Protecting Our Divinity

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Today, I want to talk about this interesting
topic. Protecting our divinity. It’s kind of a strange statement, because you
think technically, our divinity doesn’t need protected ’cause it’s divine, it’s perfect,
it’s all it’s powerful. And that brings us to a saying that I developed
a long time ago that a lot of you seem to love and you comment on. Know the truth but respect the illusion. The truth is you’re a divine being powerful, pure light, and it
doesn’t actually need protected. It’s just this wholeness, has perfection,
it’s divinity. And we still have this notion in our human
heads that somehow like life is dualistic, and so there are forces that combat God, combat,
light combat authority or whatever. Really, there’s no such thing there is, ultimately,
there is only God and there’s nothing that can threaten it. It’s very simple. But all the duality concepts came in when
the children of God thought that they could separate from God thought that we could divide
heaven. That’s the war in heaven. Whether you wanna call it a specific being… Because we’re one… So when part of us thought… We, the children of God are one. When part of us thought it could rebel and
leave even it can’t really do that, but we created this fear-based concept and it happens
to us in every lifetime where you wanna be a perfect loving parent, and then one day
you screw up and you say something in front of the kids you shouldn’t over then all of
a sudden you can’t take it back. It’s just one of those things that in this
universe in this world, if we reflect the fact that we thought we could leave heaven
and then we never felt the same afterwards. So essentially, we thought we left. And so the truth is, you can… And the truth is, you can’t threaten God or
heaven, there can’t be a war, you can’t almost defeat God, and then just God happen to win
at the last second, God’s not like the divine version of the New England Patriots or whatever
and can pull it off at the last second most of the time. That’s for uterine John and others in that
reach anyway, it’s an amazing thing because the truth and the illusion, the truth is you
can be harmed. So, there’s nothing to protect your divinity,
but in the illusion, it seems like it. In the illusion, meaning in this universe,
meaning in this world, meaning in your life, you need to protect your divinity. Now, if you do it from a place of fear, then
you’re affirming, your divinity, can be threatened. The way to do it is only if you remind yourself
in the back of your mind. Ultimately, I cannot be threatened. Ultimately, nothing can harm me, so don’t
make a battle to win in the first principle. The first part of the principal know the truth,
and the truth is nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists here in lies the
peace of God. That’s the beginning of A Course In Miracles. Nothing real can be threatened. So there’s nothing to protect. However, we aren’t in that ultimate “know,
the truth.” We’re not in the truth of God right now. We’re in the dream. We think we are, we seem to be in the in the
dream. So, in the dream, protect your divinity. And, this is… Know the truth, but respect the illusion is
one of… There are ways that that could be lived out. Honestly, you can live that principle in so
many ways. You can apply that when it comes to boundaries. Health crisis, how do you really hold the
mind of a healer? A true healer, know the truth, which is that
you cannot be sick. I respect the illusion, take your medicine,
a person struggling with psych issues, and they’ve gotta take psyched. Oh, I don’t wanna take psyched that stuff. Is this that it confirms that I’m sick? You know what, quiet know the truth, which
is the psyched. Don’t have any power over you nor does the
imbalance in your chemistry. It’s not true, it doesn’t happen, you don’t
have it in balance, but since you don’t know that yet, there’s a part of you that believes
you have these psych episodes or depressions or whatever it happens to be respect the illusion. Earnest homes once said he was the originator
of Science of Mind, Religious Science, what became centers for spiritual living. Now, he wants, if you have a broken bone,
put on a cast like it’s okay, even though he’s doing… What are called treatments or affirmations
with people, you cannot be sick, the bone is not broken, but in the illusion, it seems
to be so seem to get a Dan cast on, it’s okay, you’re not susceptible to the cold weather,
hot and cold, but you live in a certain region, it’s freezing right now. Put on a code. No, it’s an illusion. Well, that’s just denial, it’s unhealthy denial,
it’s not the only version of healthy to now, there’s a healthy version of denial, a very
strict description, definition of healthy denial, but most every other form, literally
every other form I should say, is a false and unhealthy form of donelso. Chances are if you practice denial in any
way, such as I do not need a coat, I do not need any nutrients or whatever happens to
be any medicines or whatever, I do not need this or that or the other chances are just
assumed you’re wrong and you’re in denial because pretty much all, but one specific
form of denial is ego-based. The only proper use of denial is when you
deny, essentially you could call it karma. When you can say to yourself, “If I choose
again, if I have made a choice that has brought negative karma to me in some way, illness
or challenges of any kind. If I have done that, and I own it and I surrender
it, I have emptied my cup and I replace it, refill my cup. In other words, “With God’s presence and Grace,
you know what I just realized? Maybe we’ll talk tomorrow or Sunday if you
guys wanna tune in. I can’t promise it, but I think I’d like to
talk about grace versus karma. Okay, somebody remind me of that later when
you empty your cup and refill it with God’s presence. Having put out something, like if I say I’m
not sick, well, what makes me be able to say that I’m just pretending I’m not, I’m just
saying it. That’s false, denial. The only healthy and real and true form of
denial is to say If I own that, I’m sick because of a choice, a belief in my mind, and I give
that belief up, not only give it up, I’m being… My cup, but replacing it with something else,
replacing it with the reality of God. Now I can actually say, “Hey yeah, now that
I took responsibility that I created an illusion and it had karmic effects, and I switch it
around and choose reality with it. It doesn’t come comic effects, like with a
poor choice, an unhealthy choice, karmic choice, it doesn’t bring karma, it brings gifts. And so, I am told by the principles of Christ
consciousness that when I’ve made my new choice, and I say I’m now in alignment with spirit,
you’re allowed to say… And it’s the only time you’re allowed to say,
right to say accurate to say. And I deny the effects of my previous decision
if I have made unhealthy relationship choices and so on. I recognize it, I give it to God, and if it
has had a negative effect on my self-worth or on my health, I am encouraged to say, “And
I “Denys effects on me. You can… My book on love. It’s called The Book of love and forgiveness. I believe it’s in there that there’s a prayer
that involves… And also, I think it’s also in my course in
miracles book, “The Heart of A Course in Miracles, it’s written in a couple of places for me
because… And taught lots of places, because essentially
it’s a prayer that says I make no decisions alone today, instead I make them with God,
that’s it in a sentence. And that’s two parts. I make no decisions alone instead I make them
with God. Two parts. Then you elaborate on each of the two parts
by saying something along the lines of… And all the decisions I have made or would
have made for that matter, affecting my health mind, sold the world, my life and whatever
I recognize and accept that any decision I have even tried to make outside of the light
