36 Replies to “Our Incredible Ocean: Now Is the Time to Protect It | National Geographic”

  1. Josh Israel Villahermosa says:

    The 666th likedr

  2. helen nguyen says:

    Shame on Trump

  3. Kelly Duffin says:

    We have developed a Nano-Shield™ that locks fertilizer into the plant root instead of diluting into the soil and then running off into oceans disturbing our eco system. Our science not only allows less fertilizer, higher yield of fruit, and healthier plants but is the environmentally responsible thing for farmers to do.

    For more information:



  4. Speedy Bob says:

    Whoever disliked this video needs to go kill themselves

  5. 林俊傑 Miller Lin says:

    Our Mother Nature will be healthier if there is no human on this plane.

  6. Not Pulverman says:

    I'd rather have freedom than an ocean like we did in the 1700s.

  7. Hari Aakash says:

    Why my friends and others get bored to discuss these things.They are not cared about our mother Earth.

  8. Gabriel Agapito says:

    Kinda sad how this video isn't viewed much compared to the new fidget spinner tricks tutorials which gathered hundreds and thousands of views

  9. Ben S says:

    11k views for this
    1 billion views for niki minaj twerking

  10. Levi Vue says:

    You should see the rivers that flow into the oceans in Asia. Makes me so sad.

  11. Camilla Sanders says:


  12. TheLegend 27 says:

    we're all fucked and it's all our fault as most of us stand by and do nothing

  13. Al Serrano says:

    woah, I didn't know stingrays can breach the surface 😮 @5:30

  14. Kenskater Skater says:

    yes fishing but what about oil?

  15. Gabriela Sánchez says:


  16. RAY ROD says:

    Who else waved back at the Polar Bear?

  17. SniperiWiiz says:


  18. may lee says:

    National Geographic videos really touches my heart.
    Making me more aware and making me want to do something!
    I want to do something, I will do something. TODAY!
    Thank you National Geographic for taking the initiative to make this videos to make more of us aware and to hopefully make more people save this earth.
    We can find ores or minerals outside this earth but maybe not another animal. Let us protect this earth, let us do our best to combat climate change and take care of our animal and all creatures!
    It is not can we do it but instead will we do it?

  19. HOLLAHfoDOLLAH says:

    Everyone needs to see this. Why is it only 3k views.

  20. roxnpennies says:

    Loved this video. Not only strives to raise awareness but spur hope and morale as well.

  21. metric ton says:


  22. JERRARD ELLIS says:


  23. JERRARD ELLIS says:


  24. Crown Rick Auto XTRAS says:

    Citizens of this world we must unite to protect ourselves from ourselves..

  25. Max Freedom says:

    Private Ownership = Good Stewardship

    #1 Polluter Worldwide = Government

  26. Zaul Bot says:

    We have to prohibite 50% of fishing I know this will be a problem for feeding people but its better for nature….

  27. Cody Hitchcock says:

    This made me really really emotional, idk why. My dream has always been to be a National Geographic Photographer/Writer. To see these things makes me both sad, and happy to see a change. Ive always wanted to raise awareness and show the world to others through my camera and written pieces. Theres hope

  28. Plodno says:

    that's not a lot of views for a channel with 5 million subs

  29. Andrés J. Rivera Vélez says:

    500 views and only 55 likes!!!😮 This is the reason why the world is like this…😥

  30. Lewis Doherty says:

    I see Secretary of State Kerry is doing his part by jetting around on his plane burning up large amounts of kerosine to see and be seen. It is always do as I say and not do as I do.

  31. fakre says:

    "Work together to save the world from ourselves"

    wow that's sad

  32. General Guji says:

    Last time I was this early Harambe was still a topic

  33. TK Baha says:

    go tell the communist china, they now throw all their household, medical trash into the ocean, the factory keep discharging and polluting the water sources. Their fishmen has no fish to trap within their ocean boundaries, but only steal fish from other nations' ocean territories.

  34. B L A N K says:

    Third and also I'm never eating a fish again

  35. Chill? says:


  36. Patrick says:

    This isn't just about the ocean. Our Earth is an incredible place. We have to do everything we can to try and preserve it. Climate change is real folks, and if the average temperature on earth keeps warming at the same rate as right now, we'll be lucky if we see year 2100.

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