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and this is not advisable to if you own a set of these as well I'm gonna take one of these off to show you what it's like underneath mid-trip and I'm going to try and put it back on probably guys so I've been out here up at Mansfield all weekend using abusing 200 as I do know just doing stuff have boosts barrier protection panels on now all weekend so we went up to Craig's Hut yesterday along number three track and nothing's super hard but mighty is all hell because snow seasons always muddy a couple of track I've tried to find a couple tracks it a little bit scrubby that's all from put over the screen air for you as well so I'm trying to see how they come out just from some sticks going over it because obviously it is a magnet on the edge so I was worried about whether stick would catch it and tear it off which i think is it's a possibility but I haven't had it happen at all and I've been trying to find some not nasty nasty tracks but some tracks that have sort of putting some lines through it and make it making a couple of these in scratches here as well well like that so this is how you get the Bush barrier panel protections fit to you if you order one now so in a bit catwalk box or you can put it in a giant PVC pipe so you can actually carry and store a little bit I'm gonna store it probably this carry it up if you don't carry it to or trip you can roll them up chuck them in something like this that's a whole lot easier in a car to be an other competitive ones out there that's the full set inside this juice container so that's about 900 build on 150 will diameter that fixing your car a whole lot better than what any other brands of panel protection like this can fit inside your car alright but well unbox this one show you what you get in the box when you buy these things I'm excited Phillies already so beautifully packaged inside this thing says all nicely foam rolled-up taped up around a cylinder as well so they're not kinked or not have any creases in plenty o protection so I reckon once you get using these things you probably won't uses foam again I'm obviously being a new product they send it out Christine there's nothing wrong with no scratches no nothing on my gosh you get a couple scratches and pushpins driving nothing you bas pressures about it so you know so these always advisable that you cover clean cloth and just give them a wipe down before you put them on just make sure there's nothing stuck to them they are a giant magnet so things can get in the middle any metal lip sticks to this and then you put on your paint it's gonna happen so you do have to be visual when you put anyone for the first time or any other time after just to make sure that they are clean no contaminants just for your own peace of mind once they're on though nothing against that nothing gets under these suckers so check this on that's why I found at the top pick a point go on Cristobal damn make out absolutely perfect they lined up in offices a little dull maybe cut after the door handle just just wail seriously I'd done and dusted that's that is an awesome design so design that was my top but the fact that they can print that on onto these and that is complete panel protection the entire way through that's phenomenal that's awesome product we've the bush buries himself obviously you can get any print you won on there to do whatever you want can't actually see miles on them because they're that dirty and just filthy what we undo though and this is not advisable to if you own a set of these as well I'm gonna take one of these off to show you what it's like underneath mid-trip and I'm gonna have to try and put it back on to see what these look like underneath to see if they actually do keep everything yet because a lot of people will ask they say although they think that things are gonna get underneath and it's kind of vibrate and it's gonna scratch the paint worse than what it was would if you just lift them off so I haven't touched this you can see that still clean lines of mud gonna lie through I haven't taken this off at all first time and just to say it easy to take off as well right that's it there it's off that's quick edge back to show you back at the panel crystal clear not a thing I hope yeah okay honestly you know you guys know me not hit a bullshitter that is clean as obviously where the door handle is where it wasn't covering here's muddy everything else not a scratch well not a new scratch here cuz I already had plenty scratches anyway but that is all clean as all hell absolutely it's me go obviously not advisable to take them off mean trip because it's a possibility when I go to put this back on I can get some stuff back under hopefully and when the miracle of miracles of editing its back on so obviously on Justin Matt awfully but so far they doing the damn job it's exactly what him so I I traveled on the highway all the way from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne up here to Mansfield wid bees on the car obviously would have seen me put them on at home there I think the quicker setup tools like maybe 110 on the highway overtaking a car not a single thing came off it was fantastic I'll show you the front edge right now cuz that was the main one I was concerned so these front edges here the main wheels were a bit because it comes to a point of a thing of the A's gonna get under that and it's gonna pull up so easy that's what I thought hasn't come off at all it molds to the car fantastic between you and me I may or may not have got up to maybe 130 the other day you overtaking a car and nothing came off obviously Busch Barry I recommend 80k now but that's just a particular owner definitely capable of staying on for all freeway use without any worries at all obviously that's not guaranteed from them because they have to give a speed limit just to make sure that they're safe but from testing what I've done with this particular one and I've heard of others like 7876 series and they're a whole lot square and these are no lifting no no loss panels these magnets are super super strong I love them so just give you an example as well just came down that track there and I was trying to find some some really scratchy stuff so it's actually done right in here hasn't rub some off there hasn't made a mark in the actual panel itself but you can see that's that's some thick mud I've taken some decent gouges all the way through hasn't lived in an edge this is a small panel here but we can't even sit that's a tiny little panel here that's actually that's magnet there and that's like a 30 mil wide strip and that managed to stay on with a stick coming straight over it doesn't come off so it's super strong little features that they probably that other brains don't necessarily have deal capsule so rather than have to protect this entire panel off to get it to come off they literally cut out your fuel filler so you all you gonna do is get the one panel back on which is a little bit fiddly but job done it's not that bad so that means this doesn't have to come off you don't have to what especially with the card is that step the whole thing off you just take that one little bit out and that's a tight line which doesn't make it does make it fit a little get in but it means it no dust and do it nobody else get dunked there at the same time that's a cool little feature one other cool cool thing Busch Barry does over a lot of other brains as well for panel protection like this obviously this is one piece for Stata it's the entire bit coming all the way around here is one one piece for the whole things that Mane's means you got maximum amount of surface tension to try and hold that magnet on they come pre-cut to your particular snorkel main brains mostly so you've got a custom stainless snorkel something that obviously not gonna know what it is but most of these are all pre-cut BRE done banging on job done couple other added little benefits of having a custom design as I say it's for your business you build up to it it's a daily driver it's the only usable weekend stuff you can get you yeah your building company whatever it is all your logos they're not done on this it's it's removable so if you want to go incognito whatever and you have a lot printed the other thing they do is they give you free little smaller magnets to hand out do it if you want essentially they're magnets as well generally whatever offcuts they've got left they'll they'll print these on there for years well this is another add a little bonus that's pretty cool pretty yeah so the thing everyone's been waiting for the promo code so Bush barrier have been fantastic with us for my subscribers and you guys for for helping you set up to get get a set of these under your car whether it be just a plain color a stock design or a custom design lock something like this they're willing to help you out to do whatever it takes to do it so on their website you have to go to the website they've got most cars so pretty much any any dual-cab you they've got 200 series the the pre-facelift the post a lift watch 60 twos here they can get anything kind of need it because you know don't watch paint on those things there's plenty of cars to choose from if they don't have your car listed shoot them an email more than likely it's in production and still help you out and the promo code it'll probably still apply for that one when it comes out to be confirm with them though you might have talked to them about that so the promo code is valid until the end of this finance or year 2019 so 30th of June 2019 is – all valid – on the website in the promo section you need to type in a 4×4 a Australian 4×4 adventures pretty much bravely added and that will give you $100 off any kit that you buy whether it be a standard all the way up to the full custom design 100 bucks off they think start at 700 so you you don't have $600 for a set of first set of these things that's phenomenal pricing compared to some of the competition out there and what they're charging they're just a small Aussie company husband-and-wife team awesome people Metamora minimal trip balls on the wall ago got talking to them and this is all come from that so great people helped me out hope you enjoyed it if you've got any questions check them in the comments below give us a like subscribe do all that stuff that YouTube's asked you to do and I'll see you at my tracks thanks guys


