Overview of the Microsoft Graph Security API

August 24, 2019 posted by

>>Most organizations today are relying on dozens of different security solutions
to combat cyber threats. By integrating these
security solutions, you can streamline
security operations and improve your defenses. Introducing the unified
Microsoft Graph Security API. The Graph Security API provides a unified interface to connect security solutions from
Microsoft and Pods. You only have to write
code once to get alerts from all
security providers. Alerts are then returned in a common schema for
easier correlation, and you can tag them with
additional information, add comments, and
update their status. Access additional security and organizational
information about users, hosts, apps, and more. Use this information to decide which alerts should
be investigated first or to inform
an active investigation. Develop investigations and remediation playbooks
that call the Graph to take action by blocking an IP address or
resetting a password, automate security policy checks
and rule enforcement, and orchestrate actions
across security solutions. Tap into the power of
the Microsoft Graph.

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