Protect Your Stone With Aqua Mix® Sealer’s Choice® Gold

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Spills. Scuffs. Stains. Without the right protection, your tile or stone surface can be seriously, even permanently damaged. Safeguard your investment as you increase the life of your tile or stone installation with Aqua Mix® sealers and cleaners. For more than three decades, Aqua Mix® has been the leading supplier of stone and tile care products, and has repeatedly been voted the number one preferred brand by professional contractors. Sealing is the first step towards protecting your surface from stains. Here’s how it works: Aqua Mix® places that thin layer of high-end polymers between the surface of the tile or stone and the potential stain, giving you time to clean up before the potential damage becomes permanent. With Aqua Mix®, sealing your tile or stone surface is simple. In fact, it’s as easy as wiping down your countertop or mopping your floor. First, give the surface a thorough cleaning. Remove dust, dirt, grease, water spots and any other contaminants. Next, apply Aqua Mix® sealer. Use a clean sponge or a mop with a lamb’s
wool applicator. There should be a damp layer dwelling on the surface. Let the sealer sit on the surface for 5 minutes. If sealing a porous surface and the sealer penetrates before 5 minutes, apply additional sealer. Then, wipe the area completely dry with a clean
microfiber cloth or paper towel. Be sure any remaining residue is removed. It’s that simple. There’s a full array of Aqua Mix® sealers to fit your needs. Sealer’s Choice® Gold delivers maximum
protection against stains while offering a natural, no-sheen look for all types of title, stone, and grout. Enrich ‘N’ Seal™ provides the same powerful stain protection while enhancing the appearance of stone and grout. Sealing with Aqua Mix® is an important first step, but long-term protection also depends on using the right cleaner. Beware of household products that claim to be a tile cleaner or an all-purpose cleaner; they may contain harsh chemicals that can damage your tile, stone or grout, leaving it washed out and dull. That’s why Aqua Mix® cleaners feature a non-acidic formula for safe, effective everyday cleaning of all tile, stone and grout. For quick, convenient clean-ups, just follow two simple steps: Step 1: Spray it on. Step 2: Wipe it completely dry, careful to avoid streaks. Aqua Mix® countertop cleaners also contain sealer, so each time you clean, you’re continuing to protect against stains. For floors, add Aqua Mix® concentrated stone and
tile cleaner with warm water, and apply to the surface with a mop. Be sure to wipe completely dry, careful to avoid streaks. So don’t let a spill stain your home’s beautiful title or stone installation. Protect your investment and add longevity to your tile or stone surfaces with Aqua Mix® sealers and cleaners. For details, visit


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  1. polynet tunisie says:

    vraiment c'est très important

  2. Hussii H says:

    Will it protect from oil stain?

  3. Jerseyhighlander says:

    What kind of synthetic chemicals & solvents are in this stuff?

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