New domestic violence gun law aimed at protecting victims falls short

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8 Replies to “New domestic violence gun law aimed at protecting victims falls short”

  1. gary smallwood says:

    Yea, this guy is hiding his face hmmm and if she had a handgun the gun would be registered in the first place right? And so the judge will know through registration. This is fake news to push a anti=gun agenda!!

  2. Kristy Rodriguez says:

    more laws without any consequences. Restraining orders are a joke in themselves.
    If you want to change the percentages and outcomes of domestic violence..realize that you are dealing with mental illness. Make it mandatory for first time offenders to go through an observation period in a mental health facility.
    Make it a thorough 2 week minimum. Most won't be able to keep up the nice guy/girl facade for that long. Once they are in the system, the law enforcement will have ample reason to be concerned about them retaining weapons, especially guns.
    They want to use the mental health system to get the homeless off of the streets because they are a nuisance. Being a nuisance in itself isn't a crime. Endangering yourself or someone else is.

  3. Raymond Ruiz says:

    What about a knive

  4. Jose Sanchez says:

    New Mexico needs to learn to focus on enforcing basic laws before worrying about any other laws. Liberal judges have destroyed the state. These types of laws have nothing to do with helping victims but rather politically insulting the other party.

  5. Bryce Harper says:

    Its unconstitutional. Period. And it should be taken down by the supreme court. Dude is a pussy by the way.

  6. Slytiger says:

    Gun laws only screw over law abiding citizens.

  7. Not Sure says:

    maybe the courts could just ENFORCE THE RESTRAINING ORDER?? if you are scared for your life, what does it matter what weapon is used? are we going to take away her car, her kitchen knives, her access to flammable liquids, etc.??? how many times has this law been abused to rob Americans of their 2nd amendment rights? there were only 14 cases to investigate, where is that statistic??? KRQE is always pushing for Gun control.

  8. Charles Darwin says:

    KRQE is a bunch of communist liberals that have are bias. Fake news! They are anti gun. Mexico's anti gun laws never worked.

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