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all right this video is about invoking my rights under the federal trust agreement of 1919 that was buried a long time ago now concerning a trust that is when the certificate of origin is confiscated at the initial point of sale and that document was supposed to be placed in trust and any trust account you have the executor the trustee and the beneficiary and you were to be the intended beneficiary of this trust see in 1919 federal government made it illegal for you to own a vehicle as private property because right after World War one Uncle Sam was strapped for cash and he needed collateral to pay off his creditors so they devised this scheme to confiscate your property and then once in possession of the certificates of origin were able to use them as bearer bonds as collateral to either borrow money or pay off their debt and then to pull this off they needed the boys in the in Detroit to engineer a marketing strategy to sell the illusion of ownership you don't own a vehicle you're just a tenant you have property rights as a tenant so now we call the federal government Uncle Sam I've given the Commonwealth a name cousin Willie after William Penn so I've attached two other videos to this video first of all homemade plates well homemade plates are illegal stop to think about it when a truck is issued a d-o-t number the Department of Transportation does not issue the truck a plate the truck is assigned a number and then the trucker has to go and get a stencil kit and put stenciled numbers on the side of the vehicle usually under the on the driver's door so that they're using the driver's door as a metal license plate when you apply for a state-issued number by implied consent you were waiving the benefits of the federal trust agreement number you're asking cousin Willy to issue the vehicle number doesn't need after 1954 all state issue in place the place became vanity plates so if you don't ask for a specialty number cousin Willie will sign you one before I forget you've taken all this little sticker here we are being scammed the six ways to Sunday this number when you get your plate renewing you in your issue the new registration card this number does not appear on the registration card and in fact to see this quote in this Keystone logo this is the remnant of the tax stamp at one time this Keystone logo was much bigger off to the side there was a separate metal plate that was riveted to the license plate that had its own this number was actually on the tax stamp so a plane actually had two sets of numbers it had this your this countless merchant number and it had its tax step number on a separate issue at one time your so-called registration card was a registration certificate and that was signed by the tax officer and that was displayed on the vehicle but they started tampering with these documents and these stickers right before they started putting up parking leaders and opening up the toll booths because they deprived you of a valid tax receipt because under the federal plan you were exempt from paying tolls or parking fees now cousin Willie is a trustee of federal property and as the trustee because of Willie could attach stickers inspection weight stickers mission and in fact we never needed to have to carry a so-called registration card in our wall that are kept in the glove compartment because initially the back end was called a registration certificate that was attached to the back window so vehicles could have a registration card with certificate fixed to the front windshield but then it's signed by appropriate official because at one time the the inspection sticker had a Fastenal signature of the Secretary of Revenue but then they goofed up in 1956 when both the Fastenal signature and the tax identification number were visible on the front that created a valid tax exemption and after that was discovered and they altered the stickers and then they removed the Fastenal signature and then from then on it's only the number that appears I'm sure you've heard about double dipping well this is like triple dipping we're made to pay tax upon tax upon tax so I'm going to notify the authorities like I said the like the attorney and local the police department that I'm gonna start driving around with my own plate I've I've contacted a company that will make me an actual metal a metal plate and the embossed alpha alpha numeric number I'm gonna have the PICUs size the same size as like a vise a motorcycle and then it has the appropriate reflective qualities this is like my Rosa Parks maneuver is I am trying to expose trust fraud because I claim that the only license plate the vehicle needs is the event plate and the only registration card of vehicle needs is the title in fact you don't need to get your VIN plate renewed every year and you don't have to get the title we do it every year but when you ask cousin Willie to assign this vehicle a number you're waving the benefits of the federal trust agreement and then turning Kazi cousin Willie into the trustee beneficiary and now if I was going to use this vehicle for taxi or a bus then cousin Willie could assign me a deal T number and then I put stencil stenciled numbers on the side maybe on the door or in the back to identify this as a vehicle used for commerce but just for personal use this is one and done I prepaid for Road use I mean Uncle Sam confiscated the vehicle and all the equity and that was like a prepayment for Road use and my dividend as the beneficiary I had permanent register status I don't pay anymore one and done looks like I have my season's pass in fact this VIN number was supposed to be the official easy passed account number I'm done we'd be getting ripped off for a long time when you first of all when it comes to a plate this is uh this has several functions one it starts off as a blank piece of metal which is state property then it has to list the port of registry people don't realize that most of our regulations concerning registration who came from shipping from ships in 1919 the federal government Uncle Sam declared all roads as hostile in the Inland Waterways there's no such thing as a public right-of-way because the only way this vehicle could trespass on the roads is that if it's registered and licensed this is the actual vehicles registration number its VIN number just stop and think about it when you look at a title it says she was a registered owner well that means there was a registration process this is the registration number you see in 1919 Uncle Sam declared all vehicles is stolen by default as such contraband subject to a media confiscation until registered and when the vehicles left the factory and went to the local car dealer that was the impound yard they were placed in quarantine so in some respects a car dealership is the same way as the state liquor store that the bottles of whiskey they're placed in quarantined in Contractor contraband they've been impounded and they cannot be released until taxes are paid