Parking eye enforcement puts a ticket on this car, took the photo, then took the ticket back off!

July 2, 2019 posted by

right so you put a ticket on there so I'm going to do porn are you going bright red so you put ticket on our car the parking parking incorrectly and then you've taken the photograph with the ticket on the car and then you've removed it why would you remove it because then I've got to wait tell me it's ripped prin what you have to take it back out the car and that that's what you're supposed to do is it yeah I've got to put the ticket in it and put it back on so is that the second or the evidence and then I would own tickets on Miguel yeah if you drove up in a big council they'd walk beside about to council it cuz you're not here for me give you it's a kit Thank You Leah now we're not are we so how does that work she's not now is cuz she's just drove off that's nice exactly what I'm saying so you have to cancel that ticket so well she's here so I can give her the ticket gone you got you got to try and catch up with her in that case watch dis dis guard discarded okay cuz she's gone thank you very much


34 Replies to “Parking eye enforcement puts a ticket on this car, took the photo, then took the ticket back off!”

  1. Salti Dawg says:

    The lady "cop" is a moron!

  2. john casey-tancock says:

    fucking bitch

  3. simba chauhan says:

    She looked like a dirty slag that takes it up the arse

  4. Chris Ben says:

    Oh dear!!!! Dirty liar

  5. Ghost Who Walks says:

    This video is one of the best peaces of evidence there is of someone committing fraud within these criminal parking many people have been done with this scam.low life scum.

  6. Not in my name. says:

    Very odd

  7. Vinyl Blair says:

    Scam .. then you would immediately have to pay the higher amount as the first you would know about the ticket is a letter in post. What a cheeky cunt she is

  8. paul phillips says:

    do not use shops were scum set you up for parking fines

  9. Richard Paz says:

    WHAT A CUNT๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™€๏ธ

  10. OneMansView says:

    Dirty tactics that

  11. Jimmi K says:

    What a dirty cunt!

  12. david bradley says:

    Vile fuckers

  13. John Spiers says:

    This happened to my wife also…fucking scummy cunts.

  14. Toby Hawkins says:

    Cheating little bitch

  15. Winston Footlong says:

    Scum money grabbing government

  16. John Gordon says:

    Ear and ave ?

  17. OLD RED-BACK says:

    Horrible rat.. ruining towns up & down the country ๐Ÿ˜†

  18. Final Solution says:

    Don t pay these fuckers, I got a parking fine and told them to fuck off and they did.

  19. Pat McCaffery says:

    What an absolute waste of human life….filthy fraudulent scum..!!

  20. Alexander Simpson says:

    Parking notice, not to be confused with a parking fine… Private corporations invoice… Do not pay, they will give up after a few weeks of rude letters….

  21. Darren Grimmer says:

    She was proper caught out….. dirty no good pile of filth

  22. Arn of the North. says:

    I expect she was sacked, and deserved to be.

  23. Tim Whale says:

    Just when you think they could not go any lower in their quest for bonuses…

  24. King One says:

    Britain at its finest

  25. MrCyclist68 says:

    I'm surprised more people don't go back later and disable the ticket machines to fuck them up. I'm sure it wouldn't be that difficult

  26. Scottish Always Dickson says:

    Caught red handed ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ™„

  27. francis kerry says:

    Low life piece of scum.
    Bottom feeder,
    YOU CAN TELL this slut does
    Not have a partner, Angry at the

  28. B F says:

    These parking wardens are like a cancer. They're simply don't let people live their lives in piece. Why would they even consider doing such a evil job like that. They and their superiors should look up the word KARMA.

  29. Jeffrey Grove says:

    Had a problem with Parking eye in Aldi in Fakenham ,Christmas shopping forgot to put our reg details in ,It took ages to get this revoked .I will never use Aldi in Fakenham again ,or any shop who uses Parking Eye .

  30. cobdale tabbert says:

    Sheโ€™s a dodgy bitch

  31. Bill Smith says:

    Schroeders parking warden!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  32. Sean Ganderton says:

    She's doing her job so let it be. If you don't park like a fucking prick. You won't get a ticket

  33. hogensan says:


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