Protect Your Canadian Dream

November 3, 2019 posted by

Every year people from around the world apply
to come to Canada. Many have the skills and education that Canada needs, or want to reunite with family members. Some come to visit, study or work temporarily. Others seek safety and freedom. Immigrating to Canada is a life-changing experience, one of the most important decisions a person can make. That’s why many immigrants seek
assistance with the application process. Some people offer their services to assist
with the immigration process, but many are not permitted to do so. It is illegal for
anyone to provide Canadian immigration advice for a fee if they are not members of a Canadian
law society, the Quebec Chamber of Notaries, or ICCRC. Unauthorized representatives can face a fine of up to $100,000 and be sent to jail for up to two years. ICCRC was established to protect you by regulating Canadian immigration consultants, under the authority of the government of Canada. There are more than 3,000 Regulated Canadian
Immigration Consultants around the world. They have the training, the experience, and
the knowledge to help you with your application.


18 Replies to “Protect Your Canadian Dream”

  1. Mohinder Singh says:

    Thank You ICCRC. Tweeted links for both the videos.

  2. Gerd Damitz says:

    Excellent! Consumer Protection at work. Now, it is just a distribution matter: CIC though, they have their own video, Immigration Information Exchange Portals, Ethnic Community Associations, Settlement Associations, Universities/Colleges with high % of foreign students, etc

    Thank you again,

  3. Jesus Hernandez says:

    Tres bien fait. Merci

  4. samqita says:

    Excellent video, thanks ICCRC!

  5. Gerald Jianhua yang says:

    Wow, kudos to ICCRC!

  6. Samuel Bankole says:

    Hello over there! Is Attorney David Cohen a genuine immigration lawyer? is the campbell law firm in existence?

  7. Siva Nagula says:

    One Question : How do we know the right consultants in different countries-who provide immigration services to Canada and registered with ICCRC ???

  8. Rebelicious says:

    Thank you for the video and please keep us posted for more.

  9. Ibrar Alam says:

    i am unable to registered

  10. bensafi chafik says:

    Thank you my question Can I study formation in the specialty in placo platre thanks

  11. Mohammed Mustafa says:

    I want to go at the Canada please help me

  12. Washim Hassen Ally says:

    Is itscanadatime a reliable agency that i can trust .its been one and a half years im with them but im not totally confident about them .so what your opinion please tell me if i can trust them .thanking you in advance

  13. Özer Hasan says:

    I do not trust to ICCRC-CRCIC.

  14. Parwinder Dhillon says:

    Is there any way anybody can complain about unauthorized consultant??? There are tonnes of those in India and quite a bit in Canada charging money in the name of form filling

  15. Kashmir Kali says:

    Hi i have a complex situation here regarding my immigration to Canada can you suggest me an expert who have dealt with the very tough immigration matters thanks.

  16. JR Vizco says:

    I hope the parliament would soon promulgate a law giving ICCRC power to arrest illegal and ghost consultants. Currently, they are powerless against illegal and ghost consultants. They just refer the matter to CBSA and RCMP. And these agencies has overloaded work. They do not have time to dig deep on the illegal works of illegal immigration consultants. Perhaps Google can help to block websites of illegal consultants.

  17. Pamela Rittenhouse says:

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