100 Replies to “Online Security Life Hacks to Protect Yourself”

  1. RainingMarshmallows says:

    I already have keep ass installed.

  2. Omega says:

    lmao, I would never download any of these smh, seems risky af and dont seem like putting my passwords on a random downloaded app very ssafe rather just use my own common sense, haven't been hacked once and its pretty ez

  3. rwiersema says:

    I'd suggest using Authy over google authenticator because it allow you to sync the account to multiple devices (If you have a second phone/tablet)

  4. LionGamer Beast says:


  5. bao nguyen says:

    The only life hack youtuber to not post a DIY fidget spinner video 😄

  6. boaw says:

    HH ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Nick says:

    Love your videos. Keep up the amazing work! Can you do more life hack compilations?

  8. Nick Johnson says:

    burner phone? i think you mean trap phone

  9. Jinping Xi says:

    He uses facebook and called google "a trusted brand". Enough said, what an idiot.

  10. Hokunin says:

    Why no advice to not wonder porn sites?

  11. Enzo Almeida da Silva says:

    Do you have tips on price comparator sites?

  12. harry p0tter123 says:

    awaiting message via fb

  13. AzurusNova says:

    Theres a few tricks I picked up from Reply All on the Gimlet podcast.

    I thought these were quite handy and worth a look.

    Let me know what ya think.

  14. ivlark says:

    Yep, now a lot of ppl will be getting hacked :/

  15. Chan Kye says:

    are all of the websites and downloads featured in this video completely free?

  16. Ubiquitous Crow says:

    literally just got an adware virus thx for this vid

  17. VICTOR Å says:

    2:56 are u running windows on a mac?

  18. genesis san. says:


    I am using my mom's phone


  19. n .n says:

    Also click on every popup ad and free giveaway you see

  20. John Smith says:

    Mr. r(obot)andom

  21. Nick Champ says:

    Hmm… keepass.info… keep ass info… sold.

  22. Dejuan Bruessard says:

    Trap phone???

  23. Javalin197 Gaming says:

    GO! Secure yourselves from being hacked, and then come watch my videos and help secure my channel!

  24. Skelliconnection says:

    Do gaming life hacks specifically pc gaming life hacks

  25. roxorsoxor says:

    rofl, step 1 is to put your email out there for some random website? nice hack bro

  26. skilegit says:

    Do you know if your credit card has been hacked? To find out send me the number, the CVV, the name on the card, and the expiration date so I can let you know if your card has been secretly hacked.

  27. Brooke says:

    Or you could go super secure by writing all your passwords down and keeping them in a safe

  28. Jim joe Kelly says:

    Don't recycle your old computers and printers.. China and other 3rd world countries could gain access to your shit

  29. Bisting Lolwut says:

    says secure but has a masterlock in the thumbnail

  30. kavita Wadekar says:

    best onE

  31. Haresh G says:

    Subscribe to my channel guys new videos and cool tech and giveaway and also u get a subscription from me comment subscribed i will subscribe to you Thanks

  32. DeadlyShadow says:

    That gwent shortcut on laptop :>

  33. prithvi shetty says:


  34. Luke Frohling says:

    Nice step away from household stuff 🙂 I've always loved your work!

  35. dylan says:

    Idk maybe using a VPN!

  36. PatrickAllenNL says:

    Or…don't se a computer ever

  37. lethal. says:

    Hey.. i need help. I got myself USB raptor for curiosity. It worked, I deinstalled it from my pc deinstalled it from the drive because I thought it was away. Now I'm left with USB raptor "protecting" my pc and I can't get on password isn't working as well.

    HELP ME :c 😭😭

  38. Ezun0 says:


  39. Morpice says:

    the site says that I have been pwned once but I dont know where I have been pwned. Please help me. I'm scared

  40. Kelvin Tse says:

    Hacks to block hacks

  41. Motatnema says:

    These videos are beginning to seem more and more like ads

  42. Desune says:

    that nantucket

  43. Žan Pekošak says:

    2:30 And than the flash drive breaks down.

  44. Žan Pekošak says:

    I just made a big steaming smelly dark-brown poop.

  45. Salokin92 says:

    what happens if my USB with the Key breaks D:?

  46. 15fakeaccount says:

    Post your password below and I encrypt it with military grade encryption for free!

  47. +Tec says:

    Use a account on your computer that's not an administrator.

  48. Flaviu Balaj says:

    Am I the only one wondering why he has windows installed on a macbook?

