National Defence Reserves Support Awards

October 2, 2019 posted by

Tonight is a night of celebration of
amazing employers, who employ amazing people, who serve both the nation and
give it themselves every day as they go to their civilian employer doing their work. Certainly at Townsville hospital we’re very fortunate to have a number of
reservists in key positions. What they bring to the organization is not only
the fact that they’re good clinicians but they’re also good leaders. And
certainly if you look at the experience elsewhere, what makes a big difference in
hospitals is having effective clinician leaders and these people don’t grow on
trees, so the fact that we get that capability from Defence is invaluable to
the organization. It’s important people understand that Defence service is good for the individual. It’s certainly good for our community and it’s great for the
national security of our nation. So I encourage young people, perhaps older people. People with skills or are interested making a difference in the community to think
about reserve service and also encourage employers to support them in that service. To anyone thinking of employing a reservist, I would say go for it.
What they bring back to you in your civilian workplace once they’ve been on
deployment or exercise or through their training are amazing skills; leadership,
determination, teamwork, decision-making under pressure and they’re things that
are readily applicable in everyday life.

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