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what's up what's up everybody big Herc prison talk live you tuned in to another episode you know we keep bringing you guys this game trying to lace you up keep you up on what's going on out there shout out to everybody who had a great weekend on some positive stuff everybody who's doing something to get ahead in life if you haven't had a chance make sure you guys hit the sub button man we trying to hit that half million mark we're almost there we need another a hundred and about one hundred and six thousand so all you we need out there watch but don't subscribe hit the subscribe button also make sure you check out the website fresh ice let us know what you think subscribe to the website leave a comment I try to answer as many comments as possible I can't answer personal questions man I just don't have the time we got a Instagram Facebook Twitter we have you know emails so I can't answer personal questions if it's a prison talk you know somebody to get to it but if you guys want to do consulting go to the website we do consulting you want a 101 then I can answer but to be honest with you we just don't have the time to answer all these questions are also we couldn't get anything done so with that being said if you've got a question shoot us a message off the website or email us if you want to do a consulting then hey man we'll holler for a dollar you know I mean that's how it goes anyways you know you guys stay positive also check out big Herc nine one six on YouTube about the motivation positivity be lacing you up on life it's not more about life than prison but uh hey man check it out let me know what you guys think you know keep it raw near also big hurting I want six on Twitter and Instagram and also fresh shell series on Twitter and Instagram M you guys need to subscribe Ryan thanks for donation you know I wanted to speak on these uh these cameras these new smart cameras are putting up everywhere they already had them at the Super Bowl they got him at a lot of the soccer stadiums a lot of the major event stadiums they have a lot of more ready in England all over they're starting to put them out here now in different areas that are high crime they can read your tattoo man these cameras work off a Verizon they can follow you throughout the city so if you think you're gonna go rob somebody you're gonna go beat somebody up you're gonna hurt somebody you're gonna get your wig split because the Popol gonna split your wig when they catch you they're not messing around they got these cameras and you guys out there thinking you gangster most you guys is not gangster you can't even see you wanting to slap your dog most you guys so for you wanna be's out there you need to go ahead and hang it up get you a nine-to-five go get you a trade and leave the street crime dumb stuff alone man it ain't worth it you're gonna go to jail these these these cameras they can they can see the logo on your shoes they can read body language if you're if you look like you're about to do something they can go back and look at the tape to see what your you were intending to do so if you gonna try to do something to your baby mama you're gonna try to do something to your neighbor if you're thinking about doing something to a store man forget about it Popo is gonna split your wig man and these cameras they gonna hold all the data for 60 days and they gonna go back and they can track your butt all the way to your getaway spot so ain't no getaway spots ain't no high-speed chases you're gonna get away you're gonna get pop brother so I'm trying to put you up on some games you can stay out of you Penitentiary's man and I'm gonna do all the shout outs at the end but what you guys think about that man how you walk in trip them yeah they can read body they're certain there's certain ways of movement where it seemed suspicious if you do something you know they already got about a lot of gas stations people doing stuff man thinking they're gonna get away well now they can follow your car and track it right back to your neighborhood they can read the play read the registration off your plate track that into a database and go and basically link that to your description of the Corinne astir owner of the car and you will get your wig split so leave the game alone man oh yeah your phones already tracking you anyways you know you guys thought you're asleep all you guys running around to cellphones doing dumb stuff your cell phone the tracking device you go out and do dirt with your cell phone and all they've got to do triangular match your location to the time of the crime and you're going down buddy yeah you dummies out there doing dumb stuff man you're going down so leave the life of crime alone you think you're slick you're not slicker than the Popo they will split your wig once again there's other stuff you could be doing instead of going on arm doing dump stuff believe that it's a little harder to get away with crime course even location is off it would still show that's right did you turn your location on thinking still thank you still like your phone location in warrants intent thanks for donation all the crime will have to be done behind a computer yeah they already knew it behind the computer they've got Computer Crimes going on all day but you'll hear about it's like 1980 for me Animal Farm meets the brave new world that's right it's going down man the women's prison video it just didn't drop yet it's couldn't drop I believe tomorrow we need to start committing crimes yeah GPS off doesn't mean anything right what airplane mode you're still being