of God, meaning on my own from my ego, I know. And it’s affected all these areas. I now surrender it empty in my cup and I deny
their effects on me done. That’s the first half with elaboration. The second half gets elaborated with. And I instead choose God as my guide, my teacher,
my healer, that’s at the Holy Spirit, the divine mother, whatever you wanna call, I
call in God’s guidance and having done so I now have the right to welcome in the gifts
of God because I have made a righteous choice in consciousness. I switched from the ego choices that I want
made, which definitely brought karmic effects. I said, “Stop “Be still and know I am God,
we still knock this crap off and know that I am God. That’s my reverent way of saying it, but it’s
along those lines. Okay, because I’m saying you have to have
the guts to say Hey, no stop. I can see this. And it could be like I’ve known people that
have literally and figuratively how their decisions against themselves. So you have to protect your divinity and you
can’t… I’ve said this many times, you can’t… To take Heaven by storm, you can’t go. I am creating something in my life right now. You haven’t even owned that, “you don’t like
what you’ve already created. Well, I don’t need to, because I’m just gonna
create something new because positive thinking and manifestation process and the law of attraction,
it’s mostly crap that people teach about these topics. It’s mostly just ego-based garbage because
they have not emptied their cup, they’re just trying to refill, but they’re not refilling
with God, they’re filling as God as though they themselves. The ego-based, self that hasn’t even owned
that it was controlled by its ego uprooted the ego and got clear enough to say I’m God,
they’re trying to take Heaven by storm and say I’m gonna stay in my ego ’cause it seems
like negative talking, negative words to acknowledge ego at all, which is egotistical and they
won’t do that, they won’t acknowledge that God was an ego rather was… And I’m choosing God. So they don’t wanna own that. Ego was involved in these things, their decision-making. You catch it, “Be still and know who you’re
saying. These deletion. No, be still ego, “knock it off, ego. I don’t wanna hear it, I’m not interested. I know what you’re about. Call it “evil called “ego call it unhealthy
people in your life. You’ll learn to say Pause. No Moss done. We’re done with that game. I see it, I deny its effects on me and I’m
moving forward. And you can literally say that in a valid
way because literally it takes the form. Things like IN disease is a sickness, but
also sometimes people will push it against you and say “Wait a minute, you signed a contract
with this lease. And I’m the type that will tell you not always,
but most of the time I would rather lose money on a deal than to have you trapping me or
controlling me into doing something that’s from an ego-centered place. It drives some people, not whether I’m advising
them, somebody says… Well, I got married. But the person’s totally a lunatic and I don’t
know what to do. Well, let’s see, recognize that you’ve done
this empty the cup. I say good-bye. Deny it’s affect me. Oh, but this is my fifth marriage. I can’t lose this time, I’ll just feel terrible. It’s like you can’t say, “I’m gonna let go
of the ego unless there’s a threat of losing another marriage and looking bad or whatever
games or play, you have to be willing to say hell or high water. Man, I’m going with the light because I have
this confidence that when I choose God, I don’t have to worry about anything else. There’s a phrase in the Bible that says something
along the lines of, and then comes the good of God and with no regrets with no harm, and
it’s such a beautiful thing where you can say I’m ready to believe that I can be guided
and led and taught by God and not have any negative repercussions. In other words, ’cause the ego is gonna say
Fine. You wanna choose God fine. Well, see what happens, ’cause there’s gonna
be negative there too. You can actually have only good, it can happen. It’s just the people don’t believe it, so
they don’t create it, instead they go. Okay, fine, I’ll choose a number two ought
to go with God, even though I know it’s gonna come with this negative thing, and this negative
thing, you know, because you have to have some sacrifice somewhere, God doesn’t ask
for it. It’s just humans and it’s just humans making
up stories. But I want you to remember, please protect
your divinity now to give some examples about that. This… When we once had, heaven, we didn’t protect
it enough, we allowed Eagle fear-based thoughts, to leak in our head and not protect our minds
from having this virus so to speak. So, we didn’t protect enough. Now, I’m saying protect your divinity, remember,
of course, you don’t need to protect your divinity, divinity, but since we forgot the
divinity, we now need to grab it kind of spark. It, nurture it, in, into a fire, like keeping
the wind off a little fire when you’re out trap somewhere in the desert or out in the
mountains, you’re lost and you’re trying to lie if re-to survive, you get that spark going,
you try to like… That fire, you gotta protect it from the wind,
it doesn’t mean you hate the wind, or the people in your life. Just focus on getting the fire going and protected. People will try to put out your fire, don’t
hate them, just they know and no wind back off, you know how the body you kinda get in
there trying to keep the fire going. It’s the same principle, it is exactly the
same because it’s a light, it brings your safety and more like God, but you must not
hate the wind for even though you’ll cut out the wind. I’ll Dana, “it blew it out again. We get upset. But who you’re really talking to, you’re frustrated
that the light went, “You’re not really hating the wind, you can’t even see. So take responsibility, take care of the light
and focus on getting the light back or an ordeal keeping it healthy. In the beginning of time, we separated, we
didn’t protect oneness, enough, so separation seems to have taken place. We came to Earth and gradually we just kept
falling, we just kept falling prey to to whatever was happening at the time and we didn’t protect
it enough. And so, even spiritually based civilizations,
memoria, whether you believe in the more in audits, an ancient civilization, Lenora was
like a matriarchal, beautiful, ethereal kind of space, and it wasn’t protected enough. And incidentally, it’s not like it’s just
not protected from nothingness, it’s not protected from that, which is so fear-based that says
We don’t like that. You have something we don’t have. Well, they would have it if they chose it,
they don’t choose it. And instead of taking responsibility day,
whoever they are, those who live in darkness are choosing darkness, but they lost like
They didn’t protect their light, so it went out and they got mad at everybody else and
tried to take theirs. I’m over here in the woods and I don’t have
any warm than shelter and I’m freezing and you have right and more of the fire, how dare
you? Well, yeah, but I protected it and kept it. Let you didn’t. Well, what do you think I care that you’re
making a point about keeping light. I don’t care, I’m just gonna take yours. That’s what the world tries to do and you
have to protect it. Now it gets tricky because you can’t protect
it, shouldn’t protect it with hate or judgment, but you gotta still protect us. And where do you draw the line that’s called
Boundaries? You do your best. Let’s start there. So don’t over analyze it, start with… I’ll just do my best to know when it’s right
to protect my divinity, my divinity, meaning also anything that’s healthy. I’m tempted to go drinking, but I’m in AA. Let’s say protecting my divinity isn’t literally
protecting some divine light in the sky on right now, my divinity is taking the form
