Nearly two dozen middle schools getting safety updates

July 18, 2019 posted by

Ellsberg County Schools are taking action right now to make kids safer when they go back to class next month right only a month left these speed limit signs crosswalks and beacon signs are just three changes you'll see at 22 different middle schools ABC Action News reporter Lauren Missoula is live now with a timeline for us good morning Lauren hey good morning so yeah these should actually be finished by the start of school at these 22 middle schools we do know that they are trying to put in flashing beacons and they're also pushing for more crosswalks at schools like right here at Barrington now it's a part of a giant push for changes to give kids a safer walk to school and we've been showing you the dangerous routes to school in Hillsboro County for the past year new flashing lights near Barrington middle school this summer the county taking are reports of three people hid inside the crosswalk and making safety upgrades the helps it makes a big difference because then a lot of kids come without a parent and they don't necessarily know to wait or look and that's not the only school people have been concerned about Google Street View showing you how unsafe it was outside Jennings middle school you can see the faded crosswalk and the signs missing the county repainting the white lines even reducing the speed limit by five miles per hour

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