National Consumer Protection Week | Federal Trade Commission

November 3, 2019 posted by

[MUSIC PLAYING] How much do you know
about credit and debt? Stopping telemarketing calls? Separating facts
from fiction and ads? Do you know how to
shop safely online? Can you tell if
you’re being scammed, or if your identity
has been stolen? National Consumer
Protection Week celebrates the free
resources available online to help you make smart
buying decisions, sniff out scams,
and protect yourself from identity thieves
and online threats. National Consumer
Protection Week happens during the first
week of every March. But really, any time
is the right time to host your own consumer event. Visit to get free
consumer information, tools to host your own event, and
timely topical consumer news year round. That’s The one site on the web with
free consumer information from federal agencies,
state governments, consumer organizations, and
local consumer protection authorities. Come see us.


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