of Halpin ESS sobriety, so that’s just a little spark called sobriety of my pure light. But right now, I’ve lost all that. I forgot my divinity. So it takes the formerly of a little spark,
it’s protect it. Get to your program, go to your meetings. Well, I don’t wanna go to meetings, I’m not
in the mood today. Are you protecting your light? I don’t know, maybe an inconvenience to some
people, but it is what it is, man, you gotta make healthier choices, so, protect your light,
protect your light by taking the proper nutrients and doing whatever it takes to maintain healthy-ness
because health-ness is a form of your life. Ancient Civilizations, memoria, wasn’t protected
enough, and dark forces kind of came in and gradually took that, took that place, just
destroyed it as much as it could, but the beings that were high enough in vibration
and understanding actually they were ethereal enough. What they did is, they just protected their
divinity, they just shifted into theory form so that the dense people, beings, that tried
to destroy and did destroy eventually “Lamia couldn’t see them. And that’s kind of cool because in a sense,
you could say You can become so clear energetically without fear, the fear-based people sometimes
can’t even see you. I can’t say all the time because sometimes
there’s lessons in whatever else for us, but you can just kind of be so clear, you’re not
drawing attention of a negative nature. And at the same time, the paradox is you could
be so pure that you do draw attention because darkness wants to take the light. So it gets kind of tricky in that sense. But these ethereal beings just literally shifted
into a different dimensionality, so they weren’t the main course, for today’s meal for the
negative beings. And so, Egypt, same thing, I don’t mean though,
Egypt, you hear about “Pharos and all that, that’s after that is Egypt, After corruption,
most of the paras, it’s like Rome, there’s like three decent Roman Caesars in history
compared to dozens that were just megalomaniac and so on. So that’s this world. A Rome or Greece or Egypt, these ancient civilizations. They didn’t start off messed up, but they
didn’t protect their divinity enough. And it’s hard too, because JES every day,
the other’s knocking at the door. Just when you think you’ve got something going
right, somebody is there trying to taint it. Anion, Egypt. And I’m talking ancient many thousands of
years before Christ. Not just a couple of thousand before Christ,
but many tens of thousands of before Christ, there was already an existing civilization
that was post-“Atlantean ’cause you had memoria, and then Atlantis and then more what we call
ancient civilizations, which are not really that ancient, but we’ll call them that the
historic civilizations in Egypt, rather, you had a person named raw per names. Actually pronounced ray, even though it’s
spelled R-A, it’s pronounced Ray, but raw for a common terminology, Rata, or raw, and
his partner is risk or ISIS, and even the name, ISIS is a goddess is name and yet some
sect of people, some, whatever, they are band of people on this planet today took the name. It’s so amazing to me, sad, unfortunate, but
also almost humorous because it’s… Once again, a name like God is his name just
being made into something that scares people because of some black and energy hijacking
the name. It’s amazing when you think about this guys,
it’s like it’s almost a identity. Rape is what it is, and it just makes sense,
it’s so consistent with what happens in this world, so wrong. Created this potential in Egypt before parrots
and all that before any pyramids and so on, he created this potential where he said I
believe that we can create almost like Heaven on Earth. And he was almost almost an ethereal being,
but he was just so powerful and sensitive and energetic, and he created this amazing
civilization. And then once again, the negative forces,
the people ego-based come in and twist things and have him tossed out. And so he goes to another part of Africa as
he went to the Libyan region. What becomes the Livin region? He goes there, by the way. Just a footnote. I don’t think most people realize that, once
upon a time, planets were not just planets, they were actually understood to be not just
thought or believed to be, they were understood to be dates because the planet Neptune is
a being, it’s not just the mythological Neptune like Poseidon, the ocean, Greek and Roman
names for mythologies. But Neptune is being just like Michael is
a being and you are a being, there’s a guy named Neptunes a being, but he’s a bit grander
than a typical human being grand enough to hold an energy called to planet as his body
you embody is this thing and you think it’s enough to try to keep this thing together? I imagine these planets that last millions
or billions of years, and these beings can hold it together. Gaya or key. It’s gay, a gay key. That’s the name of the earth mother, but it’s
a being, she’s actually a being an entity. But I don’t think people realize that we used
to be… So in touch with the cosmos, the star beings
and the stars and the planets that everything was so seen and understood to be connected. And I would love to be able to just download
all this understanding about that topic, ’cause sometimes I get excited as you can see about
it, but it’s just like a little too much for some folks. But the place that becomes called LEA, which
is where Otago develops, the civilization that helps to develop one that was already
there, but he goes and developed. They just go, “This guy is so cool, he’s so
together, he creates love and prosperity for us. It’s not a Christ-figure person, it’s not
a Jesus-per se, he’s like a Michael or You that decides to get your act together and
make a difference in the world. He’s not like just, on a divine mission and
he’s just holy. This is a human being, that’s choosing to
act more divinely, and he goes to the Libyan region, but Libyan means LeBron. So it ends up being called Mid-Livia or Libyan
region because it’s LeBron because of the energy pulled in from the sign of Libra or
the Atlanteans. For example, Atlantis is really, your honest,
the planet, our honest… So, you notes is one of its attributes, like
Neptune is very “mystic-oriented. Jupiter is related to spiritual consciousness,
Pluto, you know the depths of the unconscious, the depths of deep work. Well, your honest is kind of the psychic related
and… And the Atlanteans. Brought in psychic energy to this world, which
is why it was so easily darkened ’cause psychics and psyche and psycho. Now, it’s also similar. It’s almost the emotional aspect of the mind,
it’s the emotion mind psyche, psychic, South, the psyche. And so the Atlanteans. Developed the psychic capabilities and it
went dark for them too. They didn’t protect the light enough. So in Atlanta, you had a group of people,
part of the Atlanteans. Called the children of the law of one, so
they were the children trying to follow the law of the oneness of God. So it’s like saying the children of the law
of one really means we are followers of the one truth of God. Then there were another set of people that
were into the darkness and the darkness just keeps beating it down. It did it in civilizations and it keeps happening
catalog. They couldn’t keep it forever. There’s always someone trying to screw things
up. And I wanna say this is in families, and by
the way, in Egypt, one of the primary characters that screw things up for Rata and His people
and He was sent on Olivia eventually things went so horribly wrong, they invited him back
to come and clean up the mess and created it even better civilization and Egypt for
a while, and as soon as he decides to leave and transition from this world, those forces
came in again, they couldn’t, they couldn’t beat him down a second time, because he learned… How to protect his divinity and the primary
name of the primary guy who tried to overthrow Rata, his name was relied as in religion. So that’s kind of a funny thing yet. Not… And mythological in the world of God’s God,
