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one of the new features and enhancements in the safeguard 2.2 version went to the interface to the user interface in the windows-based client for the administrator as you already know there is a dashboard contained in that client this heal shown here on that icon and if you click on this you usually see a list of the usual stuff what's going on in your system about open requests open sessions and the check outs passwords and or maybe pending requests and approvals that gives you as an administrator a quick overview what's really going on in your system we have 2.2 you have a new tab for selection that is a BIST titled account automation and this is about the password check failures and all the things that are happening in the back that may cause some errors so this gives you a very quick overview about whatever accounts that password check failed SSH keys change failed and so on and so on so that's a quick look and then you can take appropriate action to resolve the issues that are causing this misbehavior with version 2.2 of safeguard the participation in the one identity cloud-based servicing offering called stalling has been greatly improved to join your system to the styling platform to participate in the additional services like push – notification or two-factor authentication and other great features simply go to the settings page and click on the external integration external integration can be found here and you're going to find something that is called stalling of course and the only thing now you have to do is to click on the join to starling button if you do not have a starling subscription already or want to try it out there's nothing easier to do this just called www cloud or one identity comm or simply cloud not one identity don't count and try stalling you can now maybe select whatever two-factor authentication or whatever you want so in this case just click on try stalling if you don't have subscribed to this system before simply log in with your email address in this case I'm gonna use my own one and click on next my account here we go yeah that's always a problem with browsers if you play around with that before and you're trying out systems and have some left over cookies now you know what this kind of stuff doesn't it so I now have locked into the one identity Starlin platform and I just subscribed for trial yeah I'm in Germany I'm in Berlin I confirm this and now I have a 30-day trial for two-factor authentication if I click on that you can see that I haven't used so much things until here of course just subscribed and one of the things you have to know or you should have never have to know is something that's called a subscription key subscription key is something like that and of be sure are gonna delete this instantly after this demo so you cannot reuse it this subscription key is something that is used to identify your subscription inside the styling platform and you usually need this to subscribe or to link these two applications that are using the styling system in this case we are just clicking on this button here and the email address we have used and now it locks you in and you simply click on the accept button thank your safeguard system will be joined to starling so there is no need to copy and paste this subscription key anymore as it has been before so it's very very easy now just click and you're done

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