National Security Experts Worried We Aren’t Taking Climate Change Seriously Enough

June 12, 2019 posted by

On Wednesdays, several senior intelligence
officials went in front of the House Intelligence Committee to talk about one of the greatest
threats facing the United States today. They were telling us about a problem that basically
if we don't address this problem, national security for the United States doesn't even
exist anymore. We're screwed if we don't do something about this problem. According to
the intelligence experts in our own government and that problem, unsurprisingly is climate
change. Now, according to reports, most Republicans on the committee didn't care about it, didn't
want to hear about it, and didn't believe the assessments that were given to them by
these intelligence officials thought they were over blowing it. Yo, this, this can't
be the way you say it. We're not going to have a a refugee problem. We're not going
to have a migration problem. We're not going to have all these other extreme problems that
you've been warning us about since at least 2006 in fact, records actually indicate that
even Ronald Reagan's intelligence department had warned him on a couple of occasions that
we need to keep an eye on climate change. Same thing with actually George H. W. Bush.
His intelligence officials said climate change is probably going to be a big threat for us
in the future, but yeah, go ahead. Republicans on the Intelligence Committee and dismiss
what these people have been telling us since the 1980s because that seems like a smart
thing to do. The truth is that these men are right. These men who win in front of the Intelligence
Committee from the intelligence agencies are telling us the same thing they've been telling
us consistently since 2006 when they first put out their big massive report about climate
change being a global threat to security and obviously a major threat, the biggest threat
it said to a national security here in the United States because we can't handle everything
that it's going to throw at us. Obviously across the planet as sea levels rise, there's
going to become places that are uninhabitable. A majority of the world's population lives
within a just a few dozen miles of shoreline all over the world. Suddenly those who live
the closest, possibly even, you know, 10 to 20 to 30 miles inland. Those areas are gone.
They're underwater. Assuming we do not address the problem. All of those people who live
in those areas have to move further inland. Maybe there's not enough room further inland,
maybe their island or their country isn't wide enough for there to be an inland, so
they've got to go elsewhere. Or you know, Donald Trump's telling us right
now, oh my God, what's happening at the southern border? It's the worst thing in the world
yet. Let me tell you what's going to happen under climate change. It's not just going
to be the southern border. It's going to be live. Literally every border around this country
and other countries, people flooding in there is literally nowhere else to go. We allowed
their home to go under water. They can't go back to that. We can't pump that water out.
It's just underwater now and we have been one of the worst polluters on the planet and
it is our responsibility, believe it or not, to take care of these people. We've done this
to them. We've allowed the world to do this to them. How the Trump administration actually
removed climate change from a list of greatest threats to national security. They choose
to believe that this problem is not real or that it doesn't exist. The truth is the exact
opposite. And the sad truth is that we are ill prepared
to deal with the consequences, but the hope is that we are more than equipped and ready
as a population to actually prevent the problem before it even gets to that point. But unfortunately,
if we have Republicans in power, in any branch of our government, action in the United States
will never happen.


33 Replies to “National Security Experts Worried We Aren’t Taking Climate Change Seriously Enough”

  1. Lizwi shange says:

    This is judgment not climate change

  2. How mathematicians create maths says:

    People like Trump and the CEOs of oil companies are the best. Because it's the shadow of the world we must thank for the existence – and most importantly – the APPRECIATION of awesome light figures like the author of this channel!

  3. OrionPax09 says:

    And once again, the Greedy Old Pricks prove that they care more about the short term benefits to their own bank accounts than the long term survival of our species and our world. I swear, they don't even care about their own children or grandchildren. What, do they expect their offspring to survive by breathing, eating, and drinking money?

  4. Kenny Lee Jian Siong says:

    No one cares.

  5. Kenny Lee Jian Siong says:

    Fake news.

  6. Scott says:

    "Do you think that those people aren't going to just sell their homes and leave?"

  7. GEORGELET4 says:

    Indoctrinated Bureaucrats
    That's what these government agency people are. In previous administrations, they learned they had to accept the "settled" conclusion of "climate change" and work back to the "evidence".

  8. Edward Jones II says:

    It's not that WE aren't… But our government sure is lax and dismissive about it.

  9. Ian G says:

    When Donald figures it out he'll be worm food.

    Under water…wet water, what a moron.

    DJT seriously sucks but even worse the Republicans blow.

  10. Cat Castaneda says:

    We are not going to be able to protect our country or the planet until Republicans are replaced in office.

  11. Pete Tsaggaris says:

    Great reporting Farton once again you made a difference by turning the number 8 up side down, you pseudo intelectual.