it says People that were David and names he’s known as set or Saturn or Satan. So, I mentioned this in a talk before, but
when you hear about set, who tries to kill his brother, which is like saying or his brother
horse, which is like saying Jesus, see it’s all names that end up mean things. Almost prophetic ally names that almost fine
with something else. So there’s all these cool things about names
of people don’t understand, but that’s the way it goes. So, relies to break things down in Egypt. That could have been great and was great for
a while, but Camelot, it’s the same thing, sadly, Jesus. Think about that. Jesus walked in and says “I remember one of
you emailed this question, her Facebook in our Facebook group, Friends of Michel, idea,
Facebook group. I think it was, maybe there or somewhere in
one of our groups that said, “You know what was up with Jesus overturning the tables and
saying What have you done to my father’s house, he’s protecting his divinity, meaning not
just His divinity. When you protect your divinity, you’re never
protecting your own, you’re also trying to teach a lesson to everybody, meaning send
a message to everybody. So when he’s saying What have you done to
my father’s house, You hypocrite, yes, he’s saying something to what they’re doing, behaviorally,
but he’s also saying The Father’s house is the soul. How did you let your souls fall? Such a level that this is all that matters? You think that the church, a church building
is really… Or that your soul is really for “corrupt-able
meaning the illusion, ARY fear-based off greed, really, that’s it. You’re just money changing, which means you’re
making a little of each, you’re doing a little of the money trading, like stocks and so forth
here, really. And Father, he’s not just talking about the
building called a church, but partly that’s he’s saying, Yeah, partly to that effect,
but he’s talking about the deeper message. The soul is the temple. Not the building, but either one even the
building is a symbol of the soul. Don’t let it get so corrupted. Protect your divinity, anyway, just on that
note. Even Jesus wasn’t protected, meaning there
weren’t more people saying No when they said Should we kill him or Braves? More people voted for Braves who wrote God’s
laws, then they did for Jesus, who broke man’s laws. See, it’s just so weird, because this word
easily will crucify goodness and perpetuate evil. It’s the strangest thing. It doesn’t make sense, it’s like saying Go
to a cold climate and start blowing out all the fires. Who would do that in the right mind? Well, they wouldn’t even wouldn’t eagle, he
people wouldn’t just overtly do that and call it saying what they’ll do is not blow out
the fire ’cause then they do would suffer, they just take yours, which can’t be done. So they get mad after it doesn’t work and
they take someone else’s and just keep perpetuating this. A spiritual theft, the Dept of goodness, and
you can’t take people’s goodness, not really, you just seem like you can, but it doesn’t
last because you can’t actually harm goodness and least. Well, you can’t steal it if you have it, you
have it, if you don’t, you don’t. So the only way you can get it is by owning
that you messed up somewhere. Deny the effects of that and calling the light
a new life. That’s back to where we started today. Camelot Israel, many times collapsed because
they just couldn’t maintain what their God was telling them to do, and as much as they
could pull it together for a day and a half, or sometimes a generation or five or whatever
back to it again, they just kept descending. It happened to the minds, a peaceful civilization,
a different decision and just say, “Okay we’re protecting our divinity and it looks like
you folks aren’t allowed really allow that to happen. So we’ll find another way to do that. The honest as he just said, “We’ll just leave
by. And they just ascended, they went and took
on another dimension, let’s say Anasazi of the southwest, long before there were tribes
of natives and so forth long before there were distinct tribes. Let’s say that we know of today, Navajo and
the patchy and so on the Anasazi and then came to a Hopi and then they broke up and
the other names. But a musician wants to protect the silence
in his studio and not have a bunch of weird noise. They tried to sound proof it. It’s the same thing, it’s a symbol of protecting
your space, protecting your divinity, be careful that you don’t confuse this with protecting
your ego, which is your tantrums, defending your moods, your rudeness, your anger, you’re
venting your harm that you do, what other people that’s protecting your ego. I’m not talking about that. A parent, a mom or a parent tries to protect
their child with a crib, but yet, can you really protect them? Always this world will beat down things, will
some relative ends up abusing the child, and if it isn’t a child, if it isn’t a relative,
the child grows older and that’s great, and then people at school tease them, you can’t
protect them enough because this world keeps beating things down our defenses, so to speak. But what we can do is our best just do our
best and not hate those who keep trying to break it down. But what you can do is say no to them whenever
possible and you just do your best. Something’s lessons test slip under the radar. I would love to say that I was able to protect
myself in every instance or my divinity in every instance, and sometimes I didn’t with
certain people and sometimes not even against my own self and I could have done a better
job I learned from it. Bounce back, and let’s keep going. Don’t even have time to obsess on the slipping
here. And they’re just… Let’s saddle up, let’s keep going. You do what you can not get caught up in all
this stuff. Fundamental Christians destroyed Christ consciousness
seemingly not spiritually, really, but the concept where people could have had mystic
connection to Christ or to God, a personal connection, or revelation, and it’s shamed
and made into something horrible, and evil is of the double. But even new ages, destroyed this concept
of the new age. I’ll love and peace, and everybody’s just
out. Wow, it’s like hippy-akin to the spiritual
level. And it was perfect, perfect, potentially perfect. But the Summer of Love was months of people. In the social systems and in the world and
in the arts for months, people were going… Something is amazing. Something’s happening, there’s a palpable
energy and the buzz words love, and that year comes out the songs. All you need is love, and so on. So everybody’s just like flower power, peace,
love, and so on. But look what happens. Entering that world of peace and so on. Some very dark things, some dark music started
happening, hate music, culturally, things were happening, racism started getting worse
and worse. So, it’s what this world tries to do. That’s why I’ve talked about creating a space
some day eaten Shire, where we have a retreat where we can kind of go and have the right
to live our space as best as we get. But remember, this world still tries to tear
things down, it could keep us from even having it. That’s what this world will do or have it,
and it will knock at the door and try to harm it. This is just this world, it keeps… You can be a food purest and someone’s always
slipping crap in there that you don’t know. You can say I’m gonna… I’m gonna eat a certain way, but somebody’s
always being paid off to allow certain things in there that certain people want a companies
want. You’re not allowed seemingly to make choices
for yourself that would assume you’re allowed to make people are just always messing with
it and trying to, again, break down the doors. And of course, in miracles, of course, Mike
is a pretty amazing book, it’s a book about Christ consciousness, there’s these gets in,