tracked if you are doing anything with your phone on you you are being tracked your phone the tracking device believe that that's how they find people who have been missing when they have their cell phone because they can track it you know I mean Pete somebody done stole somebody's phone committed a crime and it leads him right to the house I know somebody who told me about his neighbor committed a crime he didn't even know the guy was on this kind of time this guy went and allegedly smoked somebody took their phone was chilling and basically the Pope will attract the right introduced house do at that point now put the other timeline you're done you're frying Manny but ya lead a gang leader gang leader game along man find something else better to do your time they have a GPS block and you can plug in your car and now probably wouldn't chest it with my freedom though no I don't test it it ain't worth it Ryan toe or hands to Iran thank you for donation cameras inside of lights linked up that's right you know they got him linked up bro they tracking them that damn ma that damn my verizon 18t they got you man that's private property need to have a warrant well if there's probable cause believe me they're gonna get a they're gonna get a grand jury to indict you you don't mean people who got indicted by grand juries that had conspiracy charges that didn't note her co-conspirator there's a lot of people sitting in a federal pen right now when people on their case that they never met and they were indicted by a grand jury with minimal evidence so bleed that man the feds will bust your head you think to miss my connection is dead or fled by itself hard to say man I don't know I mean there's a lot of missing people man there's a lot of kids there's a lot of you know human trafficking going on people are getting I heard there's a big thing with a lot of people getting picked up and uh basically uh you know shipped off the country so you got to be safe out there man you got to watch who you're hooking up with on these dating sites you got to watch the people he's lending to your business there's a lot of sick people out there man and I'll tell you right now you know when you go to jail man you go to prison you got some of the most heinous despicable people trying to run me trying to run the internal system of the prison among inmates people who on the street we're probably homeless and drug addicts and they get the prison and get three meals and they don't care because they don't they have a better life in prison and man these people man when you when you when you have to deal with these type of people it's no joke you don't want to have to deal with these people so I tell you right now stay on the street man physical wasn't the issue in prison it was the mental what fucking excuse my language you know YouTube partner Marquette but anyways it was the mental dealing with mental midgets man people who have no positive vibe in their body and people who are just dark spirits people who don't care about life people who thrive off of being in a depressed lockdown environment there's a lot of people like that in prison straight losers man stay out of prison what a police state government smart carriers either to promote private best right private prisons man you know you know what you're doing with the private prisons now right see the private prisons when they were doing these ice sweep ups going to these cities picking up all these people right undocumented you know foreigners undocumented they don't need now they're you know a lot of the drug laws of change in America certain American citizens are getting what they consider a break but it ain't a break because you go to Louisiana you go to Alabama you go to these Texas somebody saves their bus in your head you're in me you can college a couple pounds of marijuana and Louisiana you're getting 15 years but what they're gonna start doing is filled up all these illegal immigrants in these private prisons man they gotta fill these beds up I'm telling you man these people you vote in the office or making a ton of money off these private prisons they all got investments in there they got they got stock in these prisons they got these private factories in there and now our heard that they're not letting certain illegals work in the factory so it's just straight barbaric in here there is is every man for himself it's a horrible place man thanks for donation I might be the Entertainer you what you say though they bout to start picking people up again yeah they're filling up the prisons with uh with the people in the ice sweets to my said look Angola in Louisiana's hell on earth I could believe it man I can believe it man they got they got you out there what uh with it you basically to calling the guy massa he's got a horse he's got a rifle and you're on a chain gang Louisiana no joke man Texas no joke Florida no joke Georgia no joke California no joke it might not be a chain gang but you got the racism that's no joke if you if you had that kind of money you would want to invest huh man don't tell me what I invest in Mike Carr ciske you you want to be one of those guys huh ain't waiting for them your loving kid your film that's right man let me kiss your family man spend time with your kids how do you track your ass get is track your schedule and goals I'll put together a vision board and I try to set aside every more like once a week I go through my planner and try to put together a game plan for what I want to accomplish for the week and that's how I go about just trying to achieve my goals man I have you know I have my immediate goals that