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George what a complex intriguing case really rich ground for further investigation in fact I'm thinking of doing a paper on this just based on his specific behavior so what what are we talking about exactly here he has this obsession with with protecting locking things up locks Keys chains safety deposit boxes try to keep things contained something that's just clearly on his mind and I'm not exactly sure where he's coming from but it's obviously having an impact on the family I know it seems obsessive but let me explain secure everything excessive maybe but maybe maybe this is just the result of the challenges I bring home from work when security breaches on just a question of if but rather win and then it's about how quickly and effectively you respond and what you do to improve and prevent the same thing from happening again Oh his cake election his cake election in the past I worry about a dozen or so devices but now in the internet of things has been sleepless nights worrying about a hundreds or thousands of devices each one of which is constant monitoring and operating with the latest patches the endless man-hours and maintenance but patch management is an integral part in stopping the dark forces that mess with our very livelihoods there are thousands of tools and hundreds of vendors all promising to help increase our security posture deciding on who meets our needs is a challenge to say the least the challenge seems daunting the solution elusive uh I can dream can't I picture frame is it an impossible dream to ask for a 360 degree view of the company's security posture through a single view down to the smallest of details I mean is it impossible to really want full control oh boy I told you the hackers that happens no it's not a dream I found a trusted partner who assumed a consultative first approach will tailor and deploy the fright integrated security and management solutions that fit my needs a partner who's prepared to face the challenges of the future with me to enable need to see the big picture you he do the things that I really need to be doing for dealing with the madness and focusing on all the opportunities that the future hold and embarking on the journey of discovery of what comes next yes you did honey he is good with him you

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