Protected Intersections

November 6, 2019 posted by

We’re trialling Victoria’s first
protected intersection at Albert and Lansdowne streets
in East Melbourne, to make it easier and safer
for cyclists to get from Melbourne’s north to the
CBD along one of the city’s most popular
cycling routes. The protected intersection
will include bike lanes running adjacent to traffic, separated
and protected by kerb islands. There’ll also be traffic islands
for pedestrians, as well as pedestrian and cyclist early-start
signals – giving them a head start to cross the
road, and improve drivers’ visibility of our most
vulnerable road users. Cyclists entering the intersection
can turn left on the green light, after giving way
to pedestrians. When turning right, cyclists
will essentially perform a hook turn – riding up to the next
stopping bay, and waiting for the next green light to complete
the right-hand turn within their dedicated and
protected bike lane. In countries like the Netherlands,
where cycling is a popular mode of transport, protected
intersections keep cyclists safe where they
need it most. Find out more at

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