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what's up everybody and welcome back to a brand new yugioh duel links video and today I'm gonna be reviewing all the SR and your cards for the upcoming main box cybernetic rebellion before I get into the review of this video I have to explain a lot of things and this is probably gonna take a good amount of time so if you don't care on how I'm recording this video and you don't care about a few other like things I'm gonna talk about go to the description or go into the comment section down below there'll be a time stamping you guys can skip to the actual review I just gotta spend a couple minutes talking about my recording situation and my voice for recording this video first things first this is definitely a lot different than how I normally record my videos and that is because currently I am away from my setup and I don't have access to a computer so the only way can record and get a video out on time when it comes related to this new main box is I gotta record it through my phone so that's why the audio is gonna be a little bit bad the video should look fine but of course it's not a mobile viewing instead of a actual computer like I normally do things and I'm not gonna be doing face cam because I could with the app that I'm using the record my stuff but I just don't want to bother with it because currently I'm recording this video outside and it's gonna be dark anyways you wouldn't be able to see my face so there's that right there recording this at a completely different location and something actually don't have access my computer another thing which sucks is that I have a hunch that this box was going to be coming out or at least news on a new main box coming out into you gear doings and what sucked is that these past couple hours my throat started to just like feel super weird and I've noticed that I've been developing some sort of sickness which just sucks so sorry for the scuff to audio as it is and then on top of that I have a sick raspy voice too which is just like I have no luck I have no luck but I'm gonna keep grinding I'm gonna just get through this video sorry that this video isn't gonna be as good is how it could make this but like by the time I get back home this is like talking about this box would just be irrelevant so that's why I want to make a video on it now and all that stuff right there so we're gonna get into this review of the dual link cybernetic rebellion box if you guys respect the grind and all that good stuff be sure to go smash like button down below scrubs Channel and all that good stuff right there but we're gonna get into this main box and there's a lot of stuff to talk about and I'm probably gonna be just talking about so much sucks this box is super close or final getting Cyber Dragon into you you're dueling sin alongside of that we're actually getting a ton of new synchro support cards which is just so freakin cool so let's just get into it I'm gonna go take a drink of water real quick to just prepare my whisk like I said I'm not feeling the best so there is that right there anyways though so the first week we're gonna be talking about so we're gonna be talking about cyber twin dragons good to be you our card in this box as we already know cyber end dragon is already in ukyo duel links and all its stuff and i wish come on konami it was the mobile person like your games a mobile game please make your website work properly why is this now working there you go there's gonna be a pain to do that's for sure but anyways also the first card to talk about is cyber twin dragon we already have cyber end dragon in you good new link so it's gonna make a lot of sense that with the box releasing you know officially releasing cyber dragon after not having cyber dragon for almost a year like think about this Zane came out in 2018 like August 2018 it's almost a year later or finally get a beginning cyber dragon in it you get new likes whatever the case may be boy area cyber end dragons you you know like so it makes sense we're gonna get cyber twin dragon this card is literally just two cyber dragons combined fusion someone with this card can only be done with the above fusion-material monsters this card can make it a second attack during each vowel phase which is actually not that bad of all not that bad at all it's gonna work well cyber style so cyber still might actually make a comeback with all this new cyber dragon support too and the fact that this card can attack twice you can use beat down the Boosters boy up there's gonna be like you can you know easily fusion summon this card a lot of cool combos right there and so I were torn drag it's gonna probably be pretty decent like I feel like it is a worthy enough card for being you you are but honestly I could see this is like a really good SR card but you're just making it you are cuz its cyber twin dragon and stuff like there same thing with your boy cyber dragon which we all know what cyber dragon does so even though this website or the Konami website is gonna be nice I mean we already know what cyber dragon does this is a five star light monster when your opponent controls no monsters you can special summon this card from my hand onto the field 2100 attacking monster very spicy right there finally we're getting cyber dragons who you know likes I can't believe it's been this long like literally almost a year so we can officially get cyber dragon the biggest mean to is of course the fact that Konami released tuned cyber dragon and gave it to the players before Cyber Dragon that's like the hugest meme in the world right there but we're getting cyber dragon finally very cool right there now let's go talk about some new stuff and this is an archetype that I have heard of but I have never like played them before and I am very excited to try out a new sinker archetype and yugioh deluxe and I really hope that this archetype is good anyway so I really wish they're like a top of like how my recording situation isn't gonna be that good I wish that like the Konami what's that it would also be a little bit nice to me too but it is not so there's that right there but looks like when it comes to the crystal on archetype which like I said I've never played Chris Ron's before or however you pronounce this archetype but this is clearly gonna be the boss monster from this archetype consider yes 3000 attack of Defense anyway so this is a water machine sinker effect it takes two or more tuners plus one or more non Tuner monster that is something I've never heard