100 Replies to “Nat’l Security Adviser: Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ campaign against Iran is working”

  1. Sonny Arsenault says:

    Chris Wallace is nothing but a Trump hater no matter what the evidence points to.. He should get kicked out of the country for being a traitor.

  2. Rusty Hill says:

    Mr. Wallace, you continue to loose your credibility so much that you are now in negative territory. We are not close to you in any way and it is now impossible for you to credibly interview anyone.

  3. Donald Bailey says:

    Chris Wallace does/did a GREAT JOB on asking certain questions because He is IGNORANT of the FACTS. GUMBALL BREATH, lloyd sampson, Dawn Kuzio, Darrell Williams, D. Robbins, et. al. obviously did not notice that Robert O'Brien DID NOT get upset by ANYTHING Chris asked.

  4. Hey HEY says:

    Chrissie working hard to create that false narrative.Hoaxes have long lives because of pundits like this.

  5. Scot Fenn says:

    I'm getting sick of Chris Wallace's agitating Questioning.

  6. Victoria Blackwell says:

    I am so sick of these news agencies stirring up a pot of poop, trying to push war for the 1% to make more money. Everybody needs to watch real news by real people on youtube and stop listening to these idiots who are owned by the same 6 companies. They are all owned by the 1% war pushers. If everybody refuses to fight, they have no more war and that equals no money for the 1%.

  7. Kim Pham says:

    Chris, Adam sh** is a liar, how do you expect anyone to trust the crooked with the most sensitive information? I used to like you until you’ve revealed your own face. What a shame!

  8. DaCoil 2089 says:

    US has made ME unsafe! They should get the hell out! People of ME don’t want you.

  9. Adoerfler says:

    Wallace, NO we do NOT trust the Gang of 8.

  10. Rosebud Adkins says:

    Chris Wallace is a sour dried up old prune face. He is a joke. Go away…Chris just go away. Crawl back into your liberal tunnel with the other rats. We are done with liberal pedophiles. Were you friends with Epstein? Traitors all of the liberals.

  11. Al Shabob says:

    I never watch the man

  12. Hamilton Jet Sport Association says:

    For a news Anchor who has access to so much information , Chris continues to pursue a negative line of criticism of Trump, when common sense tells us of course the Sanctions will and are working, the fact Iran is reacting is natural, but to continue to suggest the opposite is happening is just plain unpatriotic of Chris, support Trump stop attacking the very institution that protects your sorry arse!

  13. mopthermopther says:

    Iran ? Have you noticed these people are always in the street ?
    Don’t they have houses ?

  14. Coindigger says:

    Wallace is a liberal thru & thru, can't say anything positive towards our President…Go to CNN already..

  15. Michele Boxleitner says:

    He didn't tell congress because he CAN'T TRUST several members to not leak and FOREWARN the intended target!

  16. James Hines says:

    Shut up Chrissy lol.

  17. Darwin Penning says:

    It's funny how often one-time mortal enemies can change to become great friends. Can President Trump do this with Iran and others in the middle east?

  18. 1947662 says:

    God brian stelter is on fire

  19. Yvon Moua Moua says:

    Russia and China licking terrorists Iran assholes against US and EU.

  20. The Red Outlaw says:

    Chris Wallace is a worthless hack.

  21. William Slocum says:

    Is Chis Wallace that stupid or is he just a Com Dem trying to say that Trump can't do anything right???

  22. Mike Hagar says:

    The Democrats have TDS so bad none of them can be trusted with top secret information. They will let as many Americans as possible be killed if it takes the president down.

  23. Elizabeth Ann Pesco says:

    I am looking at some of these comments and must add that unless you can ask the hard questions, no matter what your leaning, you are not awake. Do not lose the ability to listen to others and really listen to what they say. We should question even those we like.

  24. Karl Fulton says:

    After ALL the Democrats have done these past three years against the good of the peoples of the the USA and its POTUS simply for theur own greed and benefit… WHY WOULD ANYONE… PARTICULARLY THE POTUS TRUST ANY OF THEM?.. I WOULDN'T TRUST THEM WITH THEIR OWN CHILDREN LET ALONE OTHER PEOPLES.

  25. Stewart Professional Services says:

    Zarif needs to come to New York when his people get a clear message from the Grand Ayatollah He may want to lower the IRGC agenda and profile as requested. Co option is usually less costly.

  26. 一二三四android四三二一 says:

    A Chris Wallace video…?
    Never mind.

  27. Johan Leach says:

    The pressure is working….dont be distracted by the barking of the dogs. Keep focused!! Iran is in a corner and like a rabid dog lashing out. soon they will capitulate and come to the table.

  28. Ben Aaron says:

    Chris is a sneaky snake. 🐍

  29. bayricker says:

    The Iran protesters know who was to blame for that airliner shutdown – the Mullahs.

  30. Tree says:

    Chris Wallace is pathetic. Fox News itself isn’t much better.