I have my yearly goal within my five-year plan human trafficking and crazy in Mexico yeah I could believe it and Louisiana slavery is legal bickering us Tom okay another troll here in Texas we got Louisiana company house and a private SLS see what is called huh yeah man a private prisons man is big man these cats are sitting up there man and see the thing is none of their people are gonna go to prison until they can pay to get out if your kid gets caught up in a drug case or a rape case like the guy at Stanford he didn't do no time man the guy ripped he kicked raped a girl admitted it and he's free and then you have guys who had no evidence and they go to jail and then they got a fight to get out and hopefully get the case overturned money in this country is is it is basically his King man cash is king in this country somebody said trafficker they're now getting people by posing as uber and lyft drivers and they target young people have clothes who may be drunk to check it's the right car all right man for you guys out there who youth uber and lyft man please pay attention to your driver check your app make sure it's the right driver make sure it's the right car don't just stumble into any car if you're a woman never take uber a lift from the club alone never never never never never if you're a female never take uber alone peer you should take it alone dirt for sure at night during the day a man you know pay attention but at night it said no no I would not trust these uh these weirdos out theater Ryan thanks for donation Trey Hahn it's okay all over New York they still are wild I hear you Ryan Trey Hahn got your brother yeah man cameras I mean you know some people don't care man yeah Texas man Texas is no joke man if you're richer chatter get a case and move do you keep it on your financial status well if you if you're if you got money I tell you I mean if you're somebody who's balling balling the government comes in takes your millions a lot of times these people got money in other countries man I mean but the fans they're gonna come through and they're gonna check everything anything everything you know your wife's money or kids money they're gonna go through everything so you know usually if you got a case that involves any type of fraud anything that basically has a crazy fine they're gonna go after your cash restitution they're gonna get that John to far thanks for donation my homeboy and I watch all your content can I get a shout out my boy chubbs you had chump shout-out to you donation I'll do Restless shoutouts at the end also you guys you know if you have somebody you want to that look in the interview if you wanna if you want to do an interview you can email us at pressure series at we do a background check we don't we don't interview any pedophiles anybody who's on some old booty band at time anybody who the rapist if you're if you're garbage and you're talking about garbage we're not gonna interview man we don't need to interview people who are garbage people who want to talk about something that is not going to change a life in a positive direction but if you're in the local area LA California we can you know set the interview up or if you got the funds you can fly us out and we'll interview your local town but if you are if you did anything that's out of pocket man we're not gonna holler at you man Watterson ten thanks for donation I want even eat food i order from ubereats if something looks off with the driver yeah man you know uber each man they had drivers that were spitting in the food drinking the sodas taking a sip from the soda taking french fries and stuff out I mean you gotta watch out man I know a lot of these people are just so lazy man but you got to watch out when you ordering food from these weirdos some of these people man you got think about it you're delivering your food what is it what kind of what do they really have at home I mean they're working a job to deliver your food for a minimum minimum pay and they hungry cuz they work in all day so you think he can take a piece of your french fry a body or pizza or a sybian sucker your soda come on y'all don't be stupid some of these people man they might live out of a car and drive over each mistress 6×3 donation respect you big hurt you out here putting in work to keep your use out of the system getting and keeping them informed keep up the good work on brother amen I appreciate you man you know a lot of times man people go through the system and they don't want nobody to know they keep it a secret and that's the worst thing you could do if you if you have been able to change your life for the better and you can share your experience you don't know how impactful that is is on a young person that can change a young person's life man that can make a young person think twice knowing that they're getting a game from an OG from somebody who's been through the system but who now is an example of how you could change your life this ain't no glorifying man getting tattoos in prison drinking prove no fighting on the yard you know stabbing somebody is nothing to brag about man there's nothing to brag about the people we interview they state if they talk about that it's because you don't want to have to experience that man there's nothing cool about any of that oh thanks for the donation again Ryan these other countries have their priorities and order cuz they're for the people here money is the all-seeing eye I agree man I mean money money is a money is the motivator here you know in other countries though you go to some of the Muslim countries man you get caught doing a rape or something