before so you can do double tuner plus a non tuner monster to go into this card that is crazy and also from what it sounds like you can probably do like 3-4 tuners if you really wanted to well technically now gonna be able to be you you wouldn't be able to do that and do Alex button like it's ECG and stuff like that from what that requirement sounds like to me you could use multiple tuners and then like you can use like four tuners and one one non to your monster to sync or some of this card still dueling Selena's three monster zones that does matter anyways though if this card is synchro somebody can target monsters your opponent controls and are in their graveyard up to the number of synchro materials that use pro sync or some of this card to manage them if this synchro monster our synchro summon card is destroyed by battle or card affecting the target of banished monsters have this card so somebody onto your field Wow so you can live once you synchro summon this card by using three monsters you get to basically target monsters upon controls that are or that are in their grave and just straight-up banish them which is good for multiple reasons one the fact that it can get rid of monsters as it is is great and on top of that if you know how that your opponent's doing some spicy combos like for example you're going against a Neos brave neo SEC you get to banish the brave Neos and the bacon saver through this card's effect that's pretty good that is actually pretty good right there so Chris Tron I could see why this card has a lot of potential and on top of that if this card ever gets killed you can special summon the bandaged monster that you just banner so you can take their brave Neos you just banished and summon it onto your field that's pretty cool like I said I'm not gonna do a full box review but if Kris runs are gonna be able to easily synchro summon into this 9 star monster there's a lot of potential right there that cart seems super cool next up we have another Chris drawn card which is really nice back-to-back come on Konami website please be nice please be nice there we go Chris Tron sulfur nur I don't really know how to pronounce this I cannot pronounce words for the life of me especially with words that just seem made up to me as it is anyway so this is a water 5 star machine effect monster if this card is in your hand or grave where you can discard one Christian on card accept this card do special summon this card in defense position then destroy one card to control ok so this is a special summon double monster but you do have to sacrifice a card like there's a lot of sacrifices to get to have to make with this card so straight off the bat it is good that you can also summon this card from the graveyard but if you summon this card from my hand or grave but you can discard a Christian card except you no sulfur now especially on this card in defense position with a negative destroyed card you control like I said I never played Chris Tron's before in the TCG I've heard of them but I never played them I'm gonna guess combos are gonna be going in if you do destroy your Chris drawn cards to keep going into like other combos and stuff like that so there it is in like I said sorry for mispronouncing that archetype if I did anyways though if this card on the field is destroyed by battle card affecting special min to Christian amounts from your deck and events ocean ok so you can actually pop this card specifically so yeah this is like your only monster you can actually special summon this guy pop it with its own effect do then special summon a Christian monster from your deck and defense efficient that's pretty cool let's actually combo right there and this isn't a once per turn effect so you can literally special some of this guy again if you really wanted to after you know special summon it from your hand do its whole effect special summon the Chris around monster for decades and feds position and then push some of this card from your graveyard so you get some of the same single card twice if you really wanted to so that's pretty cool I can see why this is a you are worthy card so there you go that's a pretty cool car Dean it is a 5 star monster which is nice so probably combo it was like 2 different like Chris Tron tuners like to to level 2 Chris Tron tuners 2 Plus this car to go into the boss monster that could be a possible combo will have to cool card though next up we're gonna be taking a look at a lien support I forgot about that – I know it's Brad sage Steele was talking about a lot of his predict videos way back in the day I think it's not way back in the day but months ago about adding a lien cards and the alien synchro stuff into yugioh dual link so the fact that this happens probably to make him pretty happy so that's pretty cool right here so this is a ah there we go like first of all I'm just needed this card load come on Konami website please be nice please be nice there we go anyways so first of all we have a decent amount of alien cards in you doing like this I'm guessing this box which is basically adding all the alien cards that were non lured that you'd like we have all the non synchro alien cards and you do links now they're adding all the alien cards that do have synchro summoning potential which is pretty cool alien aamna is a one store light reptile tuner with the effect well this card is normal somebody you can special summon a level-4 lower alien monster engraver it is straight during the end phase so there you go right there this is actually just instantly right here I forgot what the alien monster is called I believe there's I think it's like alien warrior something it's been a long time since I played against aliens but there's a four-star alien monster has like 800 attack this play alien ammonite summon it special summon your alien warrior whatever four-star alien monster you want go for a synchro summon immediately because the only alien synchro summon monster that I do know is five-star um as it is which we're gonna be talking about soon as it is guy no it's in this box that's pretty cool and also you can go into other five-star synchro monsters like our matey's if you really wanted to so that's a pretty good card a really good way to get into some synchro summoning combos I like it I like it a lot so there we go right there and we got some new mecha phantom be support okay you gotta go get getting another drink of water but come on card load okay cool so we have mekin fan of beasts Oh lion this is a two-star wind machine a tuner