Progress in Motion – Public Safety Training Center

November 6, 2019 posted by

Firefighters are already training at Frisco’s new Public Safety Training Center. “It’s just gonna really benefit the fire department for years to come.” “It’s really given us a new focus on training. The guys all the fire fighters are really excited, to come out here to really hone their skills practice their craft. So there’s a lot of energy going on out here right now.” 2015 voter approved bonds paid for the new facility near Preston Road in Rock Hill Parkway. “We’re just so grateful to have this facility We’re thankful to our executive staff and obviously City Council and the citizens of Frisco to just be able to have such a facility.” It features a burn tower for two types of scenarios. One for our house fire and the other an apartment building fire. The extrication pad and the technical rescue area makes the Frisco facility standout. “The confined space and trench area, that’s really to hone our skills. Those things don’t happen very often and they require a high level of technical skill. So you really have to keep those skills up.” The extrication area allows first responders to practice car fire rescues and cutting people out of cars. “We’ll have cars in and out of here that they can practice on so those are really good skills to keep.” And both firefighters and police officers can take advantage of training on the large driving pad. “Other municipalities in the North Texas area will also train at the center. “There’s been a lot of interest from other cities to come out here in and use our facility.” And when the time is right. the training center will expand with more classrooms to allow outside instructors to come in and hold bigger classes. “We’re just scratching the surface on what we’re going to do out here.”

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