NNSA's Office of Secure Transportation

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since 1947 the US Department of Energy do e and its predecessor agencies have moved nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons components and special nuclear material by a variety of commercial and government transportation modes in the late 1960s the Albuquerque Operations Office was directed to expand its transportation system to provide protection to all shipments involving special nuclear material an increase in political act of violence prompted a review of procedures for the safeguarding of the materials in 1975 the office of secure transportation was established and responsibility for nuclear weapons transportation was transferred to the Albuquerque Operations Office of the Atomic Energy Commission predecessor to the Department of Energy in 2000 d OE created the National Nuclear Security Administration this office administers the total United States nuclear weapons program including the design production and delivery of nuclear weapons and components OST has developed the safeguards transporter or Sgt a technologically advanced vehicle that enhances safety and security for special nuclear material cargoes the Sgt is constructed to survive very severe highway accidents including impact and a long duration fire the sgts are designed and built to deter surprise and delay even the most aggressive adversary OST convoys are composed of unmarked escort and transport vehicles the only easily recognized feature is the US government license plate escort vehicles always accompany transport vehicles transports are conventional three-axle truck tractors with two axles semi trailers while the escort vehicles vary in design

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