  31. DAVID OLIVER says:

    Wallace you not only a hack but an idiot to boot. How stupid a question what does the president think of Iran shifting the blame……Chris what do you think he feels?

  32. Jan Meijer says:

    Wallace want so badly to be advocate of the devil.

  33. Steve Dee says:

    Trump just makes it up has he goes along, his story changes evertytime he tells and people are stupid enough to believe the lunatic

  34. Metro Tmobile says:

    I stand with the people of Iran, and I'm against EVERYONE that supported/worshipped Soelimani as a hero. That includes all politicians and leftists worldwide! Yes Chris, Adam squeals like a piggy.

  35. Aoauli Carrett says:

    Chris why are you going backwards asking why or how or what in regards to Solemani who cares most of the world is safer and better off. Get off your high horse and report something new

  36. Terry Abeare says:

    Chris Wallace tries his best to be his father..and fails.

  37. Chris Evy says:

    I was looking at Chris Wallace oops sorry I just threw up in my mouth

  38. Leonard Nicaragua says:

    IsWallace been paid by Aljazeera?? I think so!!

  39. Jason x31x32x33 says:

    How about a drone strike against Chris Wallace? Can I get an Amen!?

  40. jan hintzke says:

    Only question for Iran is when they have the opportunity to light the fuse!
    Chris Wallace will report that it was provoked by Trump

  41. Nicholas Fox says:

    Demorats and MSM are the true enemy of America. They must be eliminated, vote them all out.

  42. Terry Daktyl says:

    Faux Gnus – the American affiliate of Pravda.

  43. mellocr says:

    Chris 'Weasel"

  44. Joseph Randazzo says:

    Chris Wallace you are FIRED!!! go work for CNN…

  45. John Stewart says:

    Congress may be full of anti AMERICA people so tell them nothing 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  46. Steve Mowat says:

    Lets suggest to Pelosi that if she wants support of the people on an impeachment she should be impeaching Ayatollah Khamanei!

  47. jamesway says:

    Chris fighting hard for the enemy.

  48. Kazem Roudsari says:

    Iran’s regime at its entirety are not representative of Iranian people who are suffering from their evil toxic ideological governance

  49. matt kal says:

    Uhhhhh……..how is this Iran ratching up things Chris? Looks like they stepped back immediately to everyone but the crazies in the media….oh …yah right….you guys want this war hot. Left or right doesn't matter too much, war is always a good thing for the mainstream media.

  50. Marcus Marine says:

    Thank you for your service O'Brien 🇺🇸✌😎👍🇺🇸

  51. david paglia says:

    Its called deterrence! Something Obama didnt understand!

  52. jan hintzke says:

    Adam Schiff was elected by one state it doesn't give him the confidence of the whole nation.=!

  53. Michael Legna says:

    That was crazy! Everything is irans fault. If l am the radar operator the instruction to me by higher in command ant thing detected in the no fly zone shoot down. No one can identify in radar screen wherher it was enemy or what it object was detected so shoot it down!

  54. Marvin Heyboer says:

    Who cares about eminentthreat? He already killed hundreds of Americans. This is the opposite of what we do in the United States with police. Sorry he didn't actually do anything so we can arrest him. It's an imminent threat but we can't do anything until he actually does something. And then the US government says sorry we know he already murdered hundreds of Americans but we can't do anything unless we know there's an imminent threat. This is total insanity. Imminent threat is stupidity. He deserved to be killed for what he has already done.

  55. rbspider says:

    Iran is waiting for Joe Biden to become president , I am sure Ex SOS John Kerry is over there telling them he will be more flexible once the election is over.

  56. Kathleen Browne says:

    Yeah right, Chris. Where were you when the U.S. orchestrated the fall of Libia for the gold?? Now, look at Libia. You're a hypocrite. Still spouting the great "Iran Deal." THEY NEVER COMPLIED!

  57. Florida Man says:

    Only an idiot pokes a bees nest.

  58. Simplgod says:

    you have to respect a man who tells his ppl before the corrupt politicians

  59. Brisbane Kilarny says:

    The idea is to get Iran to negotiate not to prevent Iran from doing stupid stunts. I get that, why does the media not understand the concept.

  60. Paul Hetherington says:

    Nat= a plant, i=desired, strength of? Health and drugs– terrorism mixer. Fake nuclear plants. Downed plane? D' this that, wn= set face against, knowledge of– P' mouth-lane= path streamer. er=watcher! Hindsight vs dems= their is, evidence of attacks. You opened, your Satan mouths– as the damned, evidences GRAVES.

  61. wild mustang says:

    Hellooo, Chris. I would trust Laura I. a whole lot further with sensitive information than I would the current Congress… especially the Dems side of it.

  62. George Stone says:



  63. Richard Walker says:

    So what do you propose Chris Wallace? Nothing? Just like I thought. Get rid of this Assclown.

  64. The Good The Bad and The Ugly says:

    The true AMERICAN PATRIOTS WANT OUR PRESIDENT TWEETING. It's the only way we can get around Wallace and other fake news LIARS.

  65. John Taylor says:

    Mr. Trump can not tell the enemy within

  66. Southern Bear says:

    What O’Brien means when he says Iran is being “choked off” he means the deep state traitors who have been laundering our money there and in Ukraine. Imho

  67. Louie Watson says:

    Chris Wallace is a shill. Fox needs to fire him.

  68. Jimmy Armijo says:

    Obama. Nation //// hillery. Crew gave. """"""" iran """" 1trillion. "" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Told. Usa. Folks////_ chicago. Follks. 22222222 go. Get fffffffffkkkkedddddd / not. Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Kekistani Refugee says:

    How can Trump be responsible when this happened within Iranian airspace?

  70. Southern Bear says:

    Trump will remove the troops, don’t worry. That was the plan all along and this was the only way to do it without interference from the deep state traitors in congress et al

  71. United we Stand says:

    Get this liberal off FOXes payroll.

  72. Saxon Stacker says:

    Yeah. Don rocks.

  73. MyCracker1234 says:

    I can't watch Chris Wallace, I give him a try after every Sunday show, but he opens his mouth and puts me right off watching, even if it's important to hear what his guest has to say.

  74. Dennis Burbank says:

    Chris Wallace probably donated to the Clinton Foundation.

    Get this Trump hating clown out of here!

  75. sally mysko says:

    wallace just hates trump ambassader Brian is on to wallace

  76. Jimbo Jones says:

    FOX NEWS LIES. I think even regular viewers will agree after they see this one.

  77. Mabury Ma says:

    Chris Wallace wants proof that the dems leak. Millions in the past 3 years. Stupid Chris Wallace.

  78. Dion Peterson says:

    Wallace has to read the teleprompter

  79. Kerry Tackett says:

    Announcer just shut up! Give your guest chance to talk. Who made you the expert!

  80. Dion Peterson says:

    He do what he wants Wallace he president if you don't like you run for president

  81. Bruce Broady says:

    I would guess that before the end of the regime they were going to make a lot of noise. Why Chris Wallace can’t see that is beyond me.

  82. Robert Giffin says:

    What they did was no accident.They knew the plane was there.

  83. Dion Peterson says:

    All these people who think they can do better job than Trump should have run for president of the republic

  84. Jace Rockefeller says:

    WOW who gives a SHlT about this imminent danger bs. The FU€KlNG guy was a killer to the world. He deserves to be dead, and your complaining makes you look stupid as fck. Sick of these fcking fools.

  85. Michelle Hamilton says:

    Stand behind our President Chris!!!!

  86. Tian Loedolff says:

    Well done NS Advisor Robert O'Brien…

  87. Arden McConnell says:

    Fast talker.

  88. Jfk Democrat says:

    Iranian’s Regime is getting more aggressive out of desperation. We really have no fear of a War with Iran. How can anyone trust either the Democrats or Chris Wallace.

  89. movenglish says:

    THROW OUT the C*NN RATS Chris Wallace and Juan Williams before it's too late.

  90. Daniel says:

    Don't care if there was an "imminent threat" or not. The Iranians have been funding terrorism for decades and they were still at it. It's the biggest open secret that the whole world knows. We don't need some technicality to take out their terror leader.

  91. Lao Han Tun says:

    Chris Wallace is a out of touch from reality.

  92. The Good The Bad and The Ugly says:

    Chris Wallace opens his mouth and Remo es all doubt. He is such a moron.

  93. jjcbot says:

    There goes Chris CNN Wallace again. Like Obama, let's wait for the attacks to happen, and Americans to be killed…
    Then give them $Billions to promise not to do it again.
    Yah. that always works.

  94. Hey Mikey says:

    Red Ties!?? 🤔…

  95. Smoking Joe says:

    Congress can not be trusted with out leaking.

  96. Work In Progress USA says:

    Nancy Patricia Pelosi is an Anti-American Democratic serving as Speaker. (1940-03- 26) March 26, 1940 (age 79) Time for jail

  97. Joseph Merritt says:

    Fake Chris Wallace doesn't share that this was 167 out of 328 legislatures at gunpoint by Shia militia to vote for the resolution. This is an example of a fake journalist unwilling to be objective. Chris is a better fit at fake news media CNN.

  98. Myrna Castro says:

    Why would they divulge anything to members of Congress? These people are traitors! That would be like showing the enemy your cards.

  99. Lestat Angel says:

    1st… you do not accidentally shoot down an airplane. You fire a weapon at it on purpose.
    2nd… you do not give terrorists money like the Obama Administration did. That's called Insanity doing the same thing again and expecting different results.
    3rd… Fox News has to fire Chris Wallace if they want to maintain any integrity as journalist on network news.

  100. Last Of The Smokers says:

    Let me answer Chris. They splattered a high ranking official, not civilians, SO NOW THEY ARE REALIZING THAT THE REGIME WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. THAT IS WHY THEY WILL DE-ESCALATE

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