  12. John Winslow says:

    President Nancy is very smart and is doing great because she is the only house speaker that has taken a president to court and won! Hell yeah throw this piece of shit president in prison now before he kills us all!

  13. Matt Alibozek says:

    No shit… It’s hard to talk about serious issues with children… Democrats understand this is REAL but Republicans still think it’s a Chinese HOAX… Facts versus Feelings… The usual Democrat/Republican Debate…

  14. The Vegan Villainess says:

    Nobody I know is taking this seriously. Global Warming is accelerating and things will get real bad, real fast in the near future. Right now it feels slow and gradual. Don't expect it to continue like that.

  15. Karalee B says:

    Thanks for keeping this issue in the forefront of our minds. This is about the survival of our species and the global destruction of our envirionment. I promised I'd start commenting on these videos to help support your coverage of this issue and boost the rating, so here I am. Everyone who thinks this issue is relevant, please comment and like too. If you DON'T think this is important or true, also feel free to comment. Mhm. No ulterior motives here. ~o^

  16. Lindalee Law says:

    The onky reason there are deniers us THEIR OIL STOCKS WILL DIVE

  17. Jay Hille says:

    you bald dumbass

  18. Jay Hille says:

    Better stop those volcanos from erupting

  19. Jay Hille says:

    maybe if the climate changes maybe this guy can grow some hair

  20. Jay Hille says:

    we have 150 years of recorded weather on a planet that's billions of years old.We have no clue what's happening. what's about solar cycles?More carbon comes from one volcano eruption then man has ever done.

  21. Craig Crawford says:

    When I was in gradeschool it was the worry about another iceage, now it's global warming…Manmade global warming is a joke and funding first started under Margret Thatcher…while global warming itself is reality, Manmade global warming is a joke…

  22. Youdontneedto Seemyidentification says:

    Rethugs and comrade Trumpski in particular parrot the right wing narrative that it's 'a Chinese hoax' or the stupid delay tactic that 'we don't have proof' of climate change, let alone that it is caused/made much worse by mankind's reckless policies. The idiotic, selfish, and very shortsighted GOP position may well hasten or cause the planet to be doomed. ANYTHING for a short term gain, screw the long term health of the planet and the human race! So much for being 'pro-life' Such brazen hypocrisy and stupidity is the unmistakable hallmark of the regressive. lying Trump & McConnell con-artist party! Evil old turtle man McConnell may well be 'the grim reaper' he says he is. Incredible some voters still won't want to vote these diabolical cretins OUT in 2020!

  23. Denise Martel says:

    It’s the titanic syndrome . Before it’s sink they where no rule forcing 24/7 radio listening for emergency . A radio at a close by ship was asleep . He did not receive the distress call from the titanic . Also they where not enough small rescues boat .
    Small rescue boat where not necessary after all because GOD himself coud not sink the titanic .
    My point is that it is only after a disaster that we act .
    Let’s say a sudden acid rain that destroy 10,000 acres of prime farm land . Kill a few thousand people . Create wild fire that ruins 100,000 thousand people .
    Then the glorious leader might wake up and say .

  24. stoeger 2 says:

    They believe it they know it's happening, they don't give a flying fuck

  25. WS Intern says:

    VERY BIG PROBLEM METHANE IS A BIG BOMB , every day coming 200.000 new polluters to this planet. Nobody will stop this and oil is used more and more. So take your health insurance cards, possessions, money, credit cards, language skills, diplomas and fancy titles. In 10 till 12 years you can burn it with the rest of this planet

  26. Cornell :D says:

    Naw!! The Clementine Clown in the Oval Office is the biggest threat to national security.

  27. 4 YOU says:

    But these "National Security experts" support Wars for oil….I don't hear them say…stop
    all these endless wars…..stop supporting the Military corporations linked to these Corporate Oil Cartels……
    End the wars for oil and start switching over to a total Green power Grid.
    But first End the endless wars for oil and quit backing those oil countries and subsidiaries.

  28. JAMES DUNN says:

    You see what they did to the E.P.A.

  29. James williams says:


  30. Darkfuelfragment says:

    At this rate, we'll be saying… hello to the Dinosaurs real soon. Republicunts should be labeled as terrorists.. all of them.

  31. Nedra Cotton says:

    There’s a pattern to the Republican Party and people don’t seem to follow it!! I never voted Republican and never will!!

  32. The Witcher 3 Misc says:

    Climate change is bullcrap! Trump the best, it's nothing but a propaganda against Trump. You will not divide us!

  33. madbug1965 says:

    The Republican party will just blame the Democrats when the flooding starts.

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