  49. NH3 says:

    two steph autenticaiton is shit damn my spelling is amazing

  50. Angel Fragoso says:


  51. Nick Nave says:

    I hate tracfone

  52. RealzFTW says:

    What if i lost the flash ?

  53. CaTastrophy427 says:

    How about an episode on dealing with/preventing spam emails, calls, whatever?

  54. BuildDoge /Build_Danny7177 says:

    The website is clearly fake when I enter a fake email

  55. gray fox says:

    As an IT consultant I find these tips to be excellent. Well done!

  56. Lil_LambSauce says:

    WOW that ad is actually usefull as hell

  57. sciencechemistry says:

    good video

  58. Хрупа Хрупов says:

    That burner VISA is a great idea imho

  59. King Bouncer says:

    That heartstone add…

  60. kikivoorburg says:

    But what is ‘online’

    Vsauce music plays

  61. electronicsNmore says:

    That pwned website is good. I'm clean. 🙂

  62. Daniel Egholk-toutia says:

    He has Windows on a mac

  63. Joe's Reviews says:

    His sponsor (privacy.com) is super sketchy… If you want to set up an account, you have to give them your login credentials to your bank account. They even say "I know you might be apprehensive, and you should be." @HouseholdHacker does a whole video on protecting yourself online… RULE#1 Don't give your banking login and password to ANYONE!

  64. Christopher Haas says:

    "Install it on your Machine" 😂😂

  65. ismilesback says:

    I checked and it said it will take 158 thousand years to hack into my password?

  66. ed says:

    what if I lose the USB raptor?

  67. Goldthunderx says:

    I got hacked on lifeboat can anyone direct me to a page where it list the hacked accounts. I need to check what password I used. Please

  68. Steven Harris says:

    Use lastpass

  69. ze_or says:

    r u a keyboard enthusiast.

  70. Native0Lette says:

    Privacy seems kinda useless for what it's offering. To me at least. If you want to make a burner card you have to load at least $50 on to it to even use it. Bit pointless when I just want a burner card for my free sub trials.

  71. kendokaaa says:

    Lastpass is the best password manager overall

  72. Monika Trajkovska says:

    Wanted to use Privacy.com but it only works for the US, what about us in the rest of the world.?

  73. AwesomeGuy says:

    Anyone know some good ethical/white hat hacking websites or programs for noobs?

  74. Fakhri MF says:


  75. John Doe says:

    Thanks 🙂

  76. Colin K says:

    What happens if you forget your master password

  77. Noor Goossens says:

    Eight attempt evil doctor rear experience holiday smooth elementary.

  78. Abdulrhman alsharif says:


  79. TheHACKING says:

    394th like it matters

  80. Kenny Nguyen says:

    got pwned 4 times. Time to change many passwords. Aleast my 2nd email is safe.

  81. Electric says:

    Or you could just download a free texting app like text now…

  82. Vaughn Miller says:

    Just get a typewriter

  83. Hưng Lý says:

    came here cause Whitefox kb from outside xD

  84. yk bandz says:

    10/10 thumbnail

  85. Edric Yeo says:

    Ayyy hearthstone

  86. Amy Alex says:

    I only play roblox online…

  87. colorschan says:

    You are Email @ Email . com …. ok bro sure. Thank you

  88. Xman Cap says:

    I'm pawn free

  89. Ashok Singh 1992 7 27 says:

    1 2 3 4 security code number

  90. critical hitter troll says:

    il just put zip ties on my keyboard than chains

  91. aabanm says:

    So apparently it will take 34 thousand years for someone to crack my PSN password😂😂

  92. maryann ramos says:

    Young 👶 older👧old👴

  93. Another Neko says:

    What if I forget the master password or loose my "nuclear option" phone or actually delete that key file off of the USB drive? I don't want to risk that and I'd rather just stay insecure.

  94. Bob Weaver says:

    How do we know that privacy(dot)com is a legitimate service and not a criminal enterprises themselves?

  95. Gaby Gibson says:

    I now use LastPass on a daily basis, and two-step verification

  96. troy bananenboy says:

    broke nigga still got a mufukin flipphone

  97. Shorty Nat says:

    I have that for facebook and it's awesome. My ex tried to log into my account and it sent me a notification about it.

  98. Jay Mac says:

    I actually went to haveibeenpwned
    Only one email address was involved in one breach and I don’t think I was even affected since I didn’t use it for a while or mine was older or I didn’t use the mobile

  99. kittenkittycat16 says:

    I don't have to worry about being hacked because I have nothing anyone wants

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