45 Replies to “PROTECT THE MASS CHALLENGE !! 😂😂 Agar.io mobile”

  1. Snay says:

    Drope a like ☺️🍫

  2. Yomix says:

    first song?

  3. Ritwik says:


  4. Suhaib Yusuf says:


  5. Cian Agario YT says:

    Who won the giveaway

  6. QbeQ says:

    I want 100lvl, l will had two

  7. güler taşkıran says:

    Engeli kaldır ben mami nolur kaldır abii

  8. kxi amxr says:

    Snay how do you get that yellow hazmat skin in left hand top corner

  9. Jonel Martinez says:

    Stay snay snay #snay
    And I love the vid

  10. Jaston YT says:

    You told us to team with snay army🙄

  11. jayszn says:

    omg that is crazy!! MACRO POWER!! #SNAYGANG ROAD TO 70K

  12. kxi amxr says:

    U are God at agario 🙏😇

  13. kxi amxr says:


  14. AnonymousWolf says:

    Pepsi+chocolate=super macro 😈

  15. Dylan Berger says:

    Nice thumbnail

  16. Lefter - BrawlStars says:

    #snaygang power

  17. Ng3 Gaming says:


  18. NeiKo 19 says:

    #snaygang 😀😎🍫

  19. King Sam says:


  20. Daviaan playzz says:

    Bro i luveeeeeeeeeee your videos you are the best agar.io player ever!!!❤❤🍫🍫🤠🤠

  21. Br0gamer 3 says:

    and Snay can you show us how have macro?

  22. Mustafa Miraç says:

    #snaygang I wantt 😂

  23. Hamdullah Irmak says:


  24. Br0gamer 3 says:

    Hey Snay i Drope a like hava sub and activated the glock


  25. mustafa Fresha says:


  26. Boricua Boy says:

    love u snay

  27. Geezy says:

    Thts crazy #snaygang

  28. Marcelq says:

    I Love your vids 🍫🍫❤

  29. Lustige Sache says:


  30. shsji ekwkjwk says:

    Snay do you play agar.io on pc ?

  31. ꧁Juegos y Musica꧂ says:


  32. Enzo Sanchez says:


  33. •Black - Heaven• says:

    Wow you can protect the mass!!!
    Challenge complete✔

  34. Spike Randomness says:

    #SNAYGANG. Snay u da best. I luv Agar.io and u the best youtuber and ur fans would agree. I love chocolates 🍫

  35. lilhur mice says:

    The nest saving xD

  36. lilhur mice says:

    Best video i ever seen

  37. Itz Arrow says:


  38. KingZ PlayZz says:

    #SNAYGANG i probably wont win 🙂 but i love ur vids snay

  39. Santana Valdez says:

    Lit s**t keep it up❤❤❤🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🚑🚑🚑#SNAYGANG

  40. Agar.i M&A says:

    Snay chocolate

  41. Elif 54 says:

    Why do you delete my comments?!!! I’m angry 😡

  42. NBD SlayZz says:

    How u shoot mass quick ?💙

  43. Elif 54 says:

    1:00 you should change your intro. Because you have 61K subscribers now! 🤞 congratulations 🎊💥 I love your videos 👀

  44. aiiDespanada 3 says:

    Someone Help Me Please I Don't Know Drop Like😂😂

  45. Ismael Rafalia says:

    Hi bro

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