of fact you can banish card for him David immediately efforts effect resolves normal someone to Mecca Fanta beast monster from your hand pretty cool all that control token this card cannot be destroyed battle or card effects is this card a sense of the greatest specimen in Mecca vana B's token I mean you only uses cards effect once per turn so basically this is all I can really tell is that this is just a Tuner monster for mekin Vanna bees to open up synchro summoning possibilities and also if you do go for a synchro summon or something like that you can banish scarred from the grave or two then normal someone another Mecca Fanta Beast token so after you synchro summon you can go into some more compost with your Mac and Fannie beats which is pretty cool only issue is though we only have three zones and you you do links so I'm not too sure how well is it gonna go cuz your fields gonna get clogged up pretty easily but then again I don't play Mac a fan piece um that much at all so for any I'm beckon vana B's players out there just tell me if those cards good or not but for what it's worth it seems pretty cool so there we go I'm not gonna talk about too much cleared you really don't know much about it next up we got some worm or mermail support man honestly this is like the first time in a long time that a main box and you you do likes adds a lot of support and that is definitely happening right here which is pretty cool now I'm not familiar with mer males either I know that for milk mer males were kind of a flop and you get new likes people were super hyped for the deck but it just then it came to fruition so hopefully this mermail card could definitely help out some mermail abyss is a seven-star water aqua effect you can just carve one other water monster to the grave in this card from your hand when you do add a level four lower mermail monster needs extra haneul infuse this card's effect once per turn so yeah this is definitely just a car that's gonna open up combos it's super easy to summon into you can probably discard like a fish cyborg or something like that or just any card you really want to discard let's add water car down a fish cyborg or what was that was it like fish borg or something I don't know it's like a car that can you know extend it to combos you can like special summon it from the grave or different remember correctly wish I could like open up dual links right now like show you guys what I mean but I don't want to mess up the video so we're to keep it as this but yeah open up combos right here get to atom level for lower room real from your deck to your hand pretty spicy right there I like it this is a pretty decent card I don't know if it's gonna save more males but it is something and also this card right here could probably this card target if I remember correctly deep sea and dive our diva I think it's diver and it was a two-star water sea serpent tuner effect when this card is normal somebody could summon a level 3 or lower sea serpent a monster from the deck Wow okay so yeah combo'd right away you can go into our matey super easily with this card because there is a ton a three star water monsters in you you doing factly you can some of those cards someone a level 3 or lower C server mount summer deck that's pretty good and is like really good right there five stars synchro summoning immediately out of the gate who needs what girls in the grave your junk synchron we got stuff like this where we can use a different skill all together alongside of thinning out your deck so do you see diver definitely a super good Tuner monster and I feel like that long term getting those cards going to be very nice deep-sea diver that's very cool doll so this is a two star tuner so possibly can calm well with Chris drones also what you didn't even think about till now so that's pretty cool I'm right there so it probably doesn't combo well at all with the previous mermail card but I feel like this game combo Chris drones and just good decks and water decks in general super cool card right there and then I think this is the last you are card we're going to be talking about this is night beam this card is actually already in dueling so in case if you guys in know basically can targeted sets phone check weird opponent controls destroy the target and then your opponent cannot react to it so you can sign up one of your opponent's cards without them I'm activating or countering on with any effects that's pretty cool at night beam is officially it's a dual likes it's not locked behind a selection box that's pretty cool now we're gonna be getting on to the SR card and first things first we already know this guy has scrapped our H means also another card that's in that's already in you via dueling's bows locked behind a selection box I'm not gonna take time to make sure to like load up the image but basically scribe Archfiend is just a seven star generic beam synchro synchro monster and it has 2,700 attacks so pretty cool right there now let's go talk about some spicy stuff and this was the alien reptile synchro monster that I was talking about kind of funny how the Tuner monster the reptile tuner monsters I already in the synchro monster and stuff that makes a lot of sense because the alien Tuner monster was just really good now hopefully this thinking is loads for me there we go we have the cosmic forges ghoul gar however you pronounce it car five star light reptile sinker effect it takes alien Tom and I plus 1 or more non-tuner alien monsters once returning to select any number of face-up spell or trap cards return those cards to their owner's hand and then distribute new eight counters a month among monsters on the field equal to the number of cards returned once returned crew moved to eight counters for Mueller and Phil destroyed card opponent controls Wow this card is actually crazy good so this is a 2600 attack 1,800 defense monster so decent attack as it is 5 star monsters so you can komm will be down if you need to get that boost and its effect is like crazy good cuz once per turn you can just send any face-up spell/trap cards turn those cards on the owners hand and then distribute you eight counters and monsters that feel equal to number of cards returned sadly this is only restricted to face-up spawn trap cards though if those facedown spell and trap cards effect would literally be broken but only works with face-up cards but luckily there's a couple of cards you can combo with with your alien deck and there's a few amount of decks and dual links that do use face-up