of course, in miracles that fight with each other. I have the real course and miracles. I know I have the real one. And just all they’re doing is introducing
ego into the book about how to get over your ego. I wrote an article a long time ago, and I
don’t think I’ve mentioned it online before, but an article a long time ago, it was called
“a course in mega poles. Some of you that remember, it would appreciate
it because this is for the internet. I think it was a letter, originally, and I
went online when the internet got first created and… God, it just kinda went viral and then disappear
and came back again. When internet kept changing at first, it was
kind of developing. So now it’s out there and because it’s saying
You people attacking each other, you’re just acting so ridiculous. And I just got to the point of… Okay, we’re gonna protect the divinity by
saying Here’s light. And you guys are acting like morons here,
spiritual morons. And what do you think you’re doing to stop
look at it? “Be still” in now the… I AM Presence of God, this material, it’s
trying to teach love and light and you’re attacking each other. It makes no sense. So that’s an article. And just as in your life, sometimes you’re
gonna be inspired to speak up, but I wanna say this, if you think that protecting divinity
usually means you talk, you’re actually probably not coming from protecting your divinity,
probably protecting your ego. I almost have never taken external action
on things. I do it inside, and it shifts things, but
almost never compared to the number of times I do internal shifts. Oh my God, it’s like 995 to five something
along those lines, the ratio is far greater that I do the internal shifts once in a while
and it’s like God, maybe once or twice in history that I wrote articles saying something
that direct the mega-poles one. And I think I wrote one about a certain murder
in LA with a certain individual that murdered his wife and got away with it, and I wrote
an article to a newspaper that said “so and so my name so and so found guilty, which he
wasn’t, he was seen as innocent, but I wrote an article said No found guilty, but sentence
delayed. No, because I knew… No, this person’s guilty. I’m not in the news, I don’t watch it, I don’t
have to hear all the testimony, I just know you could see it, you can feel it. And I knew, so I said No, it’s a lie, it’s
not innocent. And some people are just dancing. Yeah, cool, you innocent. Not at all, just sentenced delay, that’s divine. Patience is knowing that everything will get
worked out one way or another Divine Patience. But anyway, to finish this up, please understand
that when I’ve said All this, I am not saying the people that are trying to break you down
or penetrate boundaries of yours are bad or evil, do not see them as bad, see them as
tests, not there’s this jerk, there’s this bad person, there’s a test for me and it’s
up to me. The people of Camelot, Israel “Lamia they
could have maintained it, but they didn’t. And to Eris human, Jesus created a great thing. He talked to his apostles and wonderful teachers. But look what happened to the teachings of
Christ became a religion that destroyed people, the Roman Catholic Church before it was called
that teachings of the Apostles, and so on is great. That’s why some of those apostles went to
written because they knew that the Druids that were there were actually original teachers
of Israel that were waiting for the Christ to be born. Just like we know the Israelites were waiting
for the Messiah. Well, in Judea, they denied him in England,
the drugs, which were actually a priest of Israel, that moved to England prior, they
were prepared, they didn’t date they go. No, that’s him. Yeah, that’s good, we’re good, crisis come,
and the rise in Judea said no, because you know it was not gonna help them financially
and or their particular little stick called religion. Well, the druids were like… Well, we’re not really as strict about our
egos being protected. We’re here holding the light. And so that’s why the light was so important
to these people in the rituals and so on. But they’re holding the light. And so the apostles, you eventually, some
of them left Judea and went to England, ’cause they knew that’s a brethren man. These are the guys that actually know about
the light and Christ stagings. So, when the church took foot filled in Rome,
one of the first things they did was they said Go and destroy the druids, and the people
in England, and so they sent their Caesars sent people to wipe out the British or the
Celts and so on because they were holding the light, that the Judean didn’t. And that rodent want to run an IT, a religion. So, they somewhat successfully snuff out the
people of Britain, which were the Celts and other peoples have Brian. So that was not just a Rome expanding its
borders that was Rome, that eventually becomes the Roman Catholic church and the Catholic
church made sure, when Rome didn’t completely annihilate Brittan and not at least not entirely,
the Roman Catholic Church said we’ll just finish the job. And so they did it religiously and even then
“Brittan float now and again, with protesting and teachers that said No and protect their
divinity, whether that’s Martin Luther or someone else in a different part in Germany
or the Celtic regions. It’s pretty cool, if you think about it, but
I won’t go there any further. I wanna share something with you. What are the most popular common chance in
Sanskrit? Many PODGE whom we know almost everybody’s
heard that one, but all monopole. What does it mean exactly? And the reason I’m mentioning this is because
it’s called The Four seed syllables and they represent states of progress, like from home
money Podium. So there’s a progression or a connection to
these four words. So all represents like the syllable of God,
the presence of God, and it universal consciousness. Some people would say instead of God, but
on represents universe of consciousness, then there’s money. Podium is human, so you have a universal consciousness,
hum human, and so on. Money Pentium really means God manifested
all the way to the human level. Oh, money Podium. And so it’s not just human, but even the material
world, so it means God and all things in a sense, but money and pore are the interesting
pieces, or the syllables because money means the mind, but precious, like a jewel, pod,
me is like a pod or a lotus flower money, pod, me means the jewel in the Lotus, and
that’s the divinity protected, even in a load is a delicate flower, your light is within
your being your soul and your light is in your soul, protect your divinity “O-money
Podium maintain, connect with and maintain your light all the way to the delicate flower
that surrounds you called your skin, your body, your human life, and into the material
level. It’s not that I’m saying that this is easy,
consistently easy ’cause it isn’t the… Well, I said over and over. It’s challenges. The ego world that darkness says. I want your light, because you have something
that I don’t believe I have. It doesn’t say, “I don’t believe it, it says
I don’t have it, but I’m gonna get it from you, so it’s hateful and aggressive and you
have to be able to say no without hating. The hateful and aggressive for
is found wherever we are in Hum OU could say, “Oh money Podium really could mean that God
is found wherever we are, even in the human condition. Just like a jewel in the lotus, just like
a jewel in the lotus. It’s discovered in the flower of our minds. Wow, my soul is found, like an innocent light. And then to take that, the rest of the way
Jesus says In a Course in Miracles, the concept of the inner child is not what you think,
it’s not actually just your human of origin. Wounded child. He said No, no, okay, fine. That’s what people work on and that’s fine. But the real and most important meaning of
the inner child is the Christ child within us. Meaning your divinity, your spark protects. So Jesus says in the Course, so protect that
