Patrick Shanahan On USS John McCain Controversy: 'I Would Not Have Moved The Ship' | NBC News

June 14, 2019 posted by

does it follow up did ask my chief of staff to look into the matter and that's different than saying you know launch a formal investigation says please go get facts and data the action to him was talk to the seventh Fleet talked to the CNO and talked to indo-pacific he hasn't come back to me with a an update there but one of the other requests I made to him was was there any email to my I called the front office but basically the executive office is there any emails we received on this subject and they did a quick and I'd say a not exhaustive look and there we received none president Trump said yesterday that whomever did this was well-meaning but he has a different standard I believe in the military does the Defense Department look at whomever did this within the Navy as well meaning as well or will there be repercussions first of all I think I mentioned this yesterday we you know we don't our business is to run military operations and not to become politicized I'll wait until I get a full explanation of the facts before I'll I'll pass judgment on the situation but you know our job is to run the military and I I would not have moved the ship I would not have given that direction and so I'll just wait to see what gets reported back hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching


26 Replies to “Patrick Shanahan On USS John McCain Controversy: 'I Would Not Have Moved The Ship' | NBC News”

  1. NikovK says:

    A million subscribers, nine thousand views, 3:2 like dislike ratio. FAKE NEWS.

  2. D HOP says:

    John Mccain was a traitor!

  3. Tuco Remirez says:

    Perhaps we need to change in America, and stop naming all of our ships after arms dealing war criminal terrorists as we so often do.

  4. Paul Dailey says:

    John McCain is a POS. The only difference between now and then is death.

  5. Bill Christian says:

    Silly donkey, Trump can only smack Sen. McCain's memorial, nothing more from these donkeys.

  6. AH! Why is there poop in your mouth says:

    Even in death, war hero John McCain still finds a way to troll Trump. Savage!

  7. Bobby Hemphill says:

    Guy seems scared..

  8. Rani Rich says:

    Another Fake News Media LIE bites the dust! Meghan crying it up all over Fake News Media about something that never happened, but hey, never miss an opportunity to trash President Trump! You people are SICK!

  9. MrArchangel73521 says:


  10. Go ast says:

    Kinda reminds me of a dictatorship.

  11. Mrbigpoppa1969 says:

    Watch "You Can't Handle the Truth TRUMP! – A Few Good Men (7/8) Movie CLIP (1992) HD" on YouTube

  12. Ron Stidham says:

    You would have moved the tub or you would have been back at the drive through taking orders! You don't have the balls to refuse a direct order from the Best President in Americas History! I hope Trump fires your punk fuggin azz!

  13. Giovanni Soave says:

    The coward who gave the order to dishonor war heroes should be fired.

  14. Catfish59 WD says:

    Russia come and get your propaganda affiliates CNN,MSNBC,NBC and we'll give you the Democrats there old School U.S.S.R party members anyway.They need an intervention!

  15. Douglas Silver says:

    Who really cares!! I'd sink it, and use it for fish homes!! It's not good for nothing else!!

  16. Dr Zaius says:

    The Navy Chief of Information, Rear Admiral Charles Brown DEBUNKED these claims in a series of tweets. Just more proof the left doesn't care for facts.

  17. Toxic Grunt says:

    The ghost of John McCain moved that ship. I heard sailors saying they smelled brimstone…

  18. Lunky Straydog says:

    If it was trump he's the commander in chief,

  19. Jeff Beck says:

    John “ snitch” McCain

  20. Clay Potter says:

    Launch a formal investigation over who moved a ship? Really?

  21. Lance Morrison says:

    The ship is not even named for "that" John McCain!

  22. Tonybot says:

    They should court martial whoever dissed an American hero for Cadet Bonespurs

  23. I Flick says:

    John McCain questioned The Leader on at least four different occasions. The ship should be sank to create artificial coral reef. Somewhere The Leader will never have to see it.

  24. Mournstar says:

    This has been PROVEN FAKE NEWS..

  25. Edward Terry says:

    Fake controversy. Nobody who can be taken seriously even cares.

  26. James Jones says:

    He isn't going to launch an investigation, he just wants to know what happened, that is code for cover-up the trail. If he was serious about who did what there would be an investigation.

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