spell and trap cards also so this card's effect will still pop off more than it won't so that's pretty good but if you do pop out this in fact crazy good super cool card in my opinion now let's go back up here and try to find some that try to find the index card right here we have a new synchro card we have some ice barrier support and this is the first ice barrier synchro monster that we're getting into you you're doing so which is really cool Coon Ami's that flame just dipping the toes in the water when it comes to adding ice barrier synchro monsters and stuff like that but that's all good it's really cool that we finally have one new ice barrier support after how long now and we're getting something like this which is pretty cool so I wish this thing would load I wish this website would stop being so freaking and knowing on mobile like Konami your game is a mobile game and yet you're like mobile website is not that good for it like at all anyways though this dragon of the ice bear is the seventh star water dragon synchro effect one tuner flows one or more non-tuner water monsters once per turn you can just card up to two cards to the grave retard the same amount of cards and your opponent controls and destroy him 2500 attack and 1700 defense so a very generic effect I feel like it's gonna be somewhat difficult though to pop off with this effect because of the fact that ice barriers like to some of this card in the first place your hand is gonna be pretty much empty to try to summon the into this ice spirit card in the first place so I don't know if you're gonna be able to discard that many cards to pop up its effect but at least it says up to two cards so if you only have one card in your hand and can discard one card and then pop one of your opponent's cards and at least it says you can pop any cards and that it's not restricted to spell and trap cards or that it's restricted to monster cards which is pretty cool so this card's decent I don't know how well will pop off with what we currently have in you you doing so with ice barriers and like I said I haven't looked at every card in this box I don't know what new ice cards will be got besides this dragon of the ice-barrier but still pretty cool that we got this card nonetheless oh there you go it's a pretty decent effect I just don't know how easy it is gonna summon that's this card so there's that right there next up we have this dolphin card which i think is a newer sinker card I definitely know that it was released after the yugioh 5ds era so there's that but hold up man like I said I'm not feeling too well so for this video but nonetheless though white or a dolphin is a six star fish sinker effect it takes one Turner plus one or more non-tuner monsters once a returning could target one face of card your opponent controls or one face-up monster opponent controls and its attack becomes half its original tactically in the turn if this card you control stir by opponent's card either by battle or card effect in centigrade but you can banish one of their water monster form engraver and then some of this card um and if you do it's tree as a tuner now remembering this never mind this was from the yugioh 5ds era but technically it wasn't in the anime i completely forgot that white or a dolphin was actually in the yu-gi-oh 5ds manga and that's why I remember this card that's actually really cool and I kind of want to get this card out because I remember reading the 5ds among a long time ago but so this effect is really good you get to once you some of this card which is a six star monster I kind of wish it was a five star synchro monster considering that there's a lot of other cards in this box so you can easily go into some five star synchro summoning but nonetheless we still have a lot of like cards in the game the easily synchro summon in six star monsters it is banned if you do get this card out it's gonna you know stop the attack of your opponent's monsters gonna make them weak and as this card gets destroyed you can banish a water monster especially on this card back into the field so this card's super decent super cool that we're getting an anime car or a manga card from you you five DS manga and si UD likes I'm pretty hyped for that card that's actually pretty cool next up we have this card which is already in dual links this was one of the other cards that got locked into the selection box but now we're finally getting it is Samara dragon a rebirth 5 star dark monster dragon synchro the effect takes one to n plus one more non-senior monsters it is a five star I'm synchro monster so you got to keep in mind of some of the other five star synchro summoning support that we got in this box those cars could be easy to summon into let's car destroy bounce in the grave or if you this card you control sense of the graver by opponents card effect you can target one monster needs players graver to accept this card especially someone it you only can use the effect of this card once per turn honestly from play testing this card in the past this card isn't really that good in my opinion maybe with the new support will make this part a little bit more worthwhile but it only has a hundred attack 2600 defense most cases you're not going to really pop off with this card so it is what it is but so cool that is not locked behind the selection box anymore so if you guys wanted this card and I can get it next up we have some crystal on cards and we have a 2 star crystal on tuner which is pretty cool so this can be another option to summon more to use with to summon into the boss Monster is pretty cool and let's see what this card's effect has like I said I am very curious on Chris drones and how well they're gonna be in Yukio dueling's Chris Tron surgery is a 2 star water machine tuner effect during a your opponent's main phase or battle facing a target a non Tuner monster in your favorite special summon it but its effects are negated if any and if you do immediately after this effect resolves synchro summon one machine type synchro monster using and that monster and this card this is a quick effect they use synchro materials our bandage instead of mean since the gravity look use this effect once per turn so this card is actually really cool and sorry for the positives drinking some water real quick this card actually sounds super cool I don't know if we're gonna be able to summon into the Chris Ron boss monster with this card specifically cuz when I forgot what typing the card was I don't remember if the boss monster was a machine