32 Replies to “New Privacy Law In California Could Have Ripple Effect Across America”

  1. Atari Dad says:

    I don't think we should look at Europe as the gold standard for how the internet should be handled, especially after all that Article 13 bullshit.

  2. penguins forall says:

    Websites shouldn't be collecting data the moment you land on a page. They should only collect data once you're signed in and specifically authorize it. Further webbrowsers already have Do Not Track which could be used for this exact purpose. If Do Not Track is on to bad you have to ask your user to sign in and where they are from before conspicuous tracking.

  3. webmuskie says:

    Cool! (changes VPN server to Los Angeles…)

  4. liberty Ann says:

    Consumer privacy. It's called the 4th Amendment. These companies turn this stuff over to the government.

  5. Tim R says:

    Unless you are a non leftist. Then doxing and harrassment is fine and even the tech companies themselves can do it. Anything for the communist totalitarian cause.

  6. DarknezzMadnezz says:

    i wonder if you guys have paid attention and seen that the EU has the exact same law currently in place. so Cali isn't as much a leader but the start of what should have been a general US law to protect consumers. sadly the USA only listens to the rich and anyone not rich enough to donate to politicians don't matter. much like the peoples vote don't actually matter until the Electoral College is removed. Also find it funny how people still willfully ignore this very important detail about the claims that their vote matters when in reality it doesn't.

  7. reality check says:

    The United States has some of the worst privacy laws. The US government requires banks to disclose private information about citizens. Bank now require an unlimited disclosure form to signed before they will give you a bank account. This is shameful and disgusting behavior of Republicans and Democrats

  8. Ronald says:

    If it goes to the highly partisan Supreme Court it's going to be knocked down without question. Califonia's rights versus corporate profits. Is there any doubt how that's going to play out.

  9. MrJonbogli says:

    Its OK to be white, Its OK to be not white. But its sure as hell not OK to be a leftard.
    Especially a leftard who watches this channel dear Lord…SAD!

  10. Maywither Dragon says:

    Why do you hate capitalism!??

  11. Kelly Fortune says:

    Europe is better at everything than we are. We are a first world shit hole when it comes to taking care of the 98%, it’s gross!

  12. Charles Bird says:

    The argument that they could not limit it to Cali is bogus. Google has to do this for the EU under their right to be forgotten but not anywhere else. If they can do it, FB can.

  13. ChrisCa1601 says:

    Interesting news. Could you please put a link to the source in the description?

  14. ThankYouStayedHere says:

    enjoy being locked out of sites unless you give them said data

  15. William Mickelson says:

    What about given away? Free?

  16. Bagsy says:

    Your audio sounds like it was set up by a kindergartner.

  17. Mr Furry says:

    This will do nothing…

  18. WarmWeatherGuy says:

    I'm pretty sure you can reasonably determine which IP addresses are in California and which are not.

  19. MrJonbogli says:

    peddle racial hatred
    platform people endorsing violent revolution
    support child sex trafficking and exploitation
    endorse a politicized armed forces against its citizens
    shaming anyone for having elective surgery.
    constant gross generalisation to generate clicks
    basically cater to the worlds worst bottom feeders
    these are just some of the things i noticed in 4weeks as a new youtube watcher

  20. Jigsaw FlyingCat says:


  21. small hamster says:

    The storms come and go, the waves crash overhead, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling.

  22. Save The Duck says:

    Another move against net neutrality.. malicious hypocrisy will always burn when confronted; that's a signal to work on the root of the issue.

  23. hermenutic says:

    This is a sign analogous to the Republican and Democrat chickens coming home to roost.

  24. Casey Marling says:

    As Cenk looks down, all he sees is a bloated heap, and as he squats down, he hears a faint sound of an object leaving his body, and there it was. A brown stain, unmistakably faeces, and Cenk picks it up and tastes it. ''Yummy!'' he exclaims, as he consumes the waste that his buffalo body excreted

  25. Miss T says:

    We have more to worry about in California than this distraction.

  26. S G says:

    Google may know a lot about me but they do not know me well…..take you tube for example….google’s algorithms for deciding what you will want to watch is so off the mark…..to a one it never hits the mark with what i watch on you tube and always makes suggestions that are completely inaccurate. To be sure, one’s private info is just that, private. If companies want to use an individual’s info that entity should pay for the privilege.

  27. El Tigrero says:

    they're still gonna take your data
    btw Israel's government has access to it through the NSA

  28. EN3RGY says:

    Russia has upped their game and unleashed a lot more bots on all TYT's YouTube channels lately. You can see them all here in this comment section.

  29. Michael Arcaro says:

    If this passes, I’m interested to see how different social media platforms respond to this – specifically, how many of them put up a paywall for users who decline to the selling of their data to access the site and how that will play out for each platforms overall growth.

  30. Michael Desir says:

    Clicking on no , is the trigger to keep your info and sell it. It's an illusion

  31. MalleyaBull says:

    I think if I were confined to a wheelchair i wouldnt be incel. Id be deadcel

  32. Becky Sharp says:

    As AIDS infected needles and human crap line the streets.

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