child, the Christ child protected, not again from bad people ’cause they… There’s bad and now you have duality and judgement
and so on is on. It’s protected from your own self. That doesn’t protect because before people
attack, there’s someone that they think they can attack. What are they sensing about you? That’s not strong enough for them to go better,
not mess with them, they’re like they sense weaknesses. So don’t just condemn or be too upset about
people that try to take your light or have seemingly taken your light. And I’m sorry for some of the hurtful things
people have said and done to seemingly do that, but remember this, even if it felt like
here and there that it’s been done and you feel hurt over it. Pause and remember this. Even right now, it’s not possible that they
can even touch my light, they touch my body. That’s because I forgot my peer light thought
I was a body and gave them a body to touch technically, but I’m not a body, I am free. And I remained as God created me. Find that in your heart. And so find the strength and the ability to
say No, you can’t really touch who I really am. And then that real self gives you tangible,
practical advice on how to deal with this world and protecting yourself. I was talking about Israel and the dread civilizations
of light, it got beat down. Or even in my own little movement of unity
of Sedona coming to unity of Sudan, there were still some people representing riled
the old school religion, trying to take unity from us and make it into a more traditional
unity, and even some of the people I call it, the mothership of that pot system tradition
or whatever, I supported them in trying to take it because there is so much light that
we’ve produced here. It confused and he scared them. They’re like, What is going on here and they
tried to take it and they even lie to each other about that ’cause each of them had a
different agenda. But divided we fall. So, let others do as they made it. Us, for me in mind, we will serve the living
God. And that’s what we did, but we didn’t lose,
we kicked, but we centered, stayed in the light, told the truth, and that’s it, and
the darkness could not defeat the light. So I’m not trying to give you stories of everybody
that failed. Because even when I tell you rivaled eventually
in common KAMALA. Sometimes that’s after a generation of time,
sometimes it’s tens of thousands of years and the more existed without it happening. So, your job is just to do your best to maintain,
but all things in this world, pass. So, sometimes the scenes, the anion, is seen. Oh my gosh, a beautiful people of the Judy
and realm region, the they too, they kept is perfect, they protected, they went out
to out to the Dead Sea where nothing lives so that they could be just doing their own
thing and saying “You know what, let’s go create our version of light. And they did, and they were so far removed,
went out in the middle of nowhere, they took care of protecting their divinity, but they
still ended eventually, but they ended because they disbanded because Jesus had come and
that’s what they were here to bring. It was Jesus, and he goes on. And so they’re saying We’re done. So they move on. It’s not bad that you end something, but while
you are existing, do you protect your divinity? Do you know what a divine being you are? And then so much so that you start getting
organically, you start getting guidance on how to protect that divinity because you are
so aware of the Divinity, it starts speaking to you on how to protect it. Like Mary, Joseph, take yourselves out of
this region to protect yourselves. There’s gonna be something that goes on here,
go and they go and then different tragedies are happening like the killing and murdering
of these babies protecting their divinity. They heard the guidance, and they went. It’s just, it happens and people just… Sadly, even when people get guidance and have
potentially new things come to them, they don’t maintain it. I had a lady come just recently to me saying
I’m terrified of men, just terrified it. I don’t know how to deal with men, how to
be around them. I don’t know that I can ever even date, whatever
the traumas were about such a thing and I said, “Okay so she comes to me, for some healing
and help. I said, Okay, so terrified. Can’t imagine being with a man kissing, doing
anything I said. Okay, so do me Close your eyes, take my hands
and just close your eyes. Now I want you in various forms, I just want
you to… For seconds or a couple of minutes, I want
you just to visualize you’re feeling a man’s hands in your hands, visualized, doing the
things you might do that are normal parts of a relationship while you fill a man’s hands
and your at, ’cause it makes it visceral, visualize that and so on. And so God, I must have done this a trillion
times where people have done exercises like that where it’s somatic, bring it to the body,
feel it and go. Yes, I get it. And, they heal. And this person had that same potential, but
they instead end up making it like shameful, it’s sad, but it’s one in a million that do
that, but it’s gonna happen where somebody has a chance to have a different experience
and does stuff from the past or our fears that we seem to experience in the present
or fears of the future. This fear of men was so much for this person
that they couldn’t take that step to say because the rules are when you imagine it, your brain
starts to understand it as a possibility. So, when I had her, closer “Isan imagine even
just for a minute, these kinds of things, she became afraid, just later on, reacts and
that she hated me for having her look and do some of that stuff. And it’s only seconds of time. And it’s only concept that you’re looking
at in your mind or even… I didn’t even ask you to go date, I didn’t
even ask you to go out there and try it physically, go out and have a relationship. I’m asking you just to imagine the idea. And some people, it just, they can’t do it. So protecting your Divinity means having to
face your fears, you have to find the part of you that’s immune. And let me say this as well. Your aura is an ether… Protection. It’s a force field of sorts. It does different things, but one of them… One of the things is it’s like a forceful… It is a protection in the Bible that’s called
the shield of the Lord. It’s light around you, but it comes from inside,
that light is like a light bulb. And I’m gonna say this now, partly because
somebody submitted something for Facebook for me to post, but I wanted to talk about
or… And, or… But I didn’t want people to think I’m stealing
their posts or ideas from their post my site. But the human Ora is like a light bulb, not
just your body, your body is like a light bulb, the glass that can get broken, and then
the light goes out, which is when your body dies, but the electricity, the light going
into the light bulbs on this planet is electricity, and that’s like God. So you have a filament, it’s like Your sold
the Shelly glass, it’s like your body that breaks the rest is gone. The electricity Aster with Drago, elsewhere,
but the electricity is like God and your aura, which is like the light and work coming from
a light bulb. When I’m healthy, my light bulb shine light
and gives worked perfect, but that’s my energetic version. What it’s called in terms of my health. It’s called immunity. Your immunity, psychologically, it’s called
Boundaries. You say your boundaries and your immunity
are all connected. If my immunity is broken down, it’s going
to make my Ora weaker and my boundaries weaker if I have terrible boundaries with people. The other two are gonna weak and they affect
each other ’cause they’re all the same, they’re just different reflections of the same thing
in different, almost like you could call it dimensions or aspects of our human experience
to develop boundaries is the same as saying, protect your Divinity, but you protect it
