Protecting Farmworkers as Temperatures Rise With Climate Change

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Look it, if you want to see how cantaloupe, ya
you can see look it, how their, they can be ready if it pops out itself. People pass away from this heat, you know. Thats what they need to understand, that this
heat aint no joke. They need to keep their body maintenance with
water, because if you have no water you already know how feels you know. So with all these you know, fruits and vegetables
that we grow here, which is great, and there is a lot of demand for those. I can grow all the crops on my farm with fifteen
or twenty people but then I need several hundred people to pick the crops. So we have a lot of, a lot of seasonal needs for people
that just come in the summer to work the crops. Heat stress is a very dangerous thing. Especially for people who are starting to
work the first day of July and its hot and if they haven’t been working in the field,
it could be quite dangerous. Its been years since there has been a fatality
among an agricultural worker from pesticides. On the other hand heat exposure has become
more significant as a hazard for agricultural workers. Uh for a variety of factors, one is climate
change. The temperature is getting warmer, and when
you working out doors you are vulnerable, you are excessively exposed to that and that
risk, particularly doing heavy labor. But there are other reasons, work organizations
has changed, mechanization, pace of work, all of those are factors that have changed
over the last few decades and made heat a more significant health problem in fact than
agro-chemicals. We emphasize that during the training, its
like, if with this knowledge you can save the life
of someone. And if you get really, really, really, sick that these break down and are no longer filtering. It’s very important because the weather is
changing and the temperatures are going to be like more extreme. We really need to be more aware of how that
is affecting us. It’s important to get the people trained
early, get them on board with the program so that they are drinking plenty of water,
taking their rest breaks when they are supposed to. I think it shows in the results of what we’ve
been doing. There used to be frequent deaths in the field
from heat exhaustion or heat stress. In the last five or six years there have been
very few, I think that is a result of growers taking on programs to try an prevent that
from happening. Just taking the issue of a changing climate
we know the ambient temperatures are getting warmer, and that directly translates into
increased risk for outdoor workers such as farm workers. So this is an effort to reduce the individual
risk from the climate change that every projection, every single projection in a climate model
says is going to occur. It’s a project not only for today but for
the future.

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