to attack, defame and destroy any and all grass-roots groups and organisations that pose a threat to
the main interests of big government. Those interests being control of the means to
generate vast amounts of wealth for themselves, and control of the beliefs and awareness
of the general population.


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    at one level the intel agencies may have been suppressing the new age movement – but at the higher level that movement is the foundation of the NWO plan. Films like Zeitgeist moving forward and the environmental movement are also part of the larger framework- as is the truth movement and its icons like new ager david icke.

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    Also, being part french myself, although France is indeed pretty strict regarding cults; this connection between "meditation" and "dangerous" cults is simply false. This leads me to doubt of much evidence presented here. Although some points here are interesting ones, one cannot simply jump to such conclusions, with manipulated and sometimes false proof.

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