well when you look at your certificate of title since there's no definition I'm explained to you some of its attributes one a certificate of title is a confiscation receipt proof that the certificate of origin was confiscated the initial point of sale another attribute is that it's your tax certificates because before our title can be issued all taxes and fees have to be paid but I wonder wonder the taxes that like a tariff so I don't have to pay anymore now if the if I'm gonna get pulled over if I'm gonna be getting pulled over they're gonna have to explain why what love my violating I'm not committing fraud I'm listing Pennsylvania supportive registry and that is the vehicle's registration number when I mean I could buy a vehicle and have a title but I don't need to have a plate issued so when Europe applying for the uh cousin Willie to issue a plate for a vehicle then you're waiving the benefits of the federal plate this is an actual plate that's a separate metal plate that's riveted to the vehicle and it's not listed on the parts list this plate is federal property that comes with benefits federal benefits see the reason why they did this because this trust agreement was created with a backdoor so as a cousin Willie being the trustee of federal property he's collected he was collecting all these certificates of origin and there was supposed to be placed in a trust account like a portfolio and they couldn't be touched but they were worth millions of dollars so they created a trust with a backdoor and when you applied for this number by waiving your actual registration number that allowed cousin Willie and Uncle Sam to raid the trust account like a cookie jar so all evidence of this trust fraud they had a to conceal this is why by 1936 this vehicle code was censored the enabling act stable jurisdiction and even the historical footnotes were gone censored the current publication of the vehicle code is less credible in a comic book it's a masterpiece of deceptive generic terminology even the name they have given it vehicle code generic so in the second part of this video that when I invoke my rights under the federal registration number the current vehicle code that no longer applies to this vehicle because the actual vehicle code that applied to this vehicle they made it disappear this is a bogus number enforced by a bogus vehicle code and before I start using this plate I'm making a formal demand I'll go to Tara two Hills office or any other state rep and ask them for an official definition of a certificate of title in writing and as soon as they try to put one word to paper they're going to implicate themselves to the trust fraud this is going to be a catch-22 we've been snookered for a long time we've been taking this fools and this is going to be embarrassing I'm threatening a multi-billion dollar racket for a long time see the reason why Uncle Sam did this this well 1919 that was the end of the first global war for World War one Uncle Sam's deficit went up by 25 billion I was probably like a hundred billion today that first global war was expensive so Uncle Sam didn't have enough collateral to pay off the creditors so it had to invent some kind of scheme to steal your property and then transfer that to the creditors to the banks because when you buy a vehicle as soon as it leaves the impound yard it's immediately devalue the scrap price all the equity sucked out as though it was a ship that had its cargo looted because all the money that you dish out to pay for a vehicle that's credited to the certificate of origin and I said you're not a possession one that one aspect of a certificate of origin acted as a property transfer transfer receipt when you carefully examine this wording on a title it says a lot of nothing registration is confiscation by proxy and you just have the illusion see the word my is tricky that's a tricky little word you say my doctor does that mean you own him you could say the word my all you want but of no vehicle is yours you're the tenant you have property rights as a tenant and I want to invoke my property rights as a tenant under this federal registration number that's one thing about the boys in Harrisburg and Washington they're professional Liars they're masters at word crafted there are word magicians this Orwellian Newspeak because if i claim that i get pulled over i'm gonna claim that well i got the official certificate of registration i got a title and the officer says i can't use that as such well words that say I can't it's an undefined document so then we're gonna have to explain what it is by first claiming what it isn't and any attempt to define a certificate of title this is where they they're in a jam because then you're gonna implicate themselves to trust fry this if we're going on for long before we were born I mean what is government today well after 1871 federal government became a corporation and and a corporate form of government is an engine of theft we don't have public servants we have corporate officers they're there to feed their own belly to take care of their special friends we're just the exploitable commodity and speaking of commodity what aspect of a title it's a liability license and in legal and liability is treated as a commodity with its own intrinsic value see as far as the illusion you could never buy sell or trade an automobile because it's federal property the only you could buy sell or trade is the liability license and that was assigned a value out of thin air and its equity is depreciates very quickly there right now I'm behind the Freeland post-office and I'm here to show you these postal vehicles now if you can see in the video but these postal vehicles have no license plate of any kind of touched all those they have are stenciled hull plate numbers on the front and back up on the top by the roof now the reason why is because as federal property these vehicles are exempt from the vehicle code all right I stopped at this car dealer because someone explained that this is an impound yard and all these vehicles were confiscated by the federal government the moment they left the factory and this is why you call the VIN plate was placed on them because that was the mark of contraband you have to realize the when the federal government did a long time ago long before we were born in 1919 when the federal government passed the National motor vehicle theft Act it made it illegal for you to own a vehicles private property this is why if you would buy a new car that the certificate of origin is confiscated and what you understand is ownership is just an illusion in fact our generation we have a weird concept of ownership we've lost the true sense of the word because if you owned the vehicle the only way the government will be able to take it from you is that they'd have to have a trial by jury and if you own your vehicle your title your certificate of title could not just be revoked my people don't understand that your title can be revoked on the cover when goodness come and take it