they're just gonna kill you on the spot man you're gonna have a quick trial and they gonna stone you or they're gonna cut you they're gonna cut you eat we all you know some of them Saudi Arabian countries where they might get a pedophile or touch the kid you Wheatley's coming off and so you literally these little weirdos out here yeah let them go and they do that stuff this is any other country they would have no way we know more which might be the best thing for these guys who have issues touching on kids man anybody who does that needs that we we cut off you have somebody send their parents are from Iraq they'll cut your hand off they don't play man they don't play man and the thing is though we hear people think of the joke Glenn Truman Schwimmer Glenn shriman hope I didn't mention a ma too bad man your thought on firefighters big shout out from Texas hey man firefighter they're out there you know putting in work I worked on the fire crew when I was at UH when I was at Grass Valley at the Youth Authority fire camp you know I talked to firefighters and I've met some firefighters men they they handle their business man I mean I don't knock firefighters I don't knock law enforcement I don't knock the military I mean do the whole thing is keeping a balance man it's up to you guys to police each other you know fireman they come in there they're helping people the police officers man police each other man somebody's beatdown was uncalled for you know man I mean come on man you know I've seen on one of the guys on Facebook yells out he had he's got a gun there was no good in sight it's uncalled for man it's uncalled for the training needs to go back to the table and do more training man you know it shouldn't be a fear situation I you shouldn't have to teach your kids how to respond if you know they encounter law enforcement there's supposed to be people that are not that are there to you can ask for help I mean come on man but I don't have anything against them man there's a lot of good news out there I know some dudes that are on the up-and-up man you know I mean they watch the show and you know they're trying to really make a difference in a committee and then you have some you know like those guys they busted in Baltimore they would just planted guns on people they were just straight they were straight Cowboys you said they didn't give a damn ilex the board thank you for donation have you seen the documentary murder rap about begging Tupac in a nutshell puffy order to hit on Tupac and Suge order the hit on Biggie how puffy still free man it's no hard evidence man he said I mean money talking to hard evidence I mean people could say stuff but it's all hearsay at this point you can't just sit mate you know say something you know after the fact and there's basically no evidence around to support the burner and think they're going to go out for puppy man shit you can make puppy of Tupac's murder come on man you're gonna need more than a documentary I mean you know our Kelly had what four or five women talking about what he did and then you know it brought along every created an indictment Bill Cosby sent in I mean you gotta have relevant witnesses who are willing to take the stand who could show valid evidence that can convict somebody so it's got to be more than just hearsay money is the key to opens all doors women's prison video didn't work I'll look into that because the women's prison video I think it's supposed to go up tomorrow we're just advertising I don't think it's actually supposed to drop today the women's prison video is off the hook man you guys got to subscribe and watch that video when it drops women's prisons or more drama going on in men's prisons man totally different thing and those men those guys working in the women's prison they busted a lot of cheeks a lot of Chiefs getting busted in the women's prison man you know you got these little weird old looking dudes up in there working and they bust some cheeks you have some money said our killer would leave him jizz on the scene our Kelly had DNA at every crime scene every crime scene he had DNA and video footage so our Kelly situation man you know puffy in on camera doing anything our Kelly he recorded himself committing acts with minors or Kelly in a cig dude man you know all those songs my body is calling for you I mean come on or Kelly you know I mean he goes to McDonald's in the main back man out of pocket man hear me come on man get you somebody your own age but hey I'm not here to convict our Kelly he produced some hell of a songs man but he's out of pocket with some young people man aqus thank you for donation barek hurricane you know that neighbors are right with crime could it be like biblical Israelites inure lost urines returned plantation nah nah man ain't no not yearning to return the massive biblical man look man I don't I don't I'm not religious man I don't follow the Bible bro anything that was used to explain people from way back some little book that they use the manipulate I don't listen to it I listen to no Bible as far as going to church or anything like that I don't knock it but you're not gonna trick me by having me give you any donation or follow anybody who use that Bible as a tool to enslave people I'm not going for it and the florins yeah black people are lost anytime you got a bunch of people who don't realize that with everything that's going on if they actually turn the direction just a little bit they would all be successful you know the game man it's just a straight trick bag you know they give these rappers all the money let and they promote the video they have an agenda