from a place of knowing this because I know what works for me. Boundaries. You never actually judge other people as bad
and be careful with that ’cause that’s a lesson we learn. Sometimes you’ll go that direction by accident,
but just catcher self and come back to center. It’s not about I’m better than those people. How do them, try to break down my boundaries? I’m a being of light there of dark. I wanna go there. What you wanna say is, forgive them, they
know not what they do. I’m gonna just take care of myself, protect
my divinity. Oh, you think you’re holder than… I don’t know anything ’cause I’m not comparing
to you, I’m taking care of me. You have friends. Oh, you used to go out and be fun and have
drinks with us and do this and that. And you think you’re better. I don’t know, I’ve never even thought about
the word better. See, they don’t know what to do with that. When you’re coming from such a healthy statement,
I’m not comparing… I’m saying it doesn’t work for me, I’m allowed
to speak about me. I don’t need to tell you that you’re wrong
for doing what you do, and I’m certainly not even trying to compare the two. Even though I tempted what I’m gonna do is
keep coming back here and speak about myself, speak about my own health-ness. So the world just wants to make it impossible. They wanna… I say in my book titled, “you’re not going
crazy, you’re just waking up, the world will want you to think you’re crazy when you try
to protect your divinity when you try to take care of yourself when you try to have healthy
boundaries, when you do things to have a higher immunity, you might eat differently or do
yoga and people are like… Oh, you’re one of those. It’s just weird because they’re just so dark
and afraid of progressive healing techniques of things that get you actually to the issue. I don’t wanna look and imagine me dating or
being intimate with a person. Oh my gosh, how dare you ask me to think of
that? Oh wow, that’s protecting their fear, their
ego. But they’re far and it’s gonna happen once
in a while and it’s kind of a sad thing because when you see somebody in pain like that relative
friend, partner, whomever client or child or whatever you, you just know that if we
just trust, we can get there, but the world doesn’t make it easy for every time you write
an article or make a statement about how you might develop greater immunity in body, mind,
soul, there’s gonna be 20 that tell you about how bad of an idea that is just things constantly
on the news telling people wrong and bad, and don’t do that, don’t trust holistic practitioners,
or chiropractors or whatever it happens to be. So as I’m coming to a close, I think that
most of you that are healthy would have agreed with what I’ve talked about. Protect your divinity. Oh yes, definitely. But we have to be careful that we don’t just
protect our divinity when it’s convenient, when it meets our little agendas. You gotta remember that. Even with topics, ’cause some of you asked
about this. So I’m closing with this topics about things
going on in the world. Political or whatever. And I wanna make this really clear because
I think it’s gross and funny at the same time, but there are people that just keep harping
on politics and hateful behaviors, thinking hateful words and all that. And somebody says, “We hate this person that
wins the election. We hate the person that didn’t win the election,
but what’s weird is the election was almost to the number split more than any other election. 5050. So, I have to ask myself, which ever side
I’m on instead of thinking that I’m right. It’s kind of uncanny to imagine that half
of a nation is also wrong, like literally half of all the people, they’re just all stupid,
they’re just wrong and you might think they are, but then they’re thinking the same thing. So everybody just sits around hating that
their thing didn’t happen or hating and defending that. The other people don’t like them for their
thing happening, so it’s defending their egos and attacking from the ego. And so just be very careful ’cause protecting
our divinity does not mean that you are coming to hype, that people try to get you to believe
if protecting your divinity is ever related to hating someone getting passionately judgmental
about someone you’re not protecting your Davidians. Don’t… Don’t tell me that you’re protecting your
divinity when you defend a hurtful leader or attack a hurtful leader or a non-oral leader
for that matter. Whatever, be careful ’cause you’re not gonna
win that with me. I would like more of us. Please guys, please to find our divinity and
recognize the joke that goes on with all these people that have lost their center. And my heart goes out to you, ’cause some
of you have written in some of you are major like teachers in this world, leaders, healers,
psychics who have said, Michael. As soon as I told my friends. Well, we need to practice forgiveness, when
they brought this or that up. They’re no longer… My friends, they actually hate me and they’re
sending hate me towards me, nice, that’s really great, right? Guys, please be patient in what I’m saying
because you’re gonna have people, this is not about politics, this is about evil trying
to infiltrate your soul, protect your divinity, “Be careful not to buy into this stuff. I’m not even saying who’s right, don’t care. And when it comes to specifics that some of
you have brought up such as stuff going on at the border for that matter, all I can tell
you is if people from this country were to drive over or flyer or whatever, float over
to a different country and kid out children bring them to his country and in prison them. It’s completely wrong. Protect your defining because you, you know
that that’s wrong, but you have to tune in first and make sure you’re clear and look
at your own stuff. Don’t think that the wounded reactive view
is a good source of information, including the news, which is a reflection of our egos. So don’t buy into that stuff to eat the news
and all the hateful people in here. You might know if I go to another country
and still children. That’s not right, if I go to another “contre
in still anything, it’s not if I do anything hurtful, haul, not right, I can just tell,
“it’s not right, ’cause it’s not coming from love, but is that what’s happening? I don’t know or care. Is that what’s happening at the border or
is it something else? Is it people that are actually breaking laws
here and then they get in trouble? And it’s a tricky thing because what I’m saying
to you is know the truth by respect, the illusion, respect the illusion. And if you were a politician, every decision
you try to make someone, many are gonna try to wrong you for it. So, I’m not into politics, and I don’t buy
into that stuff, I just don’t care. I do know that, all the politicians, you know,
of men and women winners and losers of elections all have said that we should do the one thing
that’s happening right now that everybody’s blaming one person for it, but all the other
politicians and various times over the last 101 years have said we should do that. They’re just not the ones that did it. So it’s kind of bizarre to me that people
act out the way they do. What I’m saying is, it’s convenient hat, I’m
not… Again, I’m not telling you right and wrong,
a politics ’cause I don’t care ’cause politics aren’t going to save this world, God is… So we have to access God and say Be careful
because when you start accessing your sanity, the insane world is gonna tell you’re crazy,
but you’re not, you’re waking up, stop engaging in the games, don’t be so susceptible. Have an Ora-have a boundary and have an immunity
to garbage in this world. Your immunity should not be broken down by
viruses is certainly not too easily. You should have some immunity, your psychology,
your boundaries should not be broken down by unaltered dependent or predators or whatever,
and your RA should not be broken down so easily stand your ground. I pay whatever happens with people in the