monster at all but and also the fact that it does sound like that you only can use this Chris draw on monster alongside of another monster to synchro summon it into one of your monsters during the battle phase but still the fact that you can do this during your opponent's main phase or battle phase is really cool you can just think of someone on the spot right there which is really nice kinda dodge travel a little bit if you want to even though this would only be able to activate during your pawns battle phase it but still it still could still could happen um and all its stuff right there but yeah this card seems pretty neat secret someone during your opponent's turn which is really cool I think all the other Christian monsters kind of do something like that as it is so that's really cool right there and I'm also curious on where do the other Chris drawn synchro monsters in this box I feel like there's not going to be one crystal on synchro monster crystal on synchro mom sir in this boxer is gonna be more but yeah this card seems really cool super cool sr card definitely looking forward to trying out these on this archetype and now we have another Chris Ron card right here it's a three star water machine effect monster you can target a face up car to you control you cannot special some monster from the extra decade where SS turn except machine types a car monsters and also destroy that card and if you do so my Christian tuner from your deck you may have scarred from your graver to add a Chris John spell/trap card from readex to your hand you use this card's effect once effect returning only once that turns this is a hard once per turn effect you can't recycle this combo repeatedly which is probably good things this card is already pretty good as it is well yeah this is just a very just search e type of card you get the target of face-up card II control can't special some of the monster for extract for this turn except machine monsters and then destroy a card and if you do specials I'm gonna Christian Turner from your deck you can pop this card specifically if you want so you can sacrifice this card I believe two pop-ups effects so that's pretty good and yeah you can bet and then also you can banish this card's effect um and then also during the duel you can banish this card from your deck or from your graveyard to the banner zone then search for a card so that's pretty good right there sadly though due to it being a hard once per turn and it's like you only can use one of its effects once per turn sadly you cannot like use both of these effects at the same turn which does suck but honestly this cards looks crazy good gonna definitely get the deck going right that is for sure so you can special summon the Tuner monster you get to search for a spell check card if you want to that turn lot of options that's really cool really cool card next time we got some more mermaid soup or Naga why that hard work looking pretty nice looking pretty nice right there's the three star block WA it's out water 3 star aqua effect monster at this card on the field strode instead of the gravity special swimmer male monster from your deck accept this card use this card's effect once per turn so this can combo with crystals immediately can combo with other mermail cards immediately it's just a searcher deck it's just right inside search for deck it's a searcher card it's gonna thin out your deck is gonna open up the combos pretty cool right there and like the artworks pretty nice that's a cool card next we have nightmare penguin my boy I actually remember this card um and some of the Yuya games nightmare penguin is a four-star water aqua effect monster all face of water monsters you control gain 200 attack cards flip face-up targeted card your opponent controls it return it to the hand see I remember this card's cards like in all of the like starter decks and stuff like that and some of the previous like yugioh games they're like the DSPs P and stuff like that so nice to see a little bit of an iconic card in my opinion and if you play those games and you you're doing so that's pretty cool right there next up we have abyss spear and this is a trap card for murmur mail so that's pretty cool you get special metamer mail monster from your deck it's an effects are negated you cannot activate any spell cards when this card leaves the field destroy the monster destroy this card during your opponent's necks and face after activation so basically this is a monster reborn but it's a trap card and it also is very like restrictive because eventually cards gonna die or your mermail monster is gonna die and you cannot actually any spell cards when those cards on the field so there's that right there and also I just realized summer milk are that we're just talking about a little bit earlier it's in that artwork of the card big goof right there but still it's a neat card I guess if you want to get your big boss mermail monster and go for like an extra attack or just defend yourself for a little bit that card is gonna be pretty useful right there but other than that I don't know how useful this cards gonna be but it could be pretty good and I just want to know there you go right there next up we have another SR card and this card is called it reject reborn when an opponent's monster declares a direct attack and the battle phase then you can special summon one Tuner one synchro monster engraver of their effects negated bro-bro that's actually crazy now I don't know what the specific specific rulings of you do or I'm curious if you can only activate this card if you have a tuner or synchro monster in your grave or cuz like since it says like one impotent monster close direct attack and the battle phase then you can't oh yes no it says then you can so yeah it doesn't matter see you first of all you can use this card just to stop battle phases from happening so instead it's like you can use like three copies of driving mirror for siree copies of reject reborn to stop your opponent from just decaying you with direct attacks there you go like direct attack and battle phase if you're also playing a synchro summoned deck like Chris Tron's for example aliens for example or just any other synchro I'm synchro deck this card combo so well with it like that is crazy I am surprised that they add this good of a card and I could easily see this card being one of the next like overpowered SR trap cards in Yukio do like so that's crazy reject you're born it's pretty freakin good and looks like that is it guess that in this video