they got the guys with ski mask on their face holding a or 15 I mean dude why would you do a video in a liquor store what a ski mask what a gun what are you telling a young person you got to be a damn jackass I'm just keeping it real you're gonna have a ski mask with a gun in a video and you're rapping like that's cool what's cool about that what is positive about that there's nothing what escape I know man I used to be best I know what it brings it up you you guys that use or how I used it but I've used it and ain't no nope nothing positive from that unless you're doing unless you're on a some type of secret task force and another country you're extracting somebody or you're going into a military situation you don't need to have no ski mask man I wouldn't wear a ski mask in Aspen I'll have a beanie lon but I wouldn't have no damn ski mask on because I'm not trying to get shot it's just you guys it's one thing to listen to the music but when you try to emulate these these dummies who ain't out there doing no dirt and the ones who are they get caught up any stupid cases and they look like dummies man vodka drinker thanks for donation I'm tired cop saying are in fear of their lives when they have body armor hand guns tasers batons backup with the five minutes just get out of jail statement whenever there is shooting I agree man it's not you your fear for your life you've got a rifle a pistol multiple pistols baton I mean come on dude I mean you know I've seen places in other countries that I knew the machetes and they take them down they're not this shooting people you know so I mean it's gotta be I mean target practice on a black guy there's one guy they said he was shot 76 times 76 times man how can a person be shot 76 times it doesn't make no sense you fear for your life come on brother and come home and it's got to be a better answer than that and you know a lot of things the circumstances I don't know the particulars but I know 76 times whoever that person was they they must have had an automatic weapon but I tell you right now the guy who shot up the church he got arrested the kids that shot of Colorado High School that arrested you know a lot of these dudes man get arrest I don't understand how they pick and choose I mean it's just like is this it's a crazy situation man but it definitely gotta be some mom definitely gotta be some changes I saw my sight you ski masks before proceeding three operator five years experience and US Army Rangers Special Forces I've killed three people in combat I'm glad being really girly looking with my long hair but hey hey man you you you a G your rotation he's not me you use the ski mask for what you were supposed to use the port they go put in some work in the name of the government you know I mean but talking about young people in America black young kids do not wear ski leave ski mask alone please man do not get a ski mask do not hold a toy gun make a video talking about how you went bump real estate how you bought a house how you invest it or bought a store or you know you're enjoying the good life leave guns out of the video man it is you're smart go legally get a license to hold the owner gun and leave it at there but to talk about you want to shoot a do because you know some Buhler buh-buh-buh-buh-buh of man is stupid man don't throw your life away man these guys are these guys are tricking you in a trick bag cuz they're rapin every rap song stop my killing somebody I'm telling you man these dudes are setting you up man we are the US army we go after you after gangsters hello Z I'm not gangster trust me well it is gangster bro military man I mean my Special Forces the Green Berets the Navy SEALs hey man you can't be no you can't be no buster ain't no weaklings going to do the training and I know a lot of dudes who claim to be gangster and they can't do 100 pushups they couldn't they couldn't carry their dirt dirt their partner on their back if it life depended on it so it is gangster man gangster ain't necessarily running around drinking a 40 you know talking about with tattoos I'm talking about people who put in major work and it you know if you tell my gangster going down to get Noriega going down and taking out some of these guys in Colombia man that's gangster shit man the military has high power gangster stuff chasing down a cigarette boats and blowing them off the water I got some peace I know people who worked in the military and they told me they can do some gangsta shit on the water and Sweden the policemen have to be initiated danger to fire someone and then they first go for the leg even then it's probably going to be a long investigation and they in the u.s. they seem to be shooting yeah I agree you know I don't see why somebody couldn't shoot somebody leg and keep it pushing donate on YouTube you can't donate on Instagram where was I during the LA riots shit I think I was locked up man I think I was locked up I wonder why when I when I kicked up I know I was locked up somewhere I wouldn't I don't think I'm on the street I can't remember what year that was all right rule gates just praise the Lord okay that's not gangster all right whatever you want to call it man you everybody's got their own definition I'm telling you right now that these guys with the private military is gangster man you guys have a lot of you guys man you sit around you don't have a clue what real gangsterism is because you don't know how things work on a global scale when we talk about economic hitman people who go into other countries who basically create this these debts to come in and take the country over you guys have no clue