New Mexico ACLU pushes for legislation to protect immigrants

October 19, 2019 posted by


5 Replies to “New Mexico ACLU pushes for legislation to protect immigrants”

  1. Gene Apodaca says:

    Fuck aclu illegal is illegal period

  2. Mrz. Renee says:


  3. Southwest med grow says:

    Stupid they need to come the rite way not just because they cross the border what about all the people coming the rite way fuck them rite let the ones who broke the law in first what a joke we need to vote out these dumb ass Democrats. Trump 20/20

  4. G says:

    They want them to be protected just not in santa fe. Bunch of rich white trust fund tags.

  5. Ted Phillips says:

    Illegal immigration is just a way to displace citizen Blacks in the workplace. As Illegals don't show in Department of Labor statistics, Businesses and individuals can hire them instead of citizen Blacks and pay them less. The push for a $15/hr minimum wage is not about benefiting citizens. It's to encourage illegals to come here and work for way less than that. The racist white Democrat South has risen again and hijacked our party.

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