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My name is Jorge Vasilakis. I’m from Greece and I’m doing an MSC in Cyber Security I chose Birmingham because first of
all it’s one of the top 100 in the universities in the world. Also because
of the reputation of the security and privacy group (at Birmingham), because we have a group that is very famous, and additionally because I knew that it was a university
with a large community. Which means that there are many
activities that you can join. What is special about my course? Mainly the content of the course I will say because, we have practical lessons
in this MSc which is not something that you will find in them in every MSc
in Cyber Security. This one thing, and the second thing is of course that it is GHCQ
certified which is something that kind of verifies the quality of the teaching.
The course is delivered mainly with lectures and labs, we have many lectures
we have many labs, in most of the modules I would say. Also we have assignments
maybe nearly every week, and group assignments so you need to actually
cooperate with others to finish this course. I will say that there is a good postgraduate community at Birmingham. There are many things that you can join
which is very interesting and also in cyber security specifically we have a
club which with which we meet every Friday where we do some
challenges. Also there are, nearly every week, on Thursdays,
talks about security which is very interesting. My favorite thing about
Birmingham until now is the sense of the community, because the Professors are
very helpful and very approachable, and also we can exchange ideas with many different people because we have a large postgraduate community. I have some plans, I’m not 100% sure if I will do a PhD or if I will push to industry. I’m thinking about doing a PhD right now because there are many
great opportunities, so why not? Yes, there are many international students in my course, we are more than 10 I think, so we have many different
cultures there. The top tip for students that we want to apply for this course is
to gather as much information as you can, from previous students and
from whoever you can, so that you are sure that you like this course because
it is time-consuming it will take time. I will say that the main difference
between postgraduate and undergraduate study is how well you should organize
your time, because the Masters course is one year so you need to be very very organised in order to to finish the
course. I’m currently living in a in a private house, but I got support from the
University of Birmingham from the living community and also some of the Guild of
Students letting agency so that I can find a house that is proper for

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