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November 3, 2019 posted by

I’ll answer that question directed to me Regarding what happened there then, I met the officer there and I clarified what happened I believe it is very clear. There is nothing to investigate about it. The president resigned on his own, without any kind of pressure. That’s what they say. After assessing the situation at the time, he decided that, it was a situation, that required him to resign on his own. I was told by the officers, that the President asked them, what they wanted him to do. They didn’t say anything. So the president – when he was briefed of the situation – made his own decision: to resign! So, I believe, it is very clear. I do not believe there is anything further to investigate about it. …Nazim sir is here! So, in the name of public, police and all – we thank both of them respectfully. And those negotiating on our behalf, Rauf Sir and Nashid Sir, and others – I don’t know the names – those who are standing there at the gate. [Male voice:] Its time to be patient. Those inside the MNDF headquarters in uniform, are also public just like us. Those here in uniform are public just like us. [Army/Police cheers:] Nazim Sir! Greetings
[Crowd:] Greetings Hope is everyone is okay!
[Army/Police cheers:] Yes Sir! I just came after meeting the Defense Minister and all the senior level staff of MNDF. We made our proposal. Our proposal was – the President must resign unconditionally. [Army/Police/Public Crowd cheers:] Yeah!

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