world, and the decisions are making and all the weird conversations and arguments just
please see through it, see through it, it’s such hate. I remember I was in a town once where I was
living and walking to the post office and there was a rally going on and I thought,
Well, Colonel, they’re expressing that they don’t like something going on in. And then, I overheard words on the PA. Hey, we hate this person, this president at
the time, we hate it. He needs to be this and somewhat to do it,
and I know, “Oh my God, if I even ever disliked this president, which gave a lot of people,
a lot of good reasons to feel, I now love them because you hate them. I love them, because right now you’re actually
succeeding at manipulating the minds of people into hate and they’re all just going along
with it. We actually think we’re having freedom of
speech when we start hating. But, you’re not free when you’re speaking
hateful, you’re actually captured bound by evil, by your ego and by evil. So, and if you don’t agree with any of this,
I don’t care. You see, ’cause I’m free of you, I don’t care
if you agree and you can say, Yeah, “I get this, don’t even tell me you agree, just with
me and that I’m convincing you or something I want you to just to check in and say no
to things in your own life. I’m not telling you to do it my way I’m saying
in your life, protect your divinity, please be careful what you watch, please be careful
what you listen to right wrongs. It Be careful because anytime one person wins
and everybody hates them, anytime this other person get something… Everybody hates them, you can’t get things
to happen in politics every time you try to pass a lot. Whether we like Alan, here’s a million other
people who are trying to suppress it. Some presidents have never even been given
a chance to launch things that they would like to have lunch because of the hate and
the prejudice and whatever else that’s gone on, so you can just see through it and don’t
buy into it and certainly don’t become impassioned by it ’cause it feeds it. See it and just sit still and have a smile
inside going. I get it, man, I see, I see what’s really
happening. Listen carefully to the hate words ’cause
they grab you sometimes. Oh my God, look at that. This is wrong. “Be careful. Think it through and come up with your own
decisions in your heart and soul, and then if you have some decisions, how might I make
a difference? I don’t run for office. That won’t get too far ’cause even if you
win, you’re gonna get beat down. So what else can I do? Prayer presence, I’m gonna bring divinity
that to this conversation. What if the people in the room don’t want
divinity, they want me to agree with them or they’re gonna hate me. I think I’ll smile, nod my head and say Farwell
and that helps protect my divinity, not because I’m saying I’m better than, but if I stay
and share what I know to be the truth of God coming through, you’re gonna hate an even
more than you already hate these other people, which makes you a more hateful person. So I’m contributing to your hat illness. So I’m technically doing more harm than good
by buying into or participating with this stuff. So it may be hard to hear maybe strange to
deal with, but please consider it. Protect your divinity, protect your sanity,
your spiritual sanity, of course, is what I’m talking about. Hopefully, this has made good sense, I certainly
hope so ’cause we’ve just gone all over the world from Lamar to the Mexican border, I
guess. And forgive me, please, for even needing to
bring up something like that, that sort of modern news or whatever. ’cause I don’t really go there, I don’t buy
into all that stuff, but I brought it up because a few of you have said Michael, please, but
some of you have come in saying, Michael, tell the truth, man, let people know that
A is right and be is wrong. And then another group. Yeah, that’s right, Michel. Be sure you tell them that this is right and
that’s wrong. And I’m sorry if I have let you guys down
if you wanted me to have one particular side to it because that’s not where I’m coming
from, so I’m sorry if that hurt feelings or whatever, but I will say I feel for you, I
do, I feel for you and I feel for situations and people that seem to be, but do understand
that the people involved are not stupid, the people who are getting themselves into these
situations, it’s not an accident. They love it, the people that fill ENT, love
it, the people that scream about it, love with the people that cause it, love it, the
people that control other people, everybody involved loves their little part in it ’cause
they wanna be right and they want to make everybody else wrong. It’s a game of ego and you and I are not supposed
to buy into it because if it’s a ego, it’s not even real. So why am I gonna get to in passion in it? But I do know the truth of that, and yet I
have to respect the illusion, which is gonna be, “How can I respect the illusion in a way
that protects my divinity and my boundaries and my immunity and overall health-ness, I
think I’ll stay out, not watching, I’m just not watch the news, I’m not gonna get into
those conversations. No, thanks. And when you try to push and you push in,
you push… If I can’t dismiss, then I might just say
you know A and say something that’s truth and you’ll like it or you won’t just like
I just did here. So that’s what you could do. That’s what I’m recommending you do in your
lives, be the light as best you can. Don’t try to be better than everybody else
in your family, even if they’re screwed up, don’t try to be… See yourself as better than them, even if
they’re twisted or they’re addictive, they’re hurtful, they’re corrupt, you’re still not
better. Spiritually, we’re all the same and World
equal in love in God, but behaviorally just do your best to take care of yourself. How do you find sanity right now? How can you find some safety right now? When I had children, there would be people
and the family is a little aggressive and cussing, and just, I would pick them up and
leave and I would hear all the guards look there goes. It was humility, and humiliating at the time,
kind of demeaning, but I could also not choose to be that way so that they would be less
than meaning, and be nicer to me, which was the better decision to act as to ego and hopefully
be liked a little more on the get over that ’cause they’re not gonna like it anyway. If you’re in the light, it’s gonna just be
the light and keep moving in that direction consistently at the World do as it made. But I will serve the living God. Alright, again, I pray this has made sense
and I appreciate your patients. If you were able to hear that, even if you
didn’t agree, your patients to hear, and I hope you didn’t hear me saying one-sided anything
because I’m not… I’m saying they’re all insane. Alright, equally.


3 Replies to “Protecting Our Divinity”

  1. Mary Root says:

    48.22 point at which tears started rolling down my face– such a rough childhood but no one could take away my divinity, my relationship with God, my love of Jesus. Thank-you so much, this is so powerful and helpful to me.

  2. Jessica Blaire says:

    How would you suggest processing and handling the issues which come with being anchored in the higher self….rather than ego? I’ve spent my whole life serving others above my own needs/desires. Every moment I live and act from…comes from this space I tend to hold spiritually for others…I have always been highly empathic/clairvoyant which has brought me so much unspoken pain. Now, throughout the process of awakening, I have had a lot of new abilities come online as well. I was born AS love and I feel everything as such and can’t comprehend what ego type love/connection is like. My heart/solar plexus vibrates at such a high intensity and I am struggling with resentment of this gift.

  3. Christine Kitsakis says:

    Thank you so much. I needed that!

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