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    A reason to get back to the game

  28. InASkyFortress says:

    I have played Crystrons in real life. and this archetype may be overpowered for Duel Links. Especially if we have the Level 4 Synchro Tuner

  29. Cristian De La Cruz Lagunes says:

    Ah, cyber dragons finally

  30. serwin98 says:

    Was hoping it would end up being an EX Structure deck or something…

  31. Sey it says:

    Hey Can you make a new farm deck for the new event ? Pls 😅 your farm decks helps me so much pls 😅 nice Video by the way 👍🏻

  32. Dark_rebellion 00 says:

    Finally the box was wanted for centuries

  33. Hopebagel says:

    Cyber dragon and fusion nice but we still need its supporting cards to live the true cyber dream

  34. Tyshawn Chaplin says:

    NOOOOOOOOO Mermails full power will be cancer ! 3 diva and 3 Abysstuess!?!?! Why not just give them Antlantean Prince and just seal everyones doom!?! #WaterMeta

  35. edwiniseman4 says:

    Looks like my predictions were partially wrong, but seriously, look how far out of their way to make a Water centric box and NOT give us AbZero… I'll take CD, GOOD Mermails and Frogs/Penguins and be happy, then

  36. edwiniseman4 says:

    Sees Puny Penguin …wait!
    looks around to see Penguin Soldier 😢
    sees Nightmare Penguin ….😀 And this is a smile, that I never shown before, somebody shake me cuz I, I must be sleeping…

  37. Caboose Gaming says:

    "Mermails were kind of a flop"

    -Me "fish puns"

  38. NFGOL X says:

    Well FUCK!
    CD is a box UR!

  39. Achraf dante says:

    it's Cool too don't worry about it

  40. Aren Gamer says:

    Neos fusion with o lion looks spicy to me..

  41. EHeroAndrew says:

    I’m insulted that this is a box with a bunch of Water monsters and yet NO EHERO ABSOLUTE ZERO?!?! Not even a Masked HERO Acid!!! What a rip off!

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