NanoHARD – How to program Li-Po battery protection

November 18, 2019 posted by

LED blinks once – Battery protection disabled LED blinks twice – 7.4V Li-Po protection enabled LED blinks three times – 11.1V Li-Po protection enabled LED blinks four times – 14.8V Li-Po protection enabled No battery protection 7.4V Li-Po protection 11.1V Li-Po protection PRESS & HOLD — confirm the selected value and move to Active Brake programming PRESS & HOLD — confirm the last selected value of Active Brake option


2 Replies to “NanoHARD – How to program Li-Po battery protection”

  1. FLOWER-PROOF#00 says:

    With "lipo battery protection" you mean that the aeg doesn't shoot? Cause if i enable it with 11,1 my aeg doesn't shoot!!

  2. FireHawk Airsoft says:

    This video is pointless because you don’t tell us what the values are or how they are connected to the lights I have no idea how to operate my mosfet after watching your videos and I cannot find a guide anywhere

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