PRECAUTIONS DURING ACIDITY II पेट की गैस पर नियंत्रण पाने के लिए ऐहतियात II

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Welcome to health care at home Today we will talk about Hyper-Acidity. Its knowns as Acidity & we usually take this problem very lightly whereas we shouldn’t. If you are regularly suffering from Acidity then it could be stomach ulcer & many other problems. First of all, let us understand what is Acidity. Acidity- Your stomach is doing excessive production of acids. Due to this heartburn, Chest burn & sometimes vomiting, stomach-ache even not feeling like eating. So, such type of various problems occurs. Now why does this happen, why excessive acid is getting produced? There are lots of reasons One of the major reason with most of the people is having a pain killer, even if having minor pain. People who take pan killers, that could be a major reason of acidity. Let me tell you , if you are regularly taking pain killers then it could be the reason of stomach ulcer. Second major reason is Smoking. Its for sure that you will have this problem, either now or may be in another 4-5 years. So, quit smoking. If you are stressed then it could be a reason of acidity. So stay away from stress. Fired and spicy food are the major reason behind acidity. Don’t eat deep fried food which is full of fat, when such food will go into your stomach then your stomach will produce more acids to digest that Excessive acid products create reflux problem, acidity problem and hyper-acidity too. Let me tell you that what food you shouldn’t eat when you are suffering from hyper-acidity. I have seen people, they drink soda when suffering from acidity. Don’t do this. Why? Because these carbonation drink’s bubbles got spread in stomach which pressurise the stomach Which create acid reflux and can increase the problem of acidity. All the cola drinks which contains caffeine are very dangerous in acidity. People who think that such drink will give them relief instead such drinks will increase their acidity. Reason is, they are very chilled as you take them out from fridge Temporarily you feel chilled and think that you are relieved whereas it increases the problem So, you shouldn’t use any carbonated and caffeine contained carbonated drink. Secondly, don’t drink coffee Once or twice you can take it but don’t drink it regularly. Caffeine increases acidity and acid reflux. Instead you can take Green tea, Chamomile tea If you will consume them, you will get relief in acidity. Boil some ginger & basil leaves. Don’t add milk add honey and drink it as a tea. If you will drink this, it will give you relief in acidity. One more thing, which you shouldn’t consume i.e chocolate. Chocolate is full of caffeine, secondly it contains theobromine & too much of fat. All these things do excessive acid production It will create hyper-acidity and acid reflux. So, don’t use chocolate. If you like chocolate very much Then istead of normal chocolate, use dark chocolate and that too in small portion. As it is less in fat. Similarly as I said don’t eat fatty food like spicy and deep fried food. Eating deep fried food means excess fat in stomach which creates excessive acid production. If you like eating fried food then eat shallow fried instead of deep fried. Although taste will be different nominally but then there will be not problem of acidity & hyper-acidity. Spicy food, which is very popular in Indian cuisine. Say no to spicy food But if you are eating such food then drink hot water prior half n hour eating such spicy food. And drink hot water post eating such food. So that you may get some relief in the problem of hyper-acidity. Red Meat-Whether its pork or Lamb. Say not to Red Meat. Let me tell you one simple thing, vegetables took very less time to get digest. Either you eat spinach or any other green vegetable, you will notice that your food will be digest in 6-7 hours. Instead if you will eat red meat, whether its lamb or mutton or any other meat. then you will notice that till 12 hours your food doesn’t get digest. So where is that food? Its in stomach Stomach is releasing liver acids to get this food digest. Liver will release the acid for long time & when it will release acids for long time then excessive acid will be formed Then acid reflux will happen which will lead to hyper-acidity and acidity. So, as far as its possible don’t eat such food items Second most popular thing in Indian cuisines. That Red meat should be cooked with lot of spices and oil. Its very dangerous, if you will eat such food Then for sure you will have acidity. So, you shouldn’t eat red meat. So, this was about what food items you shouldn’t eat in the problem of acidity. Now what to eat if you want to prevent it? That i will share in my next episode along with there are still many items to not to eat in acidity. 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