PROTECTING AMERICA’S SCHOOLS: Secret Service releases report

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34 Replies to “PROTECTING AMERICA’S SCHOOLS: Secret Service releases report”

  1. Aceves Efrain says:

    Welcome to Tijuana

  2. Dan McFarland says:

    What did Ilhan Omar's husband say when he caught her cheating on him?….."I'm gonna tell our mommy".

  3. Curly Cruz says:

    KAG TRUMP2020!

  4. Erin James says:

    If school staff and administrators would discipline the bullies, there would be MINIMAL situations that result in danger. Anyone gets bullied enuf without appropriate support and they are likely to eventually react in a big way. Imo, idiots are running the show. Behavior has to be addressed in children who are out of control.


    lol awesome comment section πŸ‘πŸ»

  6. Petro Balan says:

    Trump.2020 πŸ‘

  7. Brian C says:

    Hey Pilar I haven't seen you in awhile I hope you're doing well

  8. Scott Cannon says:

    What A fool

  9. Scott Cannon says:

    More bull grap as usual and no solution

  10. David Wilcox says:

    freedom does indeed come at a high cost, unfortunately the alternatives are far far far worse.

    how anyone thinks communism is better are idiots in the extreme.

  11. Faith Hope & Love says:

    Wow.. That is one strong house that plane flew into. It hasn't even collapsed. Curious if builders will be looking into who built such a strong house for future skyscrapers. Hopefully nobody was home.

  12. Lidia Stremciuc says:

    Omar SHOULD be STONED to death because she cheated on her husband in her religion sau THAT if she's a horse and sleep WITH other MAN broking OTHER family apart a disgrace for our country y THE DEMONCRATS CONDEMNED HER LIKE THEY DO TO OTHER SPECIALTY IF ITS REPUBLICANS

  13. DEploribus Unum says:

    Schools need to be protected from the loony communist left.

  14. Davinxi P says:

    Thank you for keeping our communities safer

  15. DEploribus Unum says:

    We don't need the ABCs having more power. They have already messed up enough.

  16. Kathy Louise says:

    Stop identity Politic's and start arresting kids being violent in the schools. ALL kids need to feel protected and certain groups shouldn't be allowed to scare and hurt other kids because they know you won't do anything. If people don't correct their kids, get Social Services involved. Everyone reach out to a kid who is being harassed and let them know you care!

  17. Linda Green says:

    I have 2 great grand daughters better never get hut. Our kids are off limits.

  18. Edward Snowden says:

    End gun free zones.

  19. Brenda Seigler says:

    Look what has happened. God himself has been removed from all of the schools and now Islam is being introduced now slowly but surely.

  20. Gas Mask says:

    just watch the mini series called "Why we Hate" all this is well known, analyze it forever, changes nothing, until you get well educated school counselors meeting with children on a weekly basis and taking action its pointless, instead you will have people getting paid to study it and make grandstanding speech's like this, so sad

  21. larry or Sticks says:

    We need God in America again

  22. noscrub bubblez says:

    marjory/stoneman was a faked school shooting. i stopped listening anytime it's referenced.

  23. whingeybingey says:

    Thank you, Secret Service. Keep them safe. They're so precious.

  24. JURY OF MILLIONS says:

    Good Lord willing we won't take any more prayer out of school thank you for all your work that is not a diss. There should be room for a warm and fuzzy class or a tension breaker or a time for the kids to share whats on their minds in a make us safe and lets do it together class. Poor children.. There is a great way foward and looking back kinda gets numbing you know whst i mean? Bless you guys Thank you for caring a lotβ™‘ BE KIND ONLINE if kids could some how see the uselessness of violence uhhh. So hoes the idiom…??? Who Cares..i do and most others do..We love those who dare to care!!! Heaven has declared ITS WORTH IT Thanks again for watching over the helpless. Some are brainwashed by surroundings what a shame especially when we know the attacker was kind of manipulated.if unknowingly thats not ok but knowlingly. Thats just evil.

  25. Kim S says:

    Arm the Christian teachers.

  26. Matthew ferrari says:

    secret service is for fiat money "safety" and supervising the president, what are they doing relating schools? this isn't their area legally, its an expansion of power. they probably justify it by saying without school to work pipe line the profit from loans will decrease if ppl put their children into private school or homeschool. πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ‘πŸ‘

  27. Poly_B says:

    Trump 2020!!! Epstein didn’t kill himself.πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  28. Daniel Mount says:

    Our Government should fire all of these radical Anti-American and Anti-Christian Socialist teachers that for many years have been brainwashing our children to become Anti-American and Socialists and Anti-Christian as well as brainwashed into Islam.

  29. Kelly Boggs says:

    Seems the SS has done a wonder job of keeping attack threats secretπŸ˜‘

  30. department of death says:

    This lady is crazy

  31. big Jim says:

    I've got a idea let the parents take control of their kids because the government not doing a very good job at it,

  32. big Jim says:

    Most of the children that are killed in schools, would not be dead if parents was allowed to raise their kids, you people only show up after the fact,, you're joke's

  33. Jack Gold says:

    fbi comey and sheriff isreal are responsible.


    Vivid protection must be done immediately

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