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  1. MidNit Queen says:

    What is the plate company you used

  2. Ronald Trotter says:

    Wow you couldn’t be anymore wrong, 🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. Debra Mendosa says:

    SUPREME court disagrees

  4. arthur lewis says:

    WTF is a "facsimal" signature? And blow your nose!

  5. John Redman says:

    You're misquoting the anti-theft act of 1919 does your entire premise total shit. Get a new life sometime, please, just not here

  6. East Coast Customs Reading Custom Paint says:

    handy gent. I almost moved to freeland. do you know the no armed bandit steve s? I almost moved to the farm till…. well

  7. alex Barrett says:

    100% Right, So now use their system against them IRS forms after all these Unregistered Foreign Agents having no Anti-Bribery Statements and Foreign Agents Registrations statements are operating outside of Government Fortitude So recind the POA they have over u in their adhension contracts making u the Trustee's and become the Grantor again making the living man the Beneficiary and them the a Trustee niw they need to do their Fidicuary responsibilities and minister the Estate game over

  8. Plane CanOpenner says:

    I am outraged to their whole lot decietfulness. Scumbags

  9. Scott Brownawell says:

    is there a form in pa to cancel registration of vehicle even if registration has expired? that is where i am at the moment. letter received for suspension from penndot. what can be the next step if you could elaborate.

  10. Shane H says:

    14 minutes

  11. James Juggler says:

    Why would you need a VIN number? It is only required by law for the manufacturer to apply one to the vehicle. It is the same as the tag on your mattress.

  12. Machiatta Chihuahua says:

    [so what is your current situation with this? any updates? I have requested and received a DUPLICATE MCO (min is actually called a COV which makes it a 'vehicle' right off the bat) but an authorized and notarized Duplicate is equal to the original. I had also gotten a complete Title history from the DMV, which includes a COPY of the MCO which can then also be authenticated and notatized. I have yet to ''unregister' my (3 years expired) plates until I am sure I should. Not sure what plates to use or what notices/paperwork to file, because my county will NOT record anything! any further help would be appreciated.

  13. Josh Shaw says:

    Check out….. inform NH
    Or Dick Marple !
    Equally good information.

  14. Josh Shaw says:

    You sir are a champion !
    Great information…!

  15. Ronald Mead says:

    You can get plates made at the DMV for your car but you can not just make up plates and put them on your car. You will get stopped and maybe have your car towed.

  16. Kitty Stanley says:

    Allister Hudson

  17. Kitty Stanley says:

    The 1779 Pennsylvania constitution 5th Amendment says the judges/prosecutors are trustees. If you're coming into court, and no injured party has been established ( which is most of the time! ) the trustee then becomes ' trustee de son tort '. At that point you demand your right to subrogation, because YOU have proprietary rights because YOU are the equitable interest as beneficiary since the trustee did not do his fiduciary duties, causing injury and harm.

  18. The Little Family says:

    Handygent can you please contact me, or how do I get in touch with you?

  19. NO WIRE HANGERS says:

    While everything you say is true, the road pirates and judicial terrorists will look at you like your crazy and take your car and lock you up, because, in all reality, all these bullshit laws were created to provide the illusion that we have rights, when in fact we don't.

  20. bsd God given rights says:

    Thank you you have explained it well, easy to understand

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