17 Replies to “Offroad Paint protection that you NEED!! Bush barrier Panel protection”

  1. Darren McIntosh says:

    Good branding for your ever growing channel
    Nic vid

  2. Ilia Dan says:

    Looks amazing mate.
    Well worth the chat with the other chap on our last trip ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Think I might have to look into getting some.

  3. Owen Power says:

    Love your work Steve. Great vid. Pity they werenโ€™t available before I destroyed my paint work.๐Ÿ˜ข

  4. reddo84 says:

    Kewl product for the bubble 4wds!
    Nice design on the panels too, looks great!

  5. yusufaustralia says:

    Price range ?
    Looks like a great product ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  6. rudvs says:

    Who designed it ?

  7. WA Camping Adventures says:

    Mint design steve looks absolutely awesome!

  8. GrimLock says:

    This is why i love small 4×4 channels like this cause i didnt know about protection barriers like this, ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ i wish i knew this before i went thru bush bashing with my cruiser ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. Mudduck's 4wd Touring says:

    These look awesome Steve, Im in discussions with them now. Cheers Steve

  10. Shad Donaghue says:

    They look awesome mate๐Ÿ‘Œ

  11. Tim G says:

    I wonder how the magnets work with old paintwork that has a few rust spots also, covering an 80 series.. hmmm. They do look great tho.

  12. Sights and Sounds Australia says:

    Love the design mate good job ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

  13. pyromaniac1010 says:

    If only they did LC105's :'(

  14. Adam Abello says:

    looks like a great product mate, interested on your design love the textured background you made just a mint job mate

  15. Jason Dykstra says:

    Good review mate I see there's bugger all reviews online for this so i reckon you'll get a fair few views this vid hopefully. Such a cool product though I'll be starting my north melbourne footy club design now haha has to be done.

  16. Jamie Baumgarten says:

    Thanks Legend!๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  17. Gary Coates says:

    Great video Steve, it answered all my questions. Iโ€™m keen to get a set on my cruiser!

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