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hello guys welcome to the information security newspaper channel I hope you're doing great I am Miguel Lovelace and we're going to talk about everything related to hacking malware in cybersecurity news so please subscribe in our channel leave your comments and a false and Twitter so let's begin eight the next news it's really important please beware of the applications that your children use they could be at serious risk so Apple and Google have removed 3 dating apps from their platforms after some US authorities published a report stating that these services exposed minors and younger kids pretty harmful notices so the Federal Trade Commission FTC mentions that fast meat/meat 24 and meet for u applications violated the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act which is Coppa the applications have already been removed these applications were owned by the ukrainian company will dec LLC so according to experts these applications found users from 12 years of age and its own that their company collected their information including dates of birth and locations which could leave infants at risk while the government agency stated that will dick was aware that there were children who use any of these applications well with these applications any auto regardless of their intentions could search by age and location to locate their closest children so it was necessary for authorities and download platforms to interfere in addition the FTC demanded that the company should eliminate any information from minors and younger kid age well recently countries such as the United Kingdom have implemented measures against atoms to exploit children online proposing penalties to execute observe companies that do not adhere to children protection standards far wild egg LLC has not been made any statement or declaration so now let's talk about a new version of the operating system Linux pirate 4.6 so that the bloopers of part Linux just launched this version 4.6 as KDE desktop support for opening among others so this new version is launched just three months after it's developed and it's considered a relevant achievement for linux so para linux has different versions and each different version has different objectives for example the home workstation version provides security with a light environment for everyday use while the secure version offers a complex system for forensics investigations and reverse engineering so part of 4.6 has a new iOS all image based on KDE plasma and immediate drivers were also updated to the new version the 410 to provide a better performance so the team a high-powered work hardly to remodel this sandbox environment to make it more stable and reliable than previous versions so in terms of design this new home and the background animation are also updated although the themes and the system icon remain the same the appearance has also improved so when we required to work with a functional operating system for security analysis and ethical hacking cyber security experts recommend pirate Linux and also black arch which are actually the best options available so if you want to leave your comments below you can talk to us and tell us which is your favorite a operating system this new it's about set bond your abilities they are put thousands of companies worldwide and risk well an investigation revealed that around 50k companies that run SAP are likely to suffer cyberattacks due to new security holes in its system that have not been corrected yet you know more than 90% of the world's 2000 most important companies use the SAP together these companies distribute about 80 percent of food and medical devices worldwide SAP Inc mentions that since 2013 they are publishing a guide to configure security updates however researchers show that 90% of SAP affected sip systems by the vulnerabilities have not been updated correctly yet SAP just commands that they always recommend users to install the updates well a company could be affected because a hacker can compromise anything related to the SAP system of a company to perform various malicious activities the problem lies in the waste SAP applications interact with each other company systems in fact company settings are not properly configured a hacker might cheat one of these applications by impersonating another SAP product to perform activities such as financial fraud unauthorized transactions or even system disruption well specialists ask that it actually requires a level of knowledge of hacking between intermediate and advanced to exploit and perform some of these vulnerabilities so the next new it's about critical vulnerabilities that were found in Cisco Nexus 9000 switch so update your system right away Cisco Enterprise rebuilding past days that the Nexus 9000 series switches presents a vulnerability rating it with a stability score of 9 to 10 because a hacker may connect remotely to a compromised device well the vulnerability was discovered by investigators who submitted their report to the Cisco security teams well the bondola but the vulnerability consists on secure shell which is SSH key management of the Nexus 9000 Sirius which the company mistakenly placed a pair of default secure shell ssh keys on these devices that any hacker with an office skills called steal to connect to the device via ipv6 using the stolen keys said that the attacker cool obtain root user privilege well experts also found that this Cisco sub work did not correctly validate TLS client certificates sent between the components of a nexus 9000 switch structure now the company just launched this update batches for order flaws in the nexus 9000 switch software all the vulnerabilities corrected in this update affect the systems running versions of the Cisco and X / OS somewhere previous than the version 14 point 1 because so far no alternative solutions Arnold Cisco strongly recommend users please to install their systems updates so you know what to do right away update your system guys so they mixing you it's about some hackers their published videos of Brazilian stripper in a Cartoon Network website well actually a group of hackers attack the website of Cartoon Network channel they replace its content with images and videos of this Brazilian stripper and this was visible in at least 15 different countries well to Brazilian hackers were responsible for the attack they we take advantage of a vulnerability in the Cartoon Network website the attack took place on April the 25th and the content remain online throughout the weekend so the company began to complain from the users on April the 28th and that seems a the content was related well the Amma traders of affected science such as Cartoon Network Russia and United Kingdon just posted some statements about the incidents mentioning that the websites will be inactive having that company teams were working to restore the service according to the report the attack affect visitors of the Cartoon Network website in different countries such as Brazil Germany Mexico Italy the Netherlands Russia and the United Kingdom so it is known that the actors actually perform this kind of attacks with political motivations a maybe as form of revenge or as a part of the cyber activists camping but these pursuing hackers motivations to attack the platform are totally unknown and so let's hope children don't ever need to view this again so that was it friends thank you for watching the information security newspaper channel again I am Miguel and please subscribe on our channel so leave your comments and don't forget follow us on Twitter and I hope you see you soon

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