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In each person’s routine, within the most different constructions, the biggest goal by the end of the day is very simple: safely return home. Safety is priceless. For the builder, safety should be a matter of priority. NEW SAFETY is a company that, like no other, is dedicated to building fire fighting systems products and services. From planning and design, through installation, equipment supply, and preventive and corrective maintenance of all systems, NEW SAFETY has a complete solution. More than two decades of experience in fire protection. It is a company certified by national and international institutions focused exclusively on fire systems. NEW SAFETYworks with the world’s largest producing insurers. From the sale of a simple product or a turnkey, there are more than 10,000 works performed and 2,000 customers served, such as Procter & Gamble, Volkswagen, Samsung, Cacau Show, Natura and many others. The structure of NEW SAFETY is complete: engineering, health, safety, environment and
administrative department, and work department. And as a complement to its services, NEW SAFETY offers a training center to its clients, the only one in Latin America fully dedicated to firefighting. In these spaces, participants have contact with actual systems in operation, such as the action of a sprinkler nozzle, the operation of valves, pressure switches, panels, pumps and simulating a state of the art detection and alarm system that monitors and alerts events in real time. The main purpose of the Training Center is to impart knowledge and train Fire Protection Systems managers for emergency measures. NEW SAFETY also markets a wide range of fire products and systems: – Honneywell Official Distributor – sprinklers;
– flood system; – gas or foam suppression;
– suppression for kitchens; – hydrants;
– fire pumps; – emergency lighting and signaling systems. On the NEW SAFETY website you will find details of each of these systems. NEW SAFETY’s deep experience allows us to offer solutions for specific needs and requirements. It is the right company for fire system work, saving time and effort while minimizing business disruption. Fire prevention and fire fighting are discreet to the eye but critical to protecting lives and property. When thinking about Fire Systems, think beyond, think NEW SAFETY. Contact us and find out why it is the best choice.

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