man you don't read you guys what you guys haven't read ten books you haven't did your homework I know I know real gangsters is and then 18 dudes run around on the block these dudes ain't gangster these news you know how they're Nagin because as soon as you say i'ma cut you do something to them they gonna telling everybody you know go after your Kusa you probably don't even know him because he ain't telling grack somebody's old someone Simpson these dudes that come from these other countries over in Russia or me they're not telling either you guys think you're gangster but soon you get up in there Eddie in 48 hours and you're telling on everybody you're telling us stuff that you heard about come on man you guys ain't no real gangsters up there a lot of y'all man I'm trying to tell you that anything cool about trying to be straight anyway you won't be gangster take care of your family get a decent job and get off the dope man quit being a loser and quit making excuses for yourself that's gangster for real gangster is taking care of business and when I'm talking about international stuff that's because some other time but that's a whole nother conversation for you guys gangster is about taking care of your family and not being a dummy going out backwards to the penitentiary time for the shout outs man time for the shoutout shout out to everybody in Sacramento sac town nor violence amen be about your business out there shout out to uh who else we got out here shout out to Toronto shout out to uh ya know I'm retired but I gotta keep it real Rush's real gangster I know yeah I know Russ and they playing man telling on each other I seen a lot of women in the pan Burbank shout out to Burbank shout out to uh Los Angeles shot the temple Florida shouts Australia shout out to San Jose shot the Little Rock Shop North Hollywood shot the corona shot El Salvador shot the Florida South to South Gate the child Alamitos out to North Carolina child to Michigan shots in New Mexico South Dakota Long Island 509 Louisiana Bakersfield like Fresno West Colton the Bronx Santa California mallamma Sweden Waterford Alameda Atlanta Georgia Little Rock Long Beach Marilyn las vegas texas kentucky medellin colombia frisco four and five kansas city can't Kansas City Kansas Woodland California lbc New York Sactown kill be thanked for donation big fan watching four years any advice for someone starting to business whatever it is man do your homework make sure you know the ins and outs you know you know you know you don't get involved with something that you can't sustain for more than a year if you don't make a profit you know and just do your homework man New Zealand Colorado Durango Mexico San Luis Obispo Fall River Massachusetts 62 one current County Robstown Texas amen I'm one forgot to mention July 13th 1:00 p.m. we'll be doing a meet and greet at Venice Beach California the basketball courts we're gonna have merge we're gonna have stickers will be chopping it up compiler I'll be signing autographs I'll have some books out there a man come through and you know big hugs nine one six fresh out we're going to be doing a big Amen well about the positivity man when I said gangster I'm not disrespecting the military I'm letting to be known the man that I know I better our military and the stuff that they do at that high power level is some gangster shit for real it ain't gangster when you run around here in the block and you drive by you shooting at people you hit kids and parents and just shoot random and for nothing man for nothing most of your problems coming and worked out talking there's no need to be shooting people man so you know gangster is like I said man whatever it is if you're doing something man into some of different level that's military stuff is not a different level over here man take care of your family man Skibo 32 things from no nation you know be positive take care of your family you know most y'all don't need to be trying to be gangster anyway you know all that all that stuff that they showing out there sulfate Giovanni E thanks for donation shout out King's Landing and Amelia 361 Brooklyn pro/5 a man wash California yeah we're gonna record the meet-and-greet so it'll be gonna be gonna be um it'd be on a channel next month amen love y'all stay positive stay off the way man pop holes out there man hey man you guys tryin to talk to the people man I've noticed some crazy people out there but didn't have some people out there that might just need some help you know I'm sayin so let's just try to everybody work things out we got a big it's a big urgent agenda out there and we gotta live in harmony you know I'm telling you right now I hate living in the pan and you know I luckily I've met a couple good dudes out there but uh you know it's it's a it's a lot of dirt up in here you guys should have to experience that man I don't want you to go through that skeeball 32 thanks for donation my car service key here love your content amen Thank You Man you have July 13th Venice Beach the bball court come through I'll be there what o'clock Chris Allen thanks for donation amen you guys have a great week man enjoy dressed your wheat you know watch out they got those cameras so you guys need a clean you act up man leave the dirt alone love you kids talk to your kids man make sure you know who their friends are and go through their stuff man I don't that's your stuff that you live in your house go through this stuff because you don't want them on no drugs up in here and you got to get them sooner than later so talk to your kids man love y'all I'm out big hurt and I want six getting down fresh out


