NM Attorney General to investigate Pulte Homes amid repair, warranty complaints

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6 Replies to “NM Attorney General to investigate Pulte Homes amid repair, warranty complaints”

  1. Dan Kirchner says:


  2. SharePoint_Shaman says:

    There is now a place for customers of Pulte to share and collaborate. https://www.facebook.com/customersofpulte/

  3. Brenden Silvia says:

    Currently own a New Pulte Home Built 11-2017 Since being forced into an incomplete home we have had continued issues with leaking roofs, Moldy kitchen walls, backyard flooding, windows warped, lights flickering, ac not working correctly, heating set up incorrectly plumbing backed up more walls and stucco cracking than not, grout cracked overpriced underbuilt home. But according to Pulte that's the way they are? Currently Pulte wants us to pay $7,000 dollars out of pocket to fix the mold issues there negligence caused. Santa Fe deserves better! For the amount of money New Mexicans are expected to pay for these homes they should be of a better build quality. The warranty process should be more thoughtful and the company Pulte held accountable for there PPP. Pulte still continues to patch this home together as they refuse to fix the problems properly, or timely for that matter. If you are looking at this its probably to late and your fighting one of the most stressful expensive fights of your life. Well I affirm you should not be put through this and if any one else has isses please reach out to me I would love to swap horror stories.Santa Fe's officials should be looking into this in greater detail as a home in Santa Fe should not diminish value as quickly as these shotty homes will. Hector Balderas has other big issues in the state as well. CID anyone in Santa Fe that inspects, licenses, approves or deals with this company. Look into pulte complaints and see what others around are having to deal with and tell us why New Mexicans should have to deal with company with so many intentional flaws. Currently we have large holes leaking cold air and mold into our home. Thanks PulteSincerely PO's in SF !

  4. Jeff says:

    PULTE = FAULTY! For a good quality home, do NOT use a well-known homebuilding company. Hire a local builder who has a good reputation for quality work in your area.

  5. Pyroman / says:

    Do not trust all these big name home builders they cheap out in materials, hire cheap subs … your better off hiring a small company with a good record might cost a little more

  6. SteamPunk says:

    Why and how do these people close on a defective home? Better to walk away before the closing. Get thorough inspections and be prepared to walk away. Also, be aware that new home warranties are matters of state law. It doesn’t matter what warranty the builder claims to “offer.”

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