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Ah, good day everyone and welcome to today’s video here with Miranda! Your girlfriend! Yes! And fiancé. People keep asking me when the wedding is, so.
– Yeah. You dyed your hair for it. – No. You’re getting ready for it. – No. – Oh. Would you want me to have this color for the wedding?
– Yeah sure. So we’re getting married right now? No. – Okay. – Uh uh But what we are going to be doing… – is getting married right after the video. – Sure, maybe. Great. We’re going to be playing in the mouthguard challenge.
– Okay, you need a guard for your mouth. – Yes I’m into that. Exactly! – You give me the guard of my mouth. No, thank you. So we have these mouth guards that like expand our mouth so we can’t close our mouth. Kind of like at the dentist. – Oh, cute. So we’re going to be doing some challenges with this in our mouth. – Okay. I actually don’t know how… oh maybe it goes like this. You stick it in. – Yeah. Like what my mom always says just stick it in. Who? Momma! She says that? Yes! Just stick it in! To you or? To me, to everybody, to the people. Okay. Interesting, okay. Just stick it in.
– Just stick it in. Alright we have some cards. We’ll ask each other some things. You have to guess what I’m saying. And then we have some like stuff that we’re going to try eating like popcorn, some gum, drinking water, all the things. Okay, perfect. Okay, ready? – At the same time? Yeah, sure. Let’s go for it! Smile! You look really nice. You look really good too. I like that your moustache hairs dangle all over your gums. Thank you! Have you ever done this before? No I haven’t. I feel like I’m drooling. Just let… let the drool happen. Oh look, this is a good one for you. (Inaudible mumbling) What? (Inaudible mumbling) I have no idea what you’re saying. You’re literally just trying to repeat what I’m saying. Yes. Yeah, I’m trying. That’s what I’m doing. I’m literally saying what you just said. – Oh my god! I said… Alright I’m going to take it off. Warm beef meatballs.
– You did not say that. You said: ‘Lauren has knee hauls.’ No, I didn’t. Like she’s doing a haul about her knees. Okay, your turn. I’m going to keep this off while I guess for you, okay? Tongue tied. – Tongue tied? Yeah, done. I’m going to do this one. (Inaudible mumbling) No! (Inaudible mumbling) I don’t know what you’re saying! Belly button lint balls! Geez! Joey, you’re not good at this. (Inaudible mumbling) What the heck, Joey!
You did not say that! (Inaudible mumbling) No! (Inaudible mumbling) Yes! Easy. Okay! There’s a wasp in my penis! Oh, Pepsi. I was going to say: ‘That sounds painful.’ Demonetized! Okay. Let’s now try drinking from our drinks. – Okay. I can’t get it! Too much air in my esophagus. Didn’t really get in the hole. Ah, delicious. It didn’t really go down. What are you doing? I’m trying to eat it like a… It’s not working.
– No, it’s not. That’s hard! That didn’t work. Okay, let’s try eating popcorn. I can’t tell what is drool and what’s water. I got it on your chair.
– That’s okay. Let’s try some popcorn? Joey! Stop it! It kind of hurts. It’s dry. Dry dry desert. Normally swallowing is a lot easier than this. Now, it just slips right down the esophagus. You’re a pervert. A hermit? A pervert! You’re a pervert! Oh, thank you.
-You’re welcome. We have gum have you ever had…
– Disgusting in here! – Fruit strips? Yes, it’s a classic you got that from your freaking 90s mystery box! I watch your videos! I know you do. What color do you want? – Red. Pink! This one looks like glued together. The 90s mystery box has been in there since the 90s because these are all glued together. I’m going to try green. That’s not green! This smells so good! Why is yours green? And this is… yellow. Ooh, I like that one! Yeah, so we go together like this.
– Oh, okay. No, that’s not mine. It’s really hard. It’s rolling, it’s rolling! It’s not good. Just stale.
– That’s disgusting. Joey, this is the sexiest video we ever did together. Will you marry me? Will you…
– Marry me. Larry Dean. Marry me! Larry me. Marry me. Marry me!
– Yes! Yes! Ooh, Joey! Do I have to put this in to kiss you? I got you a ring. Okay.
– Finally. Thank you. I have to put it on. There you go. That hurt my teeth! Stop! Mmm, delicious! Dang it! Finally, I got you a ring! It can’t stay in, though. Now, officially we can get married. I officially got you a ring Really? So now we’re married? No, not yet. What if this all melts off? Well don’t lick it. You have to save it for the wedding.
– Okay, I’ll save it. That was fun.
– Yeah! We got a little wet. It’s okay, I’m used to getting wet when I’m around you. Oh, interesting. Where? All the places. Think about your favorite crevice. Ew! You’re nasty! Talking ’bout the mouth! I salivate. Oh, okay. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed, this little video challenge. If you did, please give it a big old thumbs up. And also, we’re about to go film something on Miranda’s channel! I actually don’t know what we’re doing so click the link down below. It has to do with our mouths, but not in this fashion. It has to do with our mouths touching each other. Okay. I didn’t know about that. Now you do. I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Good damn bye.


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  1. Joey Graceffa says:


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    Joey looks like his Minecraft joey

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    I wanna see a video with Miranda Joey and Daniel in it

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  5. Stephanie Brown says:

    Joeys face at 5:47

  6. Cutekitty 360 says:

    Joey's face when Miranda said, "You can be the guard for my mouth" Freaking lmaooo

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    I like Miranda sings more then u gayraccefeca

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    Lol that was so funny!

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    5:20 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. smxling_ ash says:

    Their teeth are brighter than my future.

  14. smxling_ ash says:

    At the start killed me lol

  15. Aliesha Booth says:

    Tell jojo alisha said hi

  16. Cutekitty 360 says:

    For some reason, it's sounds like, " Hally made me eat a$$

  17. Linda Poplin says:


  18. Jenny Astad says:

    I cracked up when Joey laughedπŸ˜‚

  19. Jason Proveaux says:

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    3:20 she broke out of character

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    Joey I will kidnap u talkin bout no thankyou

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    Joey: ally
    Miranda: no!, bellY
    Joey: sally:
    Miranda NO! Belly
    Joey: elly
    Miranda: no BELLYYYYY
    Joey: ALLY Elly selly
    Joey: ally
    Miranda: takes out mouthguard and says the word

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  33. Laura Osborne says:

    I love how Colleen broke character so many times I was dying laughing πŸ˜‚

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  43. Shauna Jefferson says:

    4:44 you will laugh

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    Miranda: Your Girlfriend
    Joey: you Wish
    Miranda: What the freak

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