36 Replies to “New Smart Cameras – Crime Prevention or Full Blown Surveillance? – Prison Talk Live Stream E116”

  1. No No says:

    They won’t catch you on camera if you have a bag on your head

  2. Dan Mikutis says:

    @Big Herk please do some research on what you speak on. The ICE raids are not picking up the random illegal with their family trying to make it. The ICE raids are going after illegals that are known to the system, pedophiles, murderers and criminals that have been arrested and are wanted criminals. You and your wife wouldn't allow these people to live next door to your house and neither would I. You normally have a positive well informed opinion but you are a person that has many Republican values still trained to be a Democrat. Broaden your research to more than CNN, MSNBC and the left media.

  3. Jet Set says:

    What’s the best way to fight against for profit prisons?

  4. jodo1971 says:

    Don't forget about biometrics: you can be identified by your unique body movements which are being constantly recorded and cataloged. They can even tell ur emotional state with biometrics. This shit is being used, they just don't talk about it. Walmart tracks felons in their stores. You walk in, the camera gets you, identifies you, and processes your criminal status and likelyhood of you stealing! THIS IS NO FUCKING JOKE!

  5. Sam Stewart says:

    so glad you slammed r kelly

  6. James R says:

    They can prove you left your phone at home during the crime because they can tell if you have been active and that you left it inactive during the period of time the crime was committed. They can say that you were active on your phone 24/7 other than that specific time frame.

  7. Eddie says:

    BIG herc you should try to get the Central Park 5 on the show!!!

  8. SixteenHundredd says:

    Invasion of privacy

  9. Joseph Hooks says:

    Big herc you cool my G but you gotta double back handle that big cas shit, the doors on that bitch is getting blown wide open by his ppl. We all get tricked every now and then but after you know u gotta handle it, plus take his videos down off your shit cause dude ain’t solid.

  10. Ezra Turrubiartes says:

    Thank you 1on1? My father Enlightened me with alot of shit, everything Big Hurc is saying is word. And his word is bond.

  11. xisobelx373 says:

    We are participating and Willingly bringing big brother into our homes – Facebook, smart devices that can take control of mic and cams and record without any notices , smdh it is Surveillance

  12. chris weaver says:

    I got a question whats it like for a foreigner in U.S. prison? I was in main jail drunk tank for a night cycling while intoxicated and people heard my accent and wanted to chat it up after hearing my British accent.

