NATO Secretary General press conference on Libya at Defence Ministerial Meeting (w/subtitles)

September 13, 2019 posted by

Good afternoon. Thank you very much for your
patience, the Secretary General will start with a short statement and because this first
session has been about Lybia, I’d be grateful if you could only ask about Lybia and what’s
been discussed just now, thank you. Good afternoon. The focus of our first session this afternoon
has been the situation in Libya, which is of great concern to us all. In our southern
neighbourhood, Libya has become the scene of violent clashes and a growing humanitarian
crisis. At this stage, it is unclear which future
direction the country will take. What is clear is that the international community is united
in condemning the outrageous and systematic violence against the Libyan people and that
our first concern must be the plight of the civilian population. This crisis requires close international coordination.
That is why we have been in regular contact with other international organisations, in
particular the UN, the EU, the African Union and the Arab League. I also invited the EU
High Representative Cathy Ashton to take part in our meeting today. Time is of the essence. Today we have made two decision… it has
been decided to increase the presence of NATO maritime assets in the Central Mediterranean.
Our strategic operational commander SACEUR Admiral Jim Stavridis will move into the Central
Mediterranean maritime assets under his command. These ships will improve NATO’s situational
awareness – which is vital in the current circumstances -, and they will contribute
to our surveillance and monitoring capability, including with regard to the arms embargo
established by the UN Security Council Resolution 1970. We have also directed NATO Military authorities
to develop as a matter of urgency detailed planning with regard to humanitarian assistance
and, provided a further UN Security Council Resolution, more active measures to enforce
the arms embargo. We considered as well initial options regarding
a possible no-fly zone in case NATO were to receive a clear United Nations mandate. Ministers
agreed that further planning will be required. So, our message today is: NATO is united,
NATO is vigilant, NATO is ready to act. In moving forward with these options, we bear
in mind the sensitivities in the region. We agreed that any NATO operation must show its
added value to existing efforts; it must have a clear legal mandate; and strong regional
support. We will also maintain intensive contacts with
humanitarian organisations and other key actors. And we are not losing sight of the wider changes
underway in the region. We are determined to enhance the role NATO can play to assist
the transition process more broadly, in particular in Tunisia and Egypt. It is clear however
that any assistance should only come following a specific request. We want to strengthen long-standing partnerships.
We also agreed that any NATO initiative should be coherent and complementary with that of
other international organisations, in particular the European Union.


5 Replies to “NATO Secretary General press conference on Libya at Defence Ministerial Meeting (w/subtitles)”

  1. CNCRoadKill says:

    Libya, not Lybia.

    They are BOMBING civilian positions, what started as a peaceful protest has escalated into a full blown civil war, are you only 'prepared' to act, or are you actually going to do something?

  2. gravano2 says:

    @CNCRoadKill Sure, meet for another month

  3. Briseur De Lance says:

    If time is of the essence, then what are we doing ? Waiting to act when it will be too late ? The Lybian resistance can't handle the Lybian aviation, who remained loyal to you-know-who.
    If those Lybians planes are not quickly and definitely pinned down, the Lybian resistance movement will soon be history.

  4. berlinrelic says:

    Isnt the UN saying that they are here to help countries in need?Then why not help Japan?Why attack Lybia with bombs instead?

  5. Gracchi says:

    why does UN not help zimbabwe,north korea,burma etc etc etc.
    UN is a god dam joke.

    please explain the difference between gadafi and the saudi royal family,are they not both dictatorship?.

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