  13. JPLift says:

    And I'm assuming these cameras are going to magically not catch what politicians do behind the scenes

  14. JPLift says:

    The government does this well. Creating more forms of control with the excuse that it will help us catch "terrorists" and other "violent criminals." Bullshit. That isn't the purpose behind it. The best solution to this issue is awareness, but I'm afraid the majority will be ignorant until it's too late.

  15. ryanstarz says:

    I agreed that it is not gangster for people to be in the neighborhood shoot each other. But it is also not gangster for the US to use the army to go kill innocent women and children and men

  16. RussMC says:

    Ignore the trolls Herc. You're a good man teaching good life lessons after a dumb mistake as a kid. It takes a lot of self assessment to realize this. The trolls are just instigating.

  17. Sean Gray says:

    Yo herc I share your channel a lot. Never been locked up but also find lots of direction watching your content

  18. The_Real_Tay_LOuD says:

    Love the framed Ali pictures on the back wall. Herc been a real one been following for about a year now and herc constantly putting the young cats on game and speaking nonstop positivity!

  19. Jeffrey Lebowski says:

    The ident software they run on the collected video, tags all your clothing individually, along with your identifiable features.

    Then the software backtracks and finds you in all your proceeding movements.

    For example, they got a guy who is dressed a certain way, they go back a bit and he has same shoes he didn't change before the offence.
    That's just a simple one.

  20. Nateworthy530 X says:

    Hey Big Herc. Serious question man. I want to support your channel and your cause by grabbing some of your gear. I have never been to jail but have a lot of respect for people turning their lives around after getting out of the system. Growing up my father employed a lot of guys with serious records and have helped a couple of childhood friends after they got out. My question is am I a buster for rocking that Wigsplitter hoodie even though I'm not personally about that life. That's not too say I haven't tossed hands but I don't want to be caught reppin something im not supposed to. Kinda like a stolen valor kinda deal. You are doing good work bro. Keep up the positivity. Much respect from up the road in Grass Valley.

  21. Mr. Talofa says:


  22. Gregory says:

    They use face recognition trade days. They fingerprint the side of your palm now. Wear a mask, gloves, bootleg car.

  23. Lord Chancho says:

    How much money do you need to split my boss’s wig, Herc?

  24. waxsalesman says:

    Your phone tracks you when it's off too

  25. TooShortToTurn SS3 says:

    The cameras caught me busting cheeks, I was busting a punk's cheeks in the bushes the the whole thing is recorded

  26. IrishPatriotic says:

    Quick question. Is the term "fool" offensive in prison? I have often heard a lot of the guys you have on from Cali using the term fool, but they say it in a way that doesn't sound insulting, they call their own homies "fool" without any hostility.

  27. Tae Davis says:

    Bro I have to say this😂😂😂 you are DARK ASF omg😭

  28. Bay Area West Vallejo says:

    Yo favorite rapper jayz got investments in private prisons

  29. Chris Ruiz says:

    We have had these in Chicago since the early 2000s

  30. marcus ohm says:

    Well offcourse . big herc. Is influencing a lot of ppl in the right way. Off course he's being harrased by " modern technology." Yes this is something we seen in movies….

  31. Sunrise says:

    You can take the battery out of your phone, but it still tracks.

  32. Dreyhov says:

    28:02 hahaha

  33. Dreyhov says:

    3:16 if you slap your dog you're a low life piece of shit, I'll split your fucking wig bitch

  34. Jonathan says:

    What's the easiest way to split a wig, while avoiding getting your cheeks busted?

  35. Timothy T. Kelsey says:

    Yo hurk…is badger ok….do YOU KNOW ANYTHING on Badger….

  36. RtistiqSkubie says:

    Big Herc vs Larry